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  • Well, this is a bummer. I know I made a post earlier, but it didn't show up. I wonder what happened? Oh, well. I hope that you are feeling better Syckgirlsfv. You need to get well for Vegas!

    The scale moved down just a smidge again. I am really hoping for a new low number tomorrow. We'll see!
  • MJMS I am doing MUCH better! may even not need the pain pills after today, we'll see. I'll be done with the antibiotics a few days before I go! Scale not changing and still up that damn pound of water LOL it's okay.

    I've been busy and I'm in the office right now.

    had turkey burger patty and asparagus last night for dinner, and also I did do a step workout before that. Burned around 375.

    Today looked like this so far: breakfast: tofu with green salsa, 3 slices of canadian bacon, and a slice of swiss (meat and cheese were separate lol)
    lunch: can of tuna (wild planet, from Costco) with light mayo and relish, 5 mini sweet peppers in which I stuffed the tuna into while eating
    I am having a snack right now - nacho cheese flavored protein puffs.

    step workout when I get home, and not sure what I want for dinner yet. see you all later!
  • The scale is inching down ever so slowly. Literally tenths of a pound. Down is down, though. I ate well today, so it should continue. Exercise today, not so much/ My allergies are killing me. I am taking an allergy pill, using Flonase and allergy eyedrops and I still have itching eyes, nose and throat. I can see the pollen everywhere. We just had a hard rainstorm, so I am hoping that it washed a lot of it away and that I will feel better and get some motivation back.

    Syckgirlsfv I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend. You are working your program so well, including exercise when you aren't feeling that great. I bet you will have a nice whoosh on the scale soon! There's nothing quite as frustrating as water weight. I am guessing that you are seeing your weight loss in how your clothes are fitting, though. Keep up the good work!

  • Today was the lowest weight I have been since February 2015! It only went down a few tenths but I am excited. I still have a long way to go, but I believe I can do it. Yesterday's eating was pretty good and so far today things are going well. What I like about the South Beach way of eating is that it really does help me with cravings and I am almost never hungry except for meal times. If I can stay away from the junk and empty calories, it is very doable. Although sometimes the planning and prep can be a bit of a drag but then again so is not fitting in your clothes or feeling yucky!

    I hope everyone reading this has a great day on the Beach!
  • hello!

    no change in weight but considering the antibiotics and how thirsty they make me I guess it's not bad. I am on day 12 of phase one and had hoped for more of a loss, but given I am 15 years older than the last time I did this I guess it's what it is.

    Did step workout last night, burned 388 calories according to apple watch. Dinner ended up being Del Real carnitas over steamed broccoli, and then dessert of greek yogurt and nuts.

    Had coffee this morning, and made my flax/cottage cheese pancakes. I am thinking about lunch being a salad with the sirloin from Costco, feta, and lime vinaigrette. I have been working out a lot! Saturday was weights and I did step T, W, Th only taking Monday off. I am considering an off day today as we are talking about riding bikes tomorrow and thankfully it will only be around 73 or so. It's 93 today! Sunday will be weights at the gym if we ride. I could still decide to do a step workout later today, but 5 days of exercise a week seems like enough
  • Happy May Day! Let's make May a good, healthy month!

    No change in weight for me today, either. I think I probably overdid it with the nuts yesterday, so I am lucky it was not a gain, so I'll take it. Today looks like a puttering around the house day. The pollen is at an all-time high and my allergies are still giving me fits. I started the Flonase a few days ago and it takes a bit to build up, so hopefully I will be able to get outside more soon instead of hiding in the house.

    Syckgirlsfv, I have never had as big a drop in Phase 1 like I did the first time. I think I have never gone back to the entire carb-fest way of eating that I had then, either, so that is part of it. You are probably the same. And I think you are right about the antibiotics, too. And, if you are thirsty, it could be that the carnitas were a little more salty than you realized at the time. Mexican-type foods often are. Big cheers for all your exercising! That's so awesome and so good for you. Enjoy the bike ride!

    Everyone reading, have a great day and be good to yourself. You deserve it!

  • It's sunny and 75 degrees in Maryland right now. It's supposed to get to 84 here. Makes it feel like summer is coming. The scale was good today. I am down another 1/2 of a pound. I sure hope that it sticks. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to remind myself to keep plugging away. Lot of veggies planned for today and that always helps.

    Today was off to a slow start. It's nice to be able to have a leisurely morning sometimes, especially since I am more of night owl type. The pollen is still terrible here but I think the meds are starting to kick in. I sure hope so!

    Have a great day today and Happy Easter to anyone celebrating Orthodox Easter today!
  • Morning! Hi MJMS!

    Scale finally moved! 165.8 this morning after having that one pound bump to 167.4 from the meds the last few days. Still on the meds! But did get a big sweat yesterday on an 11 mile bike ride along the L.A. River. I am going into phase 2 tomorrow and need to prep so I’ll go shopping after we hit the gym for a weight lifting sesh.

