October/November Daily South Beach Chat

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  • to the October November Daily South Beach Diet Chat! Please feel free to join us and post about your journey on the South Beach Diet, no matter what version you are following.
    Here is a link to our last chat from August/September 2021.

  • Welcome to October! Wow is the time flying by! I have several appointments and lots to do today, so I will keep this short. Not much news on the weight loss front. I have been staying just about the same. Time to get it in gear during this brand new month!

    Muffin, I hope you have a great Friday! Everyone else have a great day, too!
  • Steps for yesterday: 10,675
    Fasted 14hrs (8pm-10am)

    Happy Saturday! I can't believe this year is almost over.
    Yesterday, was our DS1 18th birthday, he didn't want to celebrate (he is not very social or much of friends) He loves chocolate so he choose a chocolate cake and I had a slice, I'm not much of a cake person but I couldn't say not to his cake so I ate it even though it was really bad the things we do for our kids. We had dinner at Joe's Crab per his request and today I'm praying the prize. I'm up almost 3lbs my joints hurt and have a really bad headache.

    Today, I went to Costco with the hubs, it was crazy. I don't know why we keep going on weekends, but I'm glad that we stock for the upcoming week. DH grilled some pork chops and chicken thighs for dinner, there should be some leftovers for tomorrow if the boys don't eat them.

    MJMS- how is your hubby doing? I hope you are having a great weekend!

    Last month I didn't stick to all my goals, so this month I'm going to keep it simple. This month I want to lose 10lbs that is about 2.5lbs per week. To do this I'm planning to:
    1. ​​​​​​SBD phase 1.5
    2. Intermittent fasting
    3. 10K steps daily
    4. Journal daily
    I'm confident that if I'm disciplined and stick to my plan I will be able to do it. Do you have any plans for this month?
  • Steps for yesterday: 7,412
    Fasted 13 1/2 hrs (7pm-8:30am)

    Good morning! We don't have any plans for today. I need to finish washing clothes and then we need to help DS1 with his college application and FAFSA application.

    We are supposed to have nice weather today, I might go for a walk in the afternoon. Now, I need to finish my tea and get ready for church.

  • Steps from yesterday: 4,699
    IF 13hrs (7pm-8am)

    We had a very nice relaxing afternoon yesterday, but I need to make sure I start going for walks on the weekends too because I'm not meeting my 10K steps goals

    Today, I need to go to Michaels to return some yarn, and then I will probably stop at Sams for eggs and veggies. I still haven't decorated for Fall so I might work on that this afternoon. I will also be doing some food prep for the week and catch up with my journal

    I already went for my morning walk and had breakfast. Now I'm enjoying my tea before I have to go get ready for the day. I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!
  • good morning ladies! how are you both doing? i have been back at my usual overeating so i havent posted in ages. went to the doctor and he is no longer happy with my weight and honestly neither am i. i play too many games, i get lazy and i have fallen back into old habits since covid. at one time i weighed 425 pounds. got down to 197. i am now unhappily and have been yoyoing back and forth from the 260's (but i am at least down from 271 where i started and 425 my original starting weight. well ladies back to the drawing board. have a wonderful day!
  • Welcome back Lisaward I'm also struggling and this past few months I have been gaining and losing the same 5 to 10lbs. Today I started back Ph1.5 (I add 1/4 of an apple to my morning green juice and sometimes I have a banana when I have a green smoothie)
  • Happy Tuesday! I just came back from an eye appointment and I will need to head off to another one later this month for some follow up. Bleh. But I am grateful that they caught what they did and that it can be treated. Just not looking forward to it! On the diet front, I have had a couple of good days and my weight it heading back down. I haven't hit my low again yet, but I am close. Thank goodness for a scale that weighs in tenths of pounds so that I can see some progress.
    Muffin, it seems that you are back in the swing of things. Good for you! I am sure that you will be hitting that step count again soon.

    Lisaward, so good to hear from you! Wow! You have lost so much weight! That's amazing! You have done it before, so I am sure that you can do it again!
  • Good morning, I had a busy day yesterday and totally forgot to post for my meals, I did stay on plan. Yesterday's meals were the same as the day before. I am glad I meal prep on Monday I think today I will be eating the same except that I will be having a grilled pork chop with my veggies at lunchtime. Today will be another busy day. I have a few calls to make so we can start back again doing volunteer hours and I also have some errands to run.

