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Come on Spring!
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Default Thursday on The Beach - March 25

Good morning, Beachies. No weather whine from me to day as It is going to be above freezing and the next few days will have highs of 50F! Yippee!

I've got myself overbooked today which is really stupid! I have 50 pounds of fresh chicken necks to package before 8:30 when I leave for the foot clinic, the physiotherapist will be here for 10 to work with Harry and I have my afternoon "off" when Jane arrives at noon! There's a Fair Board Meeting tonight too! Chances are I'll not get anything done from my long-standing To Do List!

Food was OK yesterday except for two crullers that were forced on me by the owner of our village market who was trying out a new donut machine! He insisted! I did come home and change fitday to allow for the calories but it sure was a bad start to a day that was supposed to be pure. Isn't it nice that we get another brand new day every morning!

I've checked the Boards and we look all clear so I'm going to do my Journal, get some coffee and a mushroom omelet and crank up the day.

Havea good one!
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Hi there

I have cat worries again today, with the old cat sick again. He seems to have lost control of his bowel, and is vomiting. Could be a bug. Could be food poisoning. Could be something else. I have made a vet appointment for early evening in the hope he will recover through the day. I feel a bit useless. If I am like this with my cat you can imagine how useless I am with my parents. As for you do you do it??? I raise my glass to you all.

I seem to recall that when I was ill my mother used to look vaguely worried, and then say 'you will be much better when you are at school' and take me off there, and drive off to her work looking slightly harrassed and guilty, with my teachers scowling in her wake. I know how she feels now.

Anyway I shall be taking a little trip to visit the seeds on my allotment this morning, followed by an attempt to finally commit my research proposal to paper.
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A Lily from my yard!
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Well this may a be a first for me! Up and posting at 5:20 my time. The bad part we are on Spring Break and i don't have to be up. I could not sleep. I am going to my mom's today and looks like I will get an earlier (much earlier) start than I intended to. Oh well got to spend a little time with DH before he left for work. If he had his way I would be up with him every morning. It ain't gonna happen though! Clovey I hope your cat feels better soon. Ruth just do what you can today and don't over work yourself. I had a great IM chat with my "sister" yesterday. Learned a lot of things about her and the family. To the rest of you chickies yet to peck in good morning and have a great OP day! (that's ON P not off) tee-hee!
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicklets--

Slept in this morning. Aunt Flo arrived and her visits always leave me exhausted, but Dh and I walked our 2 miles last night, anyway. I think that's why I slept so hard.

Last night I made a most yummy dinner based on a lunch I had once at Cafe Alsace in nearby Decatur. I had a whole grain hoagie roll, sliced down the center, filled it with chicken breast chunks which I'd sauted in a skillet, then topped with a little brie, and zapped in the micro for a few seconds to melt the cheese. Ate this with a side salad of field greens dressed with vinaigrette.

Clovey, sorry your old cat isn't feeling good. I hope it's just a bug and he gets better.

Ruth, enjoy your half day off. Sounds like the weather will be wonderful.

Bamie, hope you have an enjoyable day, and the rest of you, too.


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Good Morning chickies I am pecking in. I should be hanging my head in shame as I am so off Program, I think I need to re read a few chapters. Ruthie
I do not envy you this morning a huge to do list that starts with baging necks maybe I should do that then I may lose my appetite Hope you have a great day. Clovey so sorry to hear about your kitty I hope he only has the flu. Bamie why is it that we seem to get up early when we don't have to but when you need to you can sleep forever. I get up every morning with my DH and make his lunch and send him off with a kiss and then I go back to bed for a 1/2 hour. Hope you have a great day as well. Mamacita you have made me hungry. Your supper sounds good you should invite us all over the next time you make that for supper. Well chickies I must go and get all my recipts ready I need to get my tax stuff off to my brother in the next week or so, he is just going to love me for waiting til the last minute. That is the one thing that I am totally disorganized about. I will check in later as I am sure I will be trying to find out a way to not do the tax thing.

