April 2019 Daily Thread

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  • Good morning,

    Had post op appt with Doc yesterday, she said my knee was progressing better than she though it would, said it would take 12 weeks to get new baseline but gave me an order for PT again and I can slowly increase walking. Stitches didn't come out they are the dis solvable ones. On the eating front I am back on Phase 1 to get back on track going to try for a full two weeks this time around.

    Beth glad you had a good visit with DS2.

    Cenari how fun spending time with your grandbabies.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!
  • Good morning chicks!
    Pearlrose, that is great news about your knee. Good luck with phase 1, 2 weeks is a lot.
    My good news is I finally broke past 170 by 2#s! The bad news is I've been sick the past two days & haven't kept anything down, even broth. Today seems to be a little better, just very weak & cautious. The BRAT diet isn't exactly carb friendly, but I have to start eating something. So far, some applesauce is staying put. I won't be having much of anything, that's for sure, with no appetite. I know that won't last, but hopefully the loss will. I can't remember seeing 160s for a long time.
    Hope you all have a really nice weekend✌
  • Good morning,

    Had a quiet weekend, on Saturday DD2 went to her first prom at another school with friends. I have stayed the course and am still on Phase 1 day 5. I have lost all the weight I put on since surgery so that is great and going to try to stay for 2 full weeks so I can really get back on track to lose the rest of the weight I have put on since my injury in October. It's going to be a rainy week here could week to work from home.

    Ceneri hope you feel better soon but congrats on getting past 170 that is big.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Good afternoon all!
    Looks like you & me this past week, Pearlrose. Good job with Ph1 success! Prom time's fun. I love all the picts on FB this time of year. I just saw a beautiful tribute photo from past students who lost a classmate in middle school. They posed with her mom, her pict & her name on ribbons under all their skirts. It was sad, but so sweet.
    I'm still fighting off this virus or whatever it is. I haven't had any dairy or meat since Thurs, but no appetite either. I've been pretty useless. I hate being sick! I might try some otc stuff tomorrow if no improvement.
    Beth, hope all is well with you & yours.
    Lexxiss, hope your travels have been easy & safe.
    Nuzzmark, still checking in?
    Have a great week chicks✌
  • Good afternoon, chicks.
    The weekend was fairly routine for us: groceries, laundry, etc. I managed to get a walk in yesterday; Saturday we had some of that awful weather. The precipitation was white for a little bit, but mostly it was cold rain. And now it is back to work for another week. "Adulting" some of the kids call it. At least I have some daffodils blooming to cheer things up.
    Food has not been good, too many treats after Easter. Two of my colleagues used to do WW and would like to take off some weight. We came up with a plan to hold each other accountable by reporting in to each other. We will start on Wednesday (new month, new start right?) Each of us is doing our own thing in terms of diet but I may go back to a P1 week to re-set myself.

    Pearlrose, great job on losing! Prom with DD sounds fun; I only ever experienced it from a boy's point of view.
    Cenari, I hope you feel better soon!
    Debbie, safe travels.

    Have a good evening chicks.
  • Good morning,

    Had to do a little running around yesterday to get my PT orders in so I could get a referral but just got the call that should be coming soon. Still doing Phase 1, going in to meet my coworkers and they want to do at Happy Hour so I will do my best to stay on plan but with seeing the scale moving that is motivation to not drink and eat right. I still haven't really picked up the walking other than doing more around the house but starting to get more steps in (fitbit).

    Cenari sure hope you get to feeling better soon. I hate feeling crappy.

    Beth sounds like a plan always good to have accountable partners at work.

    Debbie hope you guys made it home safely


    Have a great day everyone!
  • Hi everyone!
    I didn't fall off the face of the earth, just busy! just before Easter is when I was here last. We had a great day & I made both regular & SBD compliant foods! I don't know why, but when I do big dinners, whether for holidays or dinner guests, I'm never hungry when we sit down! I don't even taste the foods before serving. Maybe it's the smells that fill me up! lolol
    Anyway, a little sad news.....a week ago this past Monday, we lost our female cat. We had both brother & sister, Max & Ruby. They had just the week before gone for their check ups & had their shots. They were both fine. Ruby is always a doll going to the vets. Lets them do whatever they have to. Max is another story. He's like a wild animal there!!! Anyway, my husband woke me up at about 6:45 saying, "hon, don't get scared, but I think somethings wrong with Ruby." he had me at "don't get scared." I jumped up so fast & saw her on a chair we have in the bedroom. She usually would follow me to bed, then jump down after a bit & go on that chair. She did that the night before as usual. George said he thought he heard something during the night that woke him up, but fell back to sleep. When he got up, he noticed her with her back slightly up against the back of the chair. He thought it was an unusual, so he went to move her & she slid down. She was already stiff. I thought I was dreaming. We couldn't even cry at first. I think we were both in shock. The vet opens at 8 am, so he brought her over & waited for them to open. They said that it was probably a blood clot & happened instantly. They just turned 5 March 26th. He bought her back & we buried her in the back yard along with our other cats. Max seems a little lost. When I ask him if he wants a treat, he runs to the top of the basement stairs & looks down. He always does that to see if Ruby was coming up. Not sure if we will get another cat. If we do, it'll be a rescue.
    On a happier note, I'm going to Florida, Friday, with my son & d-i-l for one of the triplets college graduation! My husband doesn't travel, so he'll be home watching Max & their dog, Chloe. Matt goes to University of Tampa. It feels like they just graduated from high school. His brother, Jimmy, has another semester at Coastal Carolina in S. Carolina, after he does his internship in Colorado for Golf Management & their sister, Allie, also another semester after her student teaching. She's a coxwain for Temple University in Philadelphia. The crew schedule interfered with her student teaching, so she has to finish that.
    I am looking forward to seeing Matt this weekend. He said he'll be staying in Tampa. He's got a job in sales & management there. When he told me about staying in Tampa, he said "Now don't cry, Nana, but I'm staying here." I told him it's what is good for him, not us & we only want the best for all our grandkids. I cried AFTER I got off the phone.
    So sorry I rambled on & on.
    Pearlrose, glad you're doing so well with your knee. You'll be running around in no time! I'll bet your DD2 looked beautiful for her prom! Our youngest grandson, 17, went to his girlfriends prom. She goes to a different school, different town.
    Cenari, congrats on your weight loss! Hope you are feeling better.
    Beth, it's so nice when you have co-workers helping each other.
    I think I'll go get stuff ready to pack. Don't need much since I'll be coming home Sunday afternoon.
    Take care everyone~~~~