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Ruthxxx 03-04-2018 07:14 AM

The Daily - Sunday, March 4 to Saturday, March 10
Good morning. Hope you Eastcoasters are OK and have heat, light and water. We got snow yesterday - just a smidge - and today promises sunshine as March gears up to finish its "in like a lion" performance.

The scale finally budged - not much but that pesky 1/2 pound finally left. We had wine with a company dinner last night so I was not expecting even that drop.

Today is another chicken stew and my coleslaw 'lunch'at noon before the church AGM and tomorrow afternoon Bruce presides at a funeral and burial. It's going to be snowing for the burial so I'm hoping to scrounge warm cape or something for the graveside. I doubt that his red Arctic parka will work well with his funeral robes. The post-burial "lunch" will be after that. My choice would be soup and sandwiches but I'm stuck making a huge lettuce etc salad.

Our power just went off and the generator took over so fast, I did not lose this post! My lucky day! Hope those of you in the Nor'easter are all OK. It sure is a storm.

Be safe and warm and look after yourselves!

jekel383 03-04-2018 07:51 AM

Good morning Ruth and thank you for starting us off this week. Youíre mention of coleslaw reminds me I want to make Crack Slaw this week. Hope you are not too cold today at the service.

Pearlrose I need to keep purging this house too. So much easier when I donít need to run it by anyone LOL
Beth your weekend sounds like mine.

Happy Birthday Debbie!!!! Take the time to do something special to celebrate how wonderful you are!!!

Kathy I didnít lose either the first week of P2, seems to be a trend.

Well I was luck enough to get the only trash water pump at Home Depot yesterday. I couldnít get it to start though. Luckily I borrowed John to help me. He is such a good friend. Came right over diagnosed the problem and she started right up. Then we did some exploring and found the connector to push the water up and out of the sump pump pit had become dislodged. Simple ďman strengthĒ fixed that. Within an hour my basement floor was just damp puddles. John was impressed I assembled the pump on my own and lifted that sucker out of the box. I am paying the price of thinking I was Hercules with a sore back today. Nothing a little Motrin canít fix.

Stepped on the scale and am down .6 this week. I am happy about that as when the scale blips up it is much lower than previous months so I know I am doing something right. I did venture to the mall yesterday. Unlike Pearlrose returning DDís pants I went on a splurge. I bought two new suits, a blouse, a shrug and a new dress for the fundraiser dinner Wednesday night. The dress is simple A line, sleeveless (hence the shrug) in Navy. I have shoes and a bag already so just need to get me some Spanx and Iíll be good to go. Itís a good go to dress up or keep simple should I need it for work.

Nothing on the agenda today other than the usual stuff to get ready for the work week.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Beth19 03-04-2018 08:27 AM

Good morning, chicks.

Didn't quite get the cleaning done yesterday so I will try to do some yesterday. We did enjoy our walk; March is that time of year when I am getting ready for the end of winter and getting outside gives me hope spring will come. Other than that I need to do the meal plan/prep thing today and probably some more laundry.

Jennifer, your shopping trip sounds fun. I love finding an outfit that will be multi-functional. Glad to hear your water issue is resolved! It's nice your buddy John could help. Hmmmm...Crack Slaw sounds good. I might have to work that into my week's menu too.

Ruth, congrats on the scale movement. It is always gratifying to see a change, isn't it. It's nice you have the generator and it works so well.

Debbie, hope your can get the washer repaired without too much issue. Have a good day at work!

Have a good day, chicks. Stay warm and remember to do something nice for yourself.

Pearlrose 03-04-2018 08:56 AM

Good morning,

Yesterday was productive, washed basement walls, took old stuff off and started patching. I also ran to get more patching material not sure I thought one little container would do it. Ran to the mall and exchanged pants for DD2 and then went to Sam's and got some groceries, then back to home to do a bit more patching. On the agenda today is more patching for me and DS is supposed to stop by so we can chain saw a couple branches off one of the trees in the back. DH and DD2 and friends are going to Monster Jam today. I can declutter fine but DH is pack rat. All the decluttering I did for the new carpet back in April, he has managed to fill up the spaces I cleared up already. Imagine if I didn't de-clutter once in a while what my house would look like lol. The good news is scale is going back down, it will take a bit as hormones are in play this week.