    MJMS- Sorry to hear about your eye, but I'm glad that you are doing ok and that it is something that can be treated.
  • Thankful Thursday! Always good to count our blessings! I weighed this morning and I am down a little bit to a new low. I hope that it continues. I need to bump up the exercise though, or I will plateau. It looked like it was starting off to be a kind of a gray day but now it is brightening up. Yay! I have been working on my grocery list and paying bills. Too much excitement, lol! I am grateful that I can pay them all so that's a good thing. Either later or tomorrow will be a grocery pickup. And a nice long walk should happen, too.

    Muffin, you are having busy days! I bet that you are going to have a great weigh-in!

    Lisaward, you are doing so well planning all your food. Keep up the good work!

    Have a great day and don't forget that the weekend is almost here
  • Good evening, yesterday I ended up having soup from Publix and today I'm paying the consequences...up 2.5lbs I knew it was loaded in sodium, but I still had it...it was good though

    Today, I chose not to go for a walk in the morning, my food still hurting and it was swollen a bit today. I think if it is not better by next week I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor for an x-ray. I already have an injury (tendon tear) in the same foot and I'm afraid that now I also have a small fracture.

    MJMS- I'm happy that the scale is moving down.
  • TGIF! Weighed and my weight was up again a bit. Boo! I am right there with you, Muffin, with the sodium bomb. I think mine was the meatballs and sauce that I ate. Water, water, water I guess!

    Muffin, I am so sorry to hear about your foot! You were doing so well with your steps and walking and now this. You must be so frustrated. It does sound like a visit to the doctor is in order. Although if you are like me, you hate going. But if it is swelling, it probably needs to be looked at. I am hoping that it does get better over the weekend, though!

    Hi Lisaward! Keep up the good planning and eating!

    And to everybody else reading, feel free to jump in and tell us about your journey on the South Beach Diet, no matter what version you are following. We'd love to hear from you!
  • Good morning, The boys have no school today so we sleep in Today, I need to clean the house and probably clean the windows and fixtures of the living room.

    MJMS- yes it is so frustrating, the foot is better today but I still have pain. I can walk normally but If I overdo it then the pain gets worse and swollen. I do need surgery to fix the split tear but I can't do it until next year because I need to be immobile for at least 1 month and since DH travels for work the best way to do it is during Summer while the boys are out of school. I do hate going to doctors and medicines but sometimes is necessary, so today I'm calling to make an appointment. How are you doing with your mouthguard? I was at the dentist's last week and I have another hairline crack and I was told to try the over-the-counter mouth guard to avoid more cracks.
  • Good Saturday Morning! Weight is still up a bit from my lowest this past Wednesday. Still feeling a little bloated, so maybe tomorrow it will be down more. I sure hope so! I need more exercise and more water. I have to work on that today.

    Muffin, I hope your sleep in was nice yesterday! So frustrating about your foot. I hope you were able to get an appointment soon. My mouth issues have been slow to go away, but I am about 95% better now. It took another trip back to the dentist to get the mouth guard she made adjusted, and then I still needed to follow the ibuprofen protocol for a week. I ended up going to my GP and she gave me a muscle relaxer that I took at night for a few days and that helped, too. Unfortunately, my eye problem that turned up means that I cannot take it anymore, but I think I am over the hump now anyway. I really had my jaw terribly inflamed, so it took a couple of weeks to pretty much heal. The over the counter night guard that was most similar to the one that the dentist made was the Den-Tek one that you boil and then fit to your upper teeth. You might want to try that brand. It had very good reviews, too. I sure hope it helps. You have to take good care of your teeth!

    I hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday! Stay on plan, drink your water and try to get moving today! ***She tells herself***
  • Happy Saturday! Yesterday was a very productive day, I clean and move the furniture downstairs. I also was able to clean the windows and light fixtures, I think the last time I did this was at the beginning of the year. I haven't decorated for Fall, to tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I will do it this year. By late afternoon, I was so tired that I took a shower, got on my comfy PJs, and watch some Netflix while I worked on my crochet blanket.

    Today, we are taking DS1 to school activities in the afternoon. We should be there until 6 or 7pm. I'm not sure if I will be able to stay on plan but I will do my best.

    MJMS- I'm glad to hear that you are doing better and the inflammation finally is down. Den-Tek is the brand my dentist told me to try first. I just keep forgetting to get it.