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MJMS 05-01-2022 10:00 AM

May/June 2022 South Beach Diet Chat
Hello to all South Beach Diet followers! :welcome3:Join us to chat about your journey, no matter which version of the South Beach Diet you are following.

Previous thread: https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/sou...diet-chat.html

MJMS 05-01-2022 10:07 AM

Hello Everyone,
I have been absent from the boards for quite a while now. I am having trouble getting back on the food plan and exercise wagon. I am hoping that the spring weather and posting here will help me get motivated again! Time to clear out the pantry and refrigerator of all the off-plan foods and get going. I haven't gotten on the scale lately, so you KNOW that is not a good sign. I better face it soon, before things get worse!

Hi Muffin! Hi Lisaward4! Hope that you are both doing well and are working your plan with success! Happy Spring :sunny:

MJMS 05-26-2022 09:26 AM

I haven't posted in a while, but I thought I would say hi to bump this thread back to the top, in case anyone wants to jump in. I am hanging in there, but my weight is up about 5 pounds from my low. I need to get my act together, but life has been super crazy/busy. Mostly good things, though, so it is alright. Exercise needs to come back into my life soon! I had a fall a week ago and I am not really hurt, but I am bruised and sore, especially the foot that I landed on. When that's better, I have no more excuses!
Stop in and chat about your journey on the South Beach Diet :flow2:

MJMS 06-19-2022 11:51 AM

Happy Father's Day to all! I hope that it is a nice one, whether you celebrate or not! The weather here is supposed to be really nice, so I imagine that there will be a lot of fun cookouts going on.

Weight-wise, the news from here is not good. I am committing to adding more vegetables and more movement and hoping that helps to get my mindset back on track.

Waving at Muffin and Lisaward4! Hope you are both doing well. :beach:

MJMS 06-28-2022 10:00 AM

Happy Tuesday!
I can't believe that June is almost finished! It has not been a good month for weight loss. I haven't had a good month since much earlier this year. I am having a terrible time getting my focus on healthy eating and exercise back. It is so true that staying on plan is not easy but getting back on plan when you don't do it right away is way, way more difficult. Not to mention the self-loathing when you can feel it in your clothes and the sluggishness in your body. That's where I am right now. Ugh. It should be motivating and yet it is just depressing. Well, today is a new day and I can make it better than yesterday, at least. Baby steps might be what's needed here!
I hope everyone has a terrific day and that some former South Beachers might be able to check in and say hi! :coffee2:

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