Ruth could Bruce wear long johns under the robes and other layers. Hope you get your power back so

Jekel my hamstrings are a bit tight this morning from all the squats I am doing in the basement, so glad you got your sump pump issue fixed. Great buys at the mall

Beth glad you were able to enjoy your day yesterday

Debbie hope your able to fix the washer today. Enjoy your day

Have a great day everyone!

Ruthxxx 03-05-2018 06:24 AM

Fly-by post. Cold and snow today for this mega-funeral. Long johns and white Arctic parka ARE the wardrobe plan. I am about to prep by tossed salad for 50 - down from 100 because of the weather - we hope! I have a foot care appointment at 1 which will make time very tight but we'll "git 'er done" as we say around here. Two weeks from this morning we leave for Florida and I can hardly wait.

Pearlrose 03-05-2018 08:41 AM

Good morning,

Woke up to lots of rain, one thing all the rain told me is that I missed a couple of spots when patching so will have to take care of those before I can put the water proof paint on. I am wfh today but have lots of conference calls to do. Nothing on the agenda this evening.

Ruth it is cold here but I am sure not as cold as it is there, stay warm today.

Have a great day everyone!

QuietTraveler 03-05-2018 09:46 AM

Happy Monday! Wow, I miss a lot over the weekend!! I try not to spend a lot of time on a computer on the weekend since I'm on it all week.

Friday's nor'easter wasn't too bad for us, but we stayed in Friday night to avoid the icy roads. Saturday my new chair+ottoman were delivered so I spent time de-cluttering myself, needing to make the rest of the living room look worthy of the new stuff. :) Next nor'easter is expected Wednesday with a lot more snow this time.

Good luck today, Ruth. Jekel, Lexxis and Debbie, I am sorry to hear about your water/plumbing difficulties! I hope things get fixed quickly.

Take care, chicks!

Thanks for the information about the first week of Phase 2. I'll have to tell my sister who is a bit discouraged right now. I dropped 1.5 lb over the weekend so I feel that made up for my stagnant week! Sister dropped .5 so she is feeling a little better. We are both determined ... noticing the increase in energy helps a lot.

Lexxiss 03-05-2018 10:31 AM

Good morning!

A super busy day at the restaurant yesterday. Iím liking this new income Iím getting from working the three busy days. We had talked about going to Glenwood that my sister wanted us to travel with her because sheís felt dizzy a couple of times in the past few days. I got off work and she and I decided we go in the morning, then she went into Safeway and heard that there were giant snowflakes in Salt Lake City. She stopped by and said she thought we should just go. So We did. We did encounter some snow along the way but it nothing had built up and once we got to Glenwood we found out they had close the road at Eisenhower tunnel for accidents. That was a good call. Thanks for the birthday wishes we had a nice homemade birthday dinner and sister made us a carrot cake. The recipe we have is not too sweet. It was a nice indulgence.

I slept all the way till 8 AM this morning which is a great indulgence for me. My class at the pool starts at nine so we are leaving soon. Have a great day everyone!

jekel383 03-05-2018 04:52 PM

Debbie sounds like you had a nice birthday.
Kathy enjoy your new furniture!!!
Pearlrose is your basement finished or like mine just for storage?
Ruth hope you survived yesterday!!!
Beth hope you are well :)

Busy day back at work. Nothing on my to do list got done but there is always tomorrow. We too are getting snow Wednesday. I need to keep an eye on it as we are supposed to go to a fundraising event in NJ in the evening. My friend Billy offered to pick me up which is super nice!!! Otherwise its the usual daily grind here......is it Friday yet???? Lol

Beth19 03-05-2018 07:09 PM

Evening, chicks.