    So far today had coffee and an omelet made with egg whites, sirloin, and broccoli topped with green salsa and light sour cream. Will have a wrap for lunch before the workout made with a crepini, deli turkey, and provolone heated on the stove. Back later!
  • Hooray for you, Syckgirlsfv! Keep moving scale! I'd say 11 miles is a big sweat all right. Good for you! I did want to ask you, the crepini's that you mention, are they the ones that they sell at Costco? I saw them there the other day, but didn't buy them. Do you like them? How is the taste and texture? I love Costco, but the problem is that the prices are right but the packages are always big. I really hate to waste food from either not eating it because I don't like it or not finishing it up before it goes bad. You will have to give me your opinion and maybe I will grab them the next time that I am there. I was just telling my daughter about the organic frozen edamame that they sell. It comes in a huge bag, but there are a dozen smaller bags inside. Just right for a quick snack out of the microwave or to round out a skimpy meal.

    Have a great rest of the evening everyone and I hope your week is wonderful!
  • MJMS I didn’t know that about the edamame! I like the smaller bags inside ideal! Yes, they are the crepinis at Costco. They are thin like a crepe, but the texture is very hard to describe...I like the taste. Very mildly eggy but I don’t really taste the cauliflower. There are a lot of them. I use them for wraps and to melt cheese in, and also I fold them in half and use them to wrap around a burger patty. They are not the easiest to work with because they are so thin, but they do work well enough.

    Not sure I’m ready for phase 2 tomorrow! LOL I’m scared I don’t want to gain. I can handle it! I haven’t had alcohol in 2 weeks and Vegas is almost here! Maybe I should practice! LOL don’t want to be too lightweight ha ha. I will do what it says and only have 2 drinks for the week. Maybe. I get used to phase one pretty easily. Okay I had a pork and bacon burger patty for dinner wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves with mustard and pickles. Dessert was a triple zero Oikos banana cream yogurt (zero sugar) with nuts.

    Back tomorrow, have a great night!!
  • Arrgghh! I got into some pretzels last night. My husband was eating them and I just wasn't strong enough to say no. The salt and the white flour are so not a good choice. And my weight is back up that 1/2 a pound I lost yesterday on the scale. Hopefully, it is the salt making me retain water and the damage is minimal. Live and learn and stay far away from the pretzels! (And they weren't even that good or satisfying! )

    Syckgirlsfv thanks for the info on the crepini's. I think I just might give them a whirl next time I hit Costco. Yes, starting Phase 2 is anxiety producing. It's always trial and error to find out what carbs work best to introduce, but we know that Phase 1 is not the best place to stay. And alcohol is always tricky. They always say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

    Hello to everyone reading and have a great Monday!

  • good morning!

    down another .4 to 165.4. I am having coffee right now I'm going to go over the foods list for phase two before making breakfast, but I think oatmeal isn't allowed yet. I really want my pancakes made with coaches oats and cottage cheese! I've been using flax and it's good, but oats are just BETTER. Consistency is just like the real thing!

    I'll probably just have tofu w/green salsa and provolone for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and maybe turkey burger patty for dinner wrapped in either lettuce or a crepini. Asparagus too. Need to get back to work! Here's to a good week!
  • Syckgirlsfv, Oats are definitely allowed in Phase 2. They need to be the Old fashioned kind that take about 5 minutes on the stove (but I microwave them) or they can be the steel cut oats or sometimes they are called Irish oats like McCann's. You just need to avoid the quick oats or the instant oats. Congrats on the loss! Keep going and I hope that today is a productive work day for you!
  • MJMS I did find that out in time to make my pancakes with coach's oats. they are steelcut. talk about drool-worthy! I just did a 34 minute step workout - the hubby snored me awake and I didn't get enough sleep so that was all I could do getting hungry for lunch
  • Hi all you hard working Beachers! I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday! Sleeping was not great last night so I am a little draggy today. The coffee is helping and I am lucky that I don't have a lot of must do's that I have to accomplish, so it will be a low-key kind of day. My weight was back down the 1/2 pound to where I was Sunday, but no more. That's good and maybe tomorrow will be down a little bit more.

    Syckgirlsfv I'm glad that your pancakes were drool-worthy! Having good food that you like makes it so much easier on this way of eating. I think that a 34 minute step workout is great! I can sympathize with having a snoring hubby. Ugh! I love mine dearly but there have been times when I could have smothered him with a pillow and felt justified! We are trying a C-PAP machine for him right now and the going has been a little rough getting it figured out and getting used to it. Everyday is a little better, though and I think it will all work out okay. He really needed something to address the sleep apnea and weight loss didn't really address it.

    Wishing a terrific Tuesday to everyone reading and I hope you feel free to jump in and join this thread!