Just Chat - Tuesday, February 10

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  • Never made it back yesterday. Check my journal if you want the gory details!

    Last night I was attacked by crackers (whole wheat) and ff cheese slices and feel really crappy this morning. When will I ever learn about carb poisoning! Carbs set off cravings for more and I ended up eating a bran muffin for breakfast! Slaps self upside the head! Guilt will keep me pure for the rest of the day.

    Physiotherapist comes this morning with exercises for Harry so the WATP tape is ready to go for us both. She wants to see the tape before she OKs it for H. After lunch I have to go to the car dealer to get a time estimate on fixing the non-functional blower on the heater/defrost unit! Grrrr!

    This is a whine. I think I'll go back to bed for a wee nap and adjust my attitude. Sorry.
  • Ruth, you had a sh*tty day yesterday, so it's perfectly understandable that you're not having such a hot day today. I'll be saying prayers for you, sweetie.
    Hey, that's great news that Harry is still making improvements!

    I'm going to pick up my new meds and groceries.
    Back later...
    love and hugs to all...
  • Mornin beachsters! It's good to be back I'm in a better mood these days and need some help too. It's been two months since I've lost any weight whatsoever...so I am hoping...no wait...I know you can help...so I'm going to keep posting daily. It always did make me feel good to come here and see everybody's smiling

  • Oh Ruthie, not a great morning for you. And the Attack of the Crackers event sounds very tricky, but clearly you were very brave and devoured them so they could not terrorise other unsuspecting low carbers. That makes you a hero, of course, and a bran muffin is justifiably a hero's reward.

    Bran is good for you?

    No, sorry, cant make it better any more. Stay in bed.

    I have just had lunch (prawn salad) and am wasting my time internetting instead of working but at least it is not computer games. My internetting consists of 'research' of course, but you know what it is like once you start following the links. I am doing research on people's experience of the divine in therapy, (inter alia) and once you start googling stuff to do with that your browser goes leaping happily off in to wonderland.....

    I have been reading the exercise thread (very tiring that was too). It seems that Jan's bf is rather in demand. Does he travel on business at all January? Government guidelines say that exercise is anything that gets you out of breath.

    Moving swiftly on.....

    took the cat to the vet this morning, he has bad kidneys and has been a bit dopy in the last few days, but it turns out it is an abcess in his mouth making him miserable. So it is antibiotics (how many calories are burned up trying to get a pill down a large cross cat?) and a tooth out. I have been trying to comfort him about the tooth by telling him he will look like John Lydon (jonnie rotten from the sex pistols and pil?? currently famous again for saying 'f****** c****' on prime time TV last week, to the horror of the nation and secret delight of all the ex-punks who now have morgages, kids, two cars and a credit rating).

    The cat, however, is not comforted. Mind you, you may recall that said cat got involved in a dirty protest a few weeks ago? Yes, well, that was quite punky of him. Maybe I should not be encouraging this idea.

    Enough of the surreal blurbling. Have a good day all
  • Hi ellis, hi ms24girl! We cross posted.
  • Hello
    Hello Dear Chickies!
    Oh Ruth, I hope you feel better...you are dealing with a lot of things right now (and coming down from the show)...I think it's perfectly natural to be a little naughty! ...it is amazing how icky one feels when one eats a load of bad carbs after not for so long...it makes you feel ill...time to re-de-tox! Chin up today!

    Ellis..hope you're shopping for some yummy OP things!

    Well it's actually NOT freezing here today! It's supposed to warm up to 40! Kids will be running around in their shirtsleeves for Pete's sake!

    I cannot believe how motivated I am feeling on the SBD. I noticed a few ladies are having some questions about what keeps us motivated.
    Even tho the loss hasn't been monumental...13 in 5 weeks...I am down 2 sizes and feeling so good and healthy and more importantly, in control of what I am doing. I have always been an emotional eater...eat when I'm happy to celebrate...eat when I'm sad to feel better...you know the drill....and then I hate myself after because I can't stand the way I look or feel. I think the SBD is helping me get a handle on it. I definitely do NOT have any carb cravings since Phase 1, but then again, I really haven't let many carbs back into my life (or body!)...I am having some fruit & the extra fiber All-Bran a few days a week, but have not had any bread, rice or pasta..which were formerly my meal "staples". So, I guess what is motivating me, is wearing size 8 pants again & feeling really good about it...and getting great comments from friends and family and especially my dbf who is soooo supportive & pretty much following the plan with me (not that he needs to), but mostly, what is motivating me, is how I feel on the inside..I feel GOOD and I like it, and I never want to feel badly again. Oh...and I allow myself a "treat" on Sundays...every Sunday since I started this, we make ice cream sundaes on Sunday night. DBF uses the low sugar ice cream & melts dark chocolate with some Cointreau liquor & drizzles it over the top & then plops some fresh raspberries on it...it's to die for...I mean to LIVE for! And knowing that I'm going to have something REALLY delicious on Sunday, keeps me on track all week long. I would rather wait all week for something exquisite, than waste the calories on just OK stuff during the week...

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day...let's make the best of what today brings!