Enjoy your day I hope yours is a sunny as mine is here.
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good morning chickies,
more springish type temps here today sposed to go up to 62f today but its raining who cares tho i got to throw on a sweater this morning instead of putting on my winter battle gear so i am happy. all of my crocuses(sp?) are in bloom the daffodils are on the way and i see signs of the tulips and daylilies. saturday is supposed to be sunny and in the 60's so i am devoting all of my time to cleaning up the flower beds so everything has room to grow in. same old stuff today here work, kids practice, errands etc.

ruth thats alot of necks!!! hope you enyoy your day!!!
littlechick keep trying at least you are still here posting you'll get back on track.
mamacita dinner sounds great
clovey take care of the kitty hopefully he will be much better soon.
bamie enjoy your visit with mom.

hope you all have a great op day!!
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I got Madonna tickets!
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Hey guys, sounds like everyone has a busy day planned!
Clovey, I am so sorry about your cat, I sincerely hope everything's okay!!!

Mamacita, those sandwiches sound great!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else ever have this see something low-carb at the store and it's all you think about it until you just HAVE to go buy it?! Starbucks has these gluten-free sugar-free cheesecakes that have only 2.2 netcarbs. Now let's just forget the whole sugar alcohol is bad bad bad part of it (because I eat the low-carb Ross candy bars because, well, ya gotta have something!), but these little cheesecakes just LOOK so gosh darned tastey. Not it's early yet, but I forsee having one in my day today.

I tried to do, Ruth, and I don't have the patience looking through all the food lists to find the things I eat. I like the concept though. Any tips for navigating 14 screens just to get to eggs, fried?

Everyone else, have a good day! It's WARM outside (50F this morning!!!) and I am going to just enjoy it, despite the clouds, despite the rain. And if it's AT ALL warm this weekend, I am going out in it, so if you see a blissed out red haired girl walking the streets of downtown Toronto on Saturday with headphones on (new Sarah Harmer cd is SO good) and a big stupid smile on her face, come say hi!!

ANYWAY, too much coffee I think this morning...

To everyone I didn't mention, HHEEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

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Default oh joy!

Well it's a happy morning here girls...
I have finally reached the 20lb loss on the scale! Woooo-hooooo!
I am feelin' fine!
The last couple have been just hanging on...but thanks to Clovey's 5lb challenge, I have gotten myself back on track & it's working!
I saw someone I hadn't seen in a while yesterday, and he didn't recognize me at first! I LOVE that! I now belive in that saying: Nothing tastes as good as being thin true...this feeling is absolutely delicious & devine and addictive! (Sounds kind of narcacistic, but we almost have to be a little to achieve our goals in weight loss, don't you think?)
7 more lbs to my personal goal...but I can feel that it's attainable now.
Thanks for all your support, it has made such a difference!
Clovey: sorry about the old cat..I hope he's on the mend by days end, maybe he ate a sick mouse & it's just a little food poisoning..let's hope.
Ruth: I find it is so hard to refuse when someone sweet is offering something. I so hate to be rude, that I usually eat it just to be nice! I feel your delimma!
Little Chick!!!! You get back OP right this instant young lady!!! You have been doing so well & look so good, keep trying. You can do it!
Hello to everyone else & let's have a great OP day!
SW: 163/ CW: 145 (yippee!!!)/GW: 138
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Big round of applause for January!! You go girl!

Clovey-Even though I'm not a cat person, I can only imagine how helpless you feel. If Noodles even gets a little kennel cough, I'm beside myself. Heck, when my lizards have something wrong, I'm a wreck! I'm sure the old feline will pull through no problem.

Bamie- What ARE you thinking? Go back to bed!!

Mamacita- That's more like it, sleeping in. Good for you for walking when TOM is about! I can't even get out to walk when TOM is nowhere in sight!

Little chick- How COULD you wait so long on your taxes. PA-LEEZ! Most years, I wait until April 14!! (This year, by some act of God, and nothing less, they're already out and I even owed!)

Jodi-We've got the nice weather here, too. YUUUUUMM! I'm in such high spirits with the weather!

Dyna- Starbucks is almost as bad the the girl scouts! THey have sugar free brownies now, too!! I haven't seen the cheesecake. I pray it's regional and will stay away from here! I can't deal with that temptation!!

Well, we're finally back to our own house today. Tonight, aside from cleaning it up, I'll be so happy to sleep in my own bed. We were apparently posessed by tasmanian devils everytime we went home this week, because the house is a disaster I have to get it done before the weekend because it's going to be quite close to 70 degrees this weekend, and by all that is holy, I'm getting things planted and putting my little tiny pond in my garden!!