Busy day today: after work it was bank, post office, gas station, oil change and grocery store. The oil change was scheduled and since that tied up my afternoon I decided to stack on the other errands. I think I should be set for a few days at least. I took off today from exercise but didn't feel guilty about it since I walked both days this weekend.

Jennifer, thanks for the crack slaw reminder; I made it tonight with ground turkey. Are you still vegetarian? Do you put tofu into your crack slaw?

Kathy, the prognosticators haven't quite figured out how the mid-week storm will impact us. I saw 6-8 inches on one forecast. I'm glad to hear you and your sister had a weight drop; it's gratifying to be rewarded with scale movement.

Debbie, glad to hear your avoided the snow. And hooray for increased income!

Ruth, hope you were able to stay warm! It was snowy and blustery here today too.

Pearlrose, I guess it was good to have a trial of the patching job before painting....Hope you had a good day.

Have a good evening, all.

Pearlrose 03-06-2018 08:19 AM

Good morning,

Starting wfh and then heading into work for one meeting and will finish up the day at home. Woke up to cold weather and we might get a few flurries but that is about it. Nothing on the agenda this evening.

Kathy that's great that the scale moved.

Debbie your sister had a good idea to leave early. Enjoy the pool

Jekel my basement is just for storage only, I have my washer and dryer down there and the only finished area is a small office in a corner that is raised so never gets wet. Do you have to work the fundraising event?

Beth you got a lot accomplished after work yesterday. Hope the predictions are wrong for you

Have a great day everyone!

QuietTraveler 03-06-2018 09:58 AM

Good morning. Just a quick post today, expecting over a foot of snow tomorrow so I have to do 2 days' worth of work today - and still work from home tomorrow because that's how they thing around here. :)

Have a good day!

Beth19 03-06-2018 06:48 PM

Good evening, chicks.

Just another work day for me; meeting afterwards but I still came home and did an exercise tape since we were just having leftover pot roast and veggies for dinner. I love how every recipe yields 2 meals since the boys are gone and it is just DH and me.

Pearlrose, a quiet evening can be a good thing. Hope you had a productive day.

Kathy, it seems the worst of the storm will be east of me; hope you don't really get that much snow! So often March snow is wet and heavy and causes damage.

Jennifer, looks like you are also in the storm's path. Have a safe day.

Here's to an OP Wednesday.

jekel383 03-06-2018 07:10 PM

Kathy I would love a work from home day!!! We are getting a major dump of the white stuff too tomorrow

Beth yes I am still ďveganishĒ LOL No meat or dairy at home but will enjoy if I am at someoneís home or out to dinner. This seems to be a good balance for me. I do eat eggs though. I found I really missed them. I made my crackslaw without any added meat. I had it with cauliflower fried rice. I was really impressed how good it was.

Pearlrose luckily the fundraiser was postponed until next month. I am actually a guest LOL. Truthfully I am glad they canceled as I do not believe they would get a good turn out with the weather.

Keeping my fingers crossed my doctorís appointment wonít get canceled for Thursday. I waited over a month for this appointment. I really need a general practicioner. John and his wife Megan use this doctor and are very pleased. Luckily I was able to get a new patient appointment and a physical at the same time.

Hopefully the snow will be kind tomorrow but I highly out it LOL

Lexxiss 03-07-2018 06:31 AM

Good morning!

We had a nice two night getaway in Glenwood. The pool is great! We got back yesterday with the big ski order that we pick up. The helper was sick so Kirk and I did all. Now we are up early to go in and do one cleaning project, clean the front and refill the quarter machine. Iím at stole this, the property I had listed that an offer that I excepted so there was some paperwork involved. Now I have a 10 day window to get a pile of paperwork together that they are asking for. I will start that tomorrow. I hope itís not always this busy.

Kirk is ready so Iíd better get going. Have a great day everyone!

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