Weekly Chat 1/28-2/3

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  • Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! Welcome to the shortest month of the year! ... and sometimes the coldest in this neck of the world! It also has Groundhog Day, Flag Day, Family Day, Presidents Day, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras and whatever other stuff they can cram in!

    Sure hope I can work in some menu planning because I seem to be carrying around some extra pounds. Cooking for a guy who doesn't need to watch his weight is part of the problem but so is the temptation of the chocolate, chips and other snack stuff he buys! The solution is for him to keep his stash in the highest kitchen cabinet and hide my step-stool! I need to work harder on strengthening my resistance muscle.

    I also need to walk more but our sub-zero temperatures aren't very encouraging. Right now I have a badly bruised knee from a slight fall in the house which is cramping my style. We are planning a driving trip to Florida mid-March and a week in Italy in the Fall so I need to get in better shape. Weight this morning was a shocking 185, partly from ham but .....Aaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There I've confessed! "Now, go and sin no more, my child!"

    Just do it!
  • Good morning,

    I am wfh today have to start end of month reports and deal with some drama at work ugh. Ruth I am done from the beginning of January but not where I want to be. I did lose 6 lbs this month it was 9 but the scale has crept up again so need to really be mindful this month.

    I am still nursing sore back it was a bit worse yesterday boo so still doing back pain yoga.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Another week quickly getting away from me!

    Ruth hopefully some extra water today will get the scale to cooperate tomorrow.
    Beth great job getting your exercise in!!! I think my hormones are at it again, Iíve been dragging all week and unmotivated.
    Pearlrose great job losing this month!!!

    Been running crazy at work this week. Tomorrow the periodontist will take a peek at his work. I havenít seen it yet as I am not allowed. When I came home from work yesterday I thought I had something on my face. LOL turned out to be a bruise and not a small one either. Thank goodness for makeup! I also learned quinoa although easy to eat is not good for me right now LOL
  • Good afternoon, chicks.

    Had one of those days at work (why does one bad incident ruin the day??) and was feeling discouraged. I think tonight will be a glass of wine, early bed and new resolve tomorrow for an OP weekend.

    Jennifer, glad you are feeling better. Good luck at the doctor visit.

    Pearlrose, hope you continue to feel better.

    Ruth, we are just above freezing today but the forecast has a return to winter tomorrow. Hope you had a good day.

    Debbie, thinking of you and the laundromat!

    Have a good evening, chicks.
  • Good morning,

    Today DD2 gets her braces off, I do have a conference call at the beginning of her appt so will be on that. I also need to run and pick up my order from Lowe's my garbage disposal is leaking so need to replace it. Tonight DH and I are going to Science Center. Eating was back op yesterday going for day 2. Still nursing sore back, it mainly hurts if I sit (I work at a computer) so trying to get up and walk around as much as possible.

    Beth sorry you had a bad day yesterday, hopefully today will be better

    Jekel hopefully your dentist work will be healed today. When I have chia seeds I have to floss my teeth afterwards lol

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Sunny but back to the deep freeze today with a wee above freezing break tomorrow and then back down again. I'm sure glad to think of Florida in mid March and Italy in September. As I get older, winter seems longer - but I don't like the alternative to getting older!

    Weightloss is still on hold although I am eating only healthy stuff - yogurt and blueberries for breakfast is certainly not a Phase I meal but it sure beats the two donuts and three squares of chocolate Bruce just scoffed down. Now he is cooking himself sausages and scrambled eggs. The rule around here is that everyone is on their own for breakfast!

    On we go! By the way, the groundhog did see his shadow this morning so ... six more weeks of winter which is normal around here anyhow. Cozy in!
  • Beth hope today is better for you.
    Ruth even I donít eat chocolate for breakfast lol. Iím a little jealous of B
    Pearlrose hope your back feels better. I bet DD is excited to get her braces off.

    Joe is coming down tonight as my weekend is pretty packed. I am working Sunday helping proctor our promotional exam. Itís in Brooklyn! Luckily I am bumming a ride with a Chief and a Lt from Internal Affairs. They are picking my up at 5 and I donít expect to be home until 6 or so.

    I am a little annoyed. DSís Birthday is tomorrow. I ordered Birthday cookies and had them shipped. They arrived on the 31st. FedEx and UPS packages get logged by the front desk at the barracks which is staffed 24/7. It is not uncommon for a private to relieve the sergeant for meal. Long story short some private signed for it, didnít log it in the book and is enjoying my sonís birthday treat. My son was instructed to check one other location in the building by the sergeant. However he was told it is not uncommon for soldiers to do this! If itís not located I hope who ever enjoyed his treat gets a visit from karma and not the good kind! Needless to say I am not happy about this.

    Done venting just in time for a webinar at work.

    Have a great day!
  • Hey chicks, just checking in to say it was a long day but a better one for me. Thanks for the well wishes. Eating is so-so; I am resolving to make this month a good one in terms of eating and WL. It will be a full day tomorrow as I have the science competition at the local university.

    Jennifer, I would be pretty upset about someone stealing DS's gift!

    Pearlrose, I bet DD is pumped about getting her braces off!

    Ruth, it was chilly here today as well. B's breakfast sounds like quite the indulgence.

    Have a good evening, everyone.
  • Good morning!

    I donít mean to be absent but I have just been using every moment f the day to get something else accomplished. All is well but Iíve got lots to learn. Food has been good. Today i head back to the restaurant for 2 busy days. I think tomorrow evening we will try and head to Glenwood. Still having mild weather last night I was sitting on the porch and it truly felt like a crisp fall evening.

    Beth, I hope your evening is successful

    Ruth, Kirk and Bruce eat alike. Itís hard sometimes.

    Rose, hope your back is getting better!

    Jennifer, what a frustrating deal! Id feel like becoming the chief detective!

    Have a great start to the weekend everyone!
  • Good morning,

    It is going to be a cold day here, I am replacing garbage disposal today, cleaning and have to do a grocery run. DH and DD2 are going to comic con today so I have time to do all of my to do's. Back is slowly getting better.

    Debbie hope the weather holds for your trip to Glenwood

    Beth glad your day was better yesterday

    Jekel I would be mad that was a jerk move on whoever took the cookies.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Hey chicks!
    Busy day today but wanted to stop and say hi.

    Hope everyone had a productive Saturday.

    I'll be back tomorrow.;-)