Have a TERRIFIC OP day, everyone! I got two "you've lost weight, haven't you" compliments yesterday, so I am waaaaaaaaay OP today!! One was from the snooty 4 pound girl that works down the hall. <--- that picture is a little chubby for her... anyhoo. I've never talked to her before, save for hello's, and she whopped me that one yesterday!! ALRIGHT!!
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Member Florida Chick
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Hi everyone: I have been lurking around, but just not feeling like posting. I haven't been totally OP and just get disgusted with myself.

Sounds like everyone has been doing well. An incentive for me to 'get with it'.

Ruth: what do you do with all those pounds of chicken necks? Do you use them for soup stock? Hope your busy day all works out well.

Clovey: sorry about your 'old 'cat. How old is he? We have had numerous male cats and they are very prone to kidney problems, especially as they get older. Hope that your 'old boy' is recovering nicely.

We have been traveling to visit DH brother and SIL in south Florida. I hate the traffic down there. It is just horrible. 45 min. to drive about 8 miles. Ugh!!
But we have to think about being with family. That has to come first.

I have been trying to catch up with all the laundry from traveling. That is always a pain when you get home.

Hi to all and I shall be checking in again now and then. Lizzie
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Talking Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I have all my reciepts sorted. My brother will be so happy. (NOT) Chrystal we do not have to have our taxes done til the end of April here so I am not to far behind. Once my recipts are sorted I send it to my brother who is into accountaning so he does the rest I sign and then cut off my left arm and send it too them I always owe. Lizzie girl just keep on posting and these girls will help to get you back on track. I too have been so Off program it is not funny. The weird thing is that I have not gained. I am thinking that it is because I have been active. But if I don't get back on track then I am going to put the pounds back on. Hey Jan thanks I needed that pep talk I am feeling much better now that I have the tax thing ready so I can get my big old butt back in gear. I am off to the kitchen right now to do some planning. I think I need to post some pictures of shorts and bathing suits around the kitchen as a reminder. Well I must go to the kitchen. Yack with ya all later.
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Good morning everyone!

Ruth -- It is a clean slate today! Crullers are evil. You and "the girls" have a great day.

Clovey-- With a number of furry and feathered "children" in my house, my thoughts are with you. It is so difficult when they are ill and they can't tell you what is wrong.

Bamiegurl -- Who is the new sister you speak of? As an adopted person who found my birth family later in life, I am wondering if we have that in common.

To all who are struggling with being on program: just keep checking in here. Every time you have a bad day and go off, the next morning remember that it is a new day and that this new day can be on program. These chicks here keep me in line!

That being said, I still don't think I have lost much despite being on Phase I for 2 1/2 weeks. I still don't have the energy to exercise. Hopefully this will be better soon. In the meantime, I am sticking with it! I wish my scale were more reliable; disappointing when you buy a brand new one and it has a 2lb variance with consecutive weights taken at the same time.

Nevertheless, I am hanging in and checking in. How about you?
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Good morning ladies!

Birdlady-after this long in P1 you shouldn't still be detoxing so the fatigue should have dissappeared, at least that is what I would think. Are you eating enough? If you're not eating enough you WILL be fatigued and you WON"T lose weight. Your body resists change that's why you can't give it too few calories. Are you eating your legumes? Are you putting fresh lemon juice on your veggies and lean meats? This will help your metabolism. Keep us posted on how you're feelling if you don't come out of this soon. Maybe some of the veterans will have some good advice for you (they always seem to anyway).

Clovey- I hope your cat feels better ((sending healing vibes))

Lizziepie- you can still chat w/us despite not being OP! We'll still love you! ****, I was off plan for like 2 weeks and I never stopped checking in!

January- Congratulations!

Marmacita- that meal sounds fab!

Caity- Good luck with putting in the pond!

And hello to everybody else! I wish everyone a happy, fun-filled OP day!
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HI Chickies! New here. Just started SBD on Monday and not trying to lose too much, but I know how difficult the smallest amount of weight to lose can be. I'm looking to lose 10 lbs. I think my starting weight is about 130 (i'm going by how my jeans fit). So I still need to weigh myself which brings up my question:
SoCalBirdLAdy: You said you bought a new scale with a 2 lb variance. Could you tell me which one that is so I don't buy it?

Anyone have any suggestions for a good/accurate scale to buy?

Have a great day chickas!
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Welcome, Lyric. What a cute Pom!! (The dog, not the smilie)
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