January 2019, South Beach Diet Monthly Chat

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  • Good Morning and Happy New Year!

    we are a small group following the South Beach diet. We have found that checking in daily is great for helping us to stay on track. Anyone is welcome! If you are new to the diet or are ready for a restart just Hop on in!

    Here’s to a great year moving forward!

    Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

  • And another good morning everyone!

    I, too, came down with a little bit of winter crud. It started Sunday evening and I am feeling much better this morning which is great news! It is -4 here right now. Our low was -6 last night. I kept a close eye on the Laundromat. That would be a disaster if any of those pipes froze. I believe they are inch and a half copper. That’s a lot of water. Fortunately, when I went down at five this morning all was well!

    food wise, since there hasn’t been much exciting going on here, I’ve already gotten back on track from all the holiday stuff. The scale is moving in the right direction and I am feeling pretty good! My first order of business this morning was to defrost the freezer. I’m going to do some soup making today. I found some Alaskan razor clams so my light clam chowder will be on the list and I will also make a chicken soup from the Thanksgiving turkey carcass. In memory of Ruth. My sister and I made spaghetti sauce Yesterday so I am pleased to have a Headstart on pre-cooked meals.

    Rose, I hope you are feeling better today!

    Ceneri, welcome back! Glad to hear your holidays were good!

    Beth, when are you back to school?

    ok I’m going to go enjoy some cooking!

  • happy new year for everyone
    i still didn't made no changes with exercices help plz
  • Happy New Year!
    Thanks for igniting us, Lexxiss. Glad your feeling better & off to a great start. Way to motivate!!
    Welcome, Emma! My only advice is to set reasonable goals, plan & track yourself. It may take some trial & error to find what works best for you. But around here, errors don't equal failure or giving up. Good luck! Hope we hear more from you.
    Hope your knee's feeling better, Pearlrose.
    Hi, Beth🙋
    Today I'm writing out my plan for Ph1 starting tomorrow, including daily goals & menus. I'm logging all food starting today (if I bite it, I write it) & checking in here. Those are #1&2 on my list & I get a * each day I do it...lol. Hey, works for me! Enough *s=a reward (shoe shopping). Weigh in & record will be Sun. Results will determine next week, Ph1 or 1.5.
    What's your plans?
    I'm feeling really good about 2019...🎉✌
  • Good morning chicks, and Happy New Year.
    We have a very gray day with some rain that turned to snow overnight. Very blech. I am glad I can stay inside today but I will be sure to do some inside exercises. I don't go back to school until next Monday; it is quite rare to get 2 weeks off but I'm not complaining. Yesterday I starting to go through the decorations that never made it out of the box this year; I am trying to put together a box of stuff to donate to a school garage sale fundraiser later this month. I am hoping to convince DH to do a bit of a purge; we shall see how that goes. Sometimes I sneak stuff out of the house without letting him know.
    Debbie, glad you are feeling better. DS1 and DH both had a bit of the stomach thing but so far I have avoided it. I'm glad to hear the pipes did not freeze; what a mess that would have been!
    Cenari, In the last 10 days I managed to undo most of what I lost in the last 2 months so it is back to tracking my food and avoiding the sweets.
    Pearlrose, hope you are feeling better.
    Emma, welcome and feel free to ask any questions you have. Are you following South Beach eating?

    Have a great day all.
  • Good morning, chicks!
    I'm so ready to start losing again. Yesterday, I logged food without restriction. That's always a wake up. A refrigerator & pantry purge is on my list today. I'm itching to hit Trader Joe's for some SB friendly snacks.
    Beth, glad you've been able to stay healthy & get to enjoy some time off. Our weather's been cloudy & rainy for days, but not cold, in the 50s. It's funny you have to sneak stuff out to get rid of unused items. I've heard of women sneaking new stuff in to hide purchases from a DH...lol
    3FC is back to normal. I was off the mobile trying to figure out updating my profile with a picture. Maybe later.
  • Happy New Year everyone,

    I am still dealing with stomach bug but it is getting better. I am wfh today, I canceled my PT for today. I am good if just sitting or lay down but standing up I am bit weak still but I am going to still go to DS dinner tonight. The scale is moving down even though I am not op but I am sure that is due to stomach bug. I did give up sugar again and tomorrow I am starting phase 1. I figured I started out the new year sick so it can only get better from here on out.

    Debbie glad you only got the 24 hour bug, mine has been going on since Saturday so definitely low key around here.

    Ceneri the kitchen is slowly getting rid of sugary stuff, I need to go grocery shopping but that will have to wait until tomorrow when I will hopefully feel better. MRI on my knee is scheduled for Friday.

    Beth I for some reason thought DD2 had to go back to school on Thursday but she has a full two weeks off as well. She is enjoying her time off

    Welcome Emma what exercise questions do you have?

