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Default The 5lb Challenge

Jodi and Rubens were talking yesterday about doing a five pound challenge. It seems like a great idea, so I propose that we start today, Wednesday 17th March, and the challenge is to lose 5lbs by the end of the month, which is a neat two weeks. We could weigh on Thursday 1st April in the morning to get that yummy overnight weight loss in!

I am up for it! It is a good challenge for me, as 5lbs in two weeks is doable if I do some exercise, drink the water, and stick to the plan.

All you phase oners will of course lose 5lbs in about 6 hours, but I am on phase two and my loss has stalled a bit so I really am up for the challenge.

Who is in?
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I'm in, Clovey! Thanks for starting this. damn that Clovey... now I've got to get back on track...
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Me!! Oh man, was I bad yesterday!! I went nuts eating and this morning I feel like total crap. My tummy hurts and it's all my fault!! UGH! Ok, so I'm in for the challenge! Thanks Clovey! (I see you Ellis!!)
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Great idea Clovey I need to get back on track before I have to change my name to chubby chick.
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Count me in. I won't be here to weigh in on the 1st, but I'll weigh in the day before.

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Talking I'm in

I am in phase two also and have been in a stall. I will try to kick it up and join you.
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OK, I'm in too Clovey's right, maybe this will force me to get off my butt and exercise. Come on girls, we can do this
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Count me in!! I'm new here; been on SBD for 8 weeks and am stalled. April 1 sounds good. Jo
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sounds great 5lb by april fools day. good luck to everyone!!!
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Yeah, count me in!!! Motivation!!!!
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Me too. And, just to let you know, as a Phase I chick, I have only lost 3 lbs so far! And, to make matters worse, last night I was 226 at the END of the day after dinner and this AM I was 227. I keep repeating to myself "water weight, too much salt" but I am really annoyed.

In any event, this is a reasonable and do-able challenge so count me in!

Since you started it, Clovey, is this the .357 stone challenge?
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WELL!! Seeing as how April 1st is my birthday, and this isn't a prank, I'm in! Seems fitting that I lose 5 lbs. for my birthday!! Good post!
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I am going to jump into this challenge too. As a returning newbie, I need the goal to keep on plan. It is amazing to me that April is just 2 short weeks away. Good luck everyone.
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Hey Crystal Caity, My b-day is April 1st too! Hooray! It's also my 5 year anniv! We eloped on my b-day!
Count me in as well.
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Ok I'm in. Don't know how much exercising I can do with my knee but I am gonna try hard to lose the 5 cause I've been at a stall for the past several weeks. I am also goin to make myself eat 3 times a day as I have trouble with that as well. I'm bad about skippin breakfast. Good luck to us all!
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