  • Sorry Clovey, he's taken! LOL! (but he is an EXCELLENT exercise partner!)
  • Damn!

    oh well.....
  • Hi girls,

    I agree with Ms24gal, posting here, and even just reading everyone's posts, really does keep me motivated. It certainly isn't this dreary weather. At least I managed to walk to work before the snow started in full force. I hate not getting my morning 25 minute exercise in!

    Clovey, sorry about your cat! And I am sure, even though he didn't show it, he's pleased to look like JL. (I read the whole story about "I'm a celebrity" and his "performance" -- quite interesting. I am addicted to BBC news.)

    January, I like your Sunday treat idea. I was thinking of doing something similar but picking like the one thing each week I will have. I am going to have to do some more thinking on that one...

    Ruth, it sounds like you are under a lot of stress...you are doing remarkably well. It's hard, because when life hands me lemons, I wanna eat pizza and fries, you know? But it sounds like even in the midst of your splurge you still managed to mitigate the damage...whole wheat crackers and ff cheese. Remember what Scarlett says, Tomorrow is another day!

    Okay, well I had an apple and peanut butter for lunch. I weighed myself this morning and I am up a pound, which I don't understand...could it be the fruit? I am a little in need of metamucil or something, I think, but I used to be bulimic and took large amounts of laxatives and fibre pills and what not, so I can't have them in the house. (For those of you who have ever had this problem, it's like being an alcoholic, it never really goes away.)

    Wow this is long. Sorry guys, just chatty this morning...

    Good luck everyone...

  • Hi chickies another quick post. I will have to try to catch up on everybody and all the news when I have more time. I spent the day cooking and cleaning yesterday. I took my dad to his sisters last night. And today I am just trying to keep things going. I am going to get supper ready soon as we have to go the the palor tonight. It is just for family tonight and it is going to very emotional. We have a huge family and there will be probably be close to a 100 of us. Well girls I have to go. Thanks to everyone who has me in their thoughts. I really need it. Love to ya all.
  • Little Chick~~{{{{BIG HUG }}}}} My prayers are with you and your family. Don't forget to take klennex with you tonight. I forgot to have this available at my mom's service~~what a big mistake that was. Keep in touch
  • Good morning all. Things are going well. DH and I have been exercising moderately until we start our BodyforLife (www.bodyforlife.com) Challenge. 12 weeks of exercising. I know I posted about the triathalon before - spoke with my father last night and told him we may do one. (He's VERY athletic, and holds a high position on the olympic committee - despite all this I'm very sedintary). So he told me that is impossible and I could never do one.

    So, I'm officially announcing that I'm doing a triathatlon this year. Everyone must hold me to it. After the 12 week program we're taking a short break then doing a six week training program for triathletes. I get amazing motivation from being told that I cannot do something. I'll let you all know what the results are - so far it seems good from the other threads I belong to. Many people have taken 0/4/8/12 week photos - they are SCARY results.

    And, I get to keep doing SBD while doing the training program.

    LittleChick - I'm thinking about you

    Ruth - CarbPoisoning sounds like my aunt. She is in AA and tells everyone she's allergic to alcohol that it makes her break out in a**hole.

    Hope everyone else is well!
  • Little Chick-Sorry to hear about your Aunt sweetie. Lots of hugs....

    Sil-Good to see you back! Are you holding up okay?

    Ellis-YES! It is warm again. We put the heat down to 64 degrees (F) at night, so at first 57 didn't seem all THAT cold!! Glad you are past last week, what a PAIN!!! I don't usually mind it cold at night, but our cat yacked on our warm comforter, and the one we have on the bed now just doesn't warm me up as fast!!! Have to go to the laundromat to clean it as it won't fit in my washer.

    Ruth-Sorry you are having a bad start to your week too. Just too much stress lately!!! I'm carb hung over too. VERY groggy this morning!!!

    Clovey-Sorry about your cat. I hate it when the cat is miserable!! Almost as bad as when the kids are sick. (The kids are more demanding though!!!!!)

    Well, things here have been a bit stressful. My Dad is slowly improving, but it is wearing away at my Mom. They had a rough day Friday (lack of sleep among other things) and my Mom was still down when she spoke to her Mom Saturday morning. So my Grandmother worried about it for a day, and called me Sunday morning to ask me how things are going. SHE was nearly in tears by that time. She lives in England, and is 99 years old, so she is worried that she is so far away and can't help out. I'm trying to keep everyone calm, and am only there SOME days myself!!! My Grandmother told me NOT to tell my Mom that she was worried. I usually don't keep those kinds of secrets, but right now the last thing my Mom needs is to worry about HER Mom worrying about HER. YEESH!!! I'm worried that their worry is going to worry an already worried crowd of worriers and they'll be even MORE worried......(YEESH!!)
  • Pebbles, just WAIT 'til you show that father of yours!! You can do this!!

    Little Chick, lots of prayers for you and your family. You're very fortunate to have such a large family. Celebrate your Aunt's life.

    January, is that the same man that gives you two hours of sex?!?! God, what a DREAM!!

    I just took my first pill, stocked up on TONNES of good groceries, finally found the new little South Beach book from Prevention, and I'm feeling pretty damned good.

    Clovey, I'll flip you for Jan's boyfriend.
  • Crap, Den, we posted together!
    Sweetie, I'll be saying lots of prayers for your Dad. AND for you and your Mom and Grandmother, of course.