    Have a wonderful day everyone!
  • I'm starting phase I, I've done the south beach diet before and it worked. I gained a lot of weight the last few years in part due to stress (no excuses) and I used to frequent this website when I was at my thinnest and found that daily support and exercise/diet challenges helps a lot. I know the first two weeks won't be perfect, I've cleaned my fridge, stocked it with high protein choices and have to have carbs around because of my teenage son, but self discipline. I really want to fit into my clothes again and feel good about myself.
  • Good evening, chicks.
    Cold but sunny today; DH and I took a walk this morning and then I spent the day doing various chores. Yesterday I sat around too much; after a day or two of low activity I sometimes have trouble sleeping. Food is improving slowly; I think the full P1 will be next week when I go back to work.
    Cenari, glad you got a chuckle out of my comment. A good example is I have 2 food processors: the smaller one that lives in the kitchen (which I use) and the larger one that has been on a shelf in the basement for more than 10 years. I am planning on discreetly getting rid of the second one; no, I will not "need it someday". Like you I look forward to getting my food back on track after the holiday indulgence.
    Pearlrose, hope you enjoy DS's birthday and feel better soon.
    Debbie, I need to eat out of the freezer too; there's lots of good items in mine right now.
    horsey, welcome back! Looking forward to getting to know you.

    Have a good evening all.
  • Good morning,

    Yesterday was not a good day with the bug but managed to make the dinner and had fun. Hoping that it will be finished today, we shall see. Nothing on the agenda today other than working luckily it is from home today. Tomorrow I am going into work. Phase 1 starts today, eliminating bread from diet. I need to start putting away Christmas decorations but that may wait until the weekend.

    Beth I need to do that as well, DH New Years resolution was to get rid of stuff but so far no movement so once I am feeling better I may start.

    Welcome back Horsey

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Good morning chicks!
    I am dragging butt today, as typical of my 1st 2-3days on Ph1. I didn't think I had gotten that bad w sugar & junk carbs, but my body says otherwise after a day without. Carb crash is a thing, but I know it will pass. It also assures me I'm back on track. Yesterday wasn't bad. I kept it easy with a rotisserie chicken (just ate skinless white), frozen cauliflower & a spinach salad for dinner. I get full easy on protein & vegs, but still wanted to eat more a couple times. Sparkling water helped when no SB snack sounded good. I know we're not supposed to skip meals or snacks, but I do when not hungry. Everything is delayed today & I'm just going with it.
    Pearlrose, I hope you start feeling better very soon & your test tomorrow isn't too stressful. Have you had an MRI before?
    Beth, I get your urge to purge stuff & encourage you to do it.
    Hi Lexxiss🙋
    Welcome horsey! Hope we hear more from you.
    We have more rain today...ughhh! I don't miss snow & cold, but do miss sunshine.
    Enjoy your days all✌
  • Glad to see the forum is still active!!! Debbie, Beth and Pearlrose glad to see you are still here! I’m going to try and stop in a little more often, Eve. If only to read posts. Life has been pretty stressful and hectic lately. Getting hurt this summer helped me with making excuses for everything! Back on track with nutrition and exercise. Returned to the beach after a long hiatus. Hope all is well.
  • Good morning,

    Finally over the crud, good thing as I need to go into work today and getting my MRI on my knee this afternoon. Yesterday ended up being Phase 1.5 I need to go to the grocery store and stock up on Phase 1 foods, since I was sick didn't go to the store in almost a week.

    Cenari I love sparkling water too, hope you get over the first few days

    Hi Jekel, good to see you posting again.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Good morning chicks!
    Hi jekel🙋 Glad you're here.
    Pearlrose, sounds like you're on the upswing ...yay! I do splurge on the good stuff with sparkling water, no flavors. It especially helps me do without wine or a cocktail.
    I'm feeling much better today already. I've noticed each Ph1 seems to get a little easier. A trainer told me once you're body has a sort of memory & past adjustments aren't forgotten. I have noticed it with exercise before too.
    I was feeling motivated enough last night to prepare blackened salmon, feta stuffed mushrooms & a radish salad. DH didn't even ask for his usual added carbs! He claims he wouldn't mind dropping a few #s, but we still have plenty of junk around. I just purged the stuff tempting to me he doesn't care about...bread(other than white sandwich stuff...yuck) & crackers(other than his Ritz...eh). You get the picture of DH's food preferences...lol.
    More rain here, but Sunshine's in the weekend forecast🙏
    Have a great Friday ✌
  • Good afternoon!
    Happy Friday to everyone.
    New to the 3fatchicks. Redoing the SBD. I lost a lot of weight previously, starting over again. 11 yrs has gone by and a lot more weight put on. Hopefully this will come off as quickly as it went on.