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Default Why not yogurt in Phase 1?

Why is it that I can have lowfat cheese, lowfat ricotta, and some nonfat milk but no nonfat (sugar-free) yogurt? Before I started SBD a staple of my diet was this awesome plain yogurt called Total 0%--15 g protein and only 80 calories for 5 oz. Mix in some Splenda and vanilla, or sugar-free maple syrup, and you're good to go, for breakfast or a snack. Is there some rationale for why no fat-free yogurt?

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I think the big difference between yogurt and milk vs. cheese is the lactose, or milk sugar. I know that the process that makes cheese also reduces the lactose by about half. So I think that is why milk and yogurt are not on the list for phase 1 and cheese is.

Maybe someone else has a better explanation?
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I agree with franny. From what I understand, the reason we can have lf cheese and ricotta in phase 1 is because he is classifying them as proteins rather than dairy products. Yogurt and milk are classified as dairy products, because of the lactose, and we are supposed to avoid dairy products in phase 1.
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Even sugar free yogurt has carbs. I was surprised, too, but they do add up. Cheese has loses the milk sugars when the whey is taken away. It's only 2 weeks, I keep telling myself.
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