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jekel383 11-18-2017 07:01 AM

Weekly beach chat 11/18-11/24
Here’s to an almost OP week. I think we all deserve a pass on Thanksgiving LOL

jekel383 11-18-2017 07:11 AM

Good morning everyone.

Pearlrose have a great time this weekend.
Debbie hope you find time to enjoy Alaska while you are there.
Beth enjoy your short week at work
Isa hope the painting is complete
Ruth may you have some downtime this week.

Today I am up at my usual time, but going to the gym not work for a change LOL. I am meeting my friend Meredith and her BF’s daughter at 11:00 for make up lessons at MAC. Should be fun or comical depending on how bad we are at it LOL. Then its the usual weekend of getting stuff done. I have a promotion interview Monday at work. Honestly I do not think I am even being considered, nor should I be. John, Chris and I have the least amount of time in rank for the promotion. So if anyone of us get it we will be shocked. Good experience to just go on the interview. I do need to get my dress uniform prepped and polish my shoes. Don’t tell but I enjoy polishing shoes.

I keep repeating this to myself: “You MUST be good until Thanksgiving.” The pre TOM jump has come down so I am right at goal. I really want to be down a smidgeon more by Tuesday for my doctor’s appointment. EXTRA water this weekend. I am beginning to think I could float away lol.

Anyone have fun plans this weekend? I took off Thursday and Friday so I will have a short week too. Have a great day!

Beth19 11-18-2017 09:17 AM

Good morning, Jennifer and chicks to come.

Jennifer, one of my first thoughts this morning was "I am not going to stray off plan today" so we are channeling the same thoughts. DH and I went out last night but I must have made a few good choices since I am only up a pound this morning. lol Lots of water and veggies today. Have a good gym session and good luck on the interview!

Other than drinking water, I have laundry in and will be doing the regular weekend niggles. At least we will have some sunshine so maybe I will take a walk.

Happy Saturday all!

Schmoodle 11-18-2017 10:04 AM

Hi chicks, sorry I disappeared the last half of the week. It was an uneventful but busy week of getting things done. Still OP! Today is my last day of Ph1. On Thursday my client gave me a bar of chocolate from her country of origin. So I had to take it but I managed to hold on to it until I got home and passed it on to DS. It's the little victories! I'm excited to have oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow and my daily apple. And hoping weigh in is good to me.

As usual my weekend is a huge list of to-dos. Looking over my list I see no fun, so hopefully I can get a friend to meet me for coffee or find something entertaining to do for a break from chores.

I'm hoping to stay on-plan on Thanksgiving, so coming up with a menu I can live with and I'll make a bunch of things I like to go with the turkey, and maybe a sugar free pumpkin flan and I'll be happy. In the past the holidays have always been the thing that derailed me, so I wasn't sure starting in October was the best plan. But since it's early my motivation is high, so maybe it was the best plan. If I can lose a pound during Thanksgiving week, I'll be ecstatic.

Coffee's gone, so off to take a stack of packages to the PO, walk the dog, and try to get some leaves raked before it starts raining later.

Hi Tammy!
Jennifer, good luck with your interview - you never know! I desperately need some makeup lessons. I don't think my techniques have changed since I was in my 20's but my face sure has. Most of the time I just don't bother.
Good morning, Beth. Your weekend plan sounds like mine.

Beth19 11-18-2017 02:15 PM

Schmoodle, don't forget to check Kalyn's Kitchen for recipes. She has a whole section dedicated to SB holiday ideas. The last couple years I have made her SF pumpkin cheesecake and it is awesome!


jekel383 11-19-2017 07:49 AM

Beth you beat me to it LOL. Fork over Knives is a vegan recipe app. I’ve made several things from them and have not been disappointed. You can’t go wrong with Kalyn. I am trying for 100 ounces of water per day this week. Hey any little bit helps lol

Schmoodle you're doing great!!! I don’t know if I would have given the chocolate away!!! Your life resembles most of us on here. Weekends seem to be for getting stuff done. Good luck with your weigh in today.

The make up class was fun. I actually learned a lot. I too have been wearing the little bit of makeup I wear the same way since my teens LOL. I did get my face done yesterday and boy was I impressed!!!! I left a hefty donation to MAC yesterday. I have terrible rosacea. My cheeks always look sun burned. He prepped my skin which really seemed to make a huge difference. Now let's see if I can replicate it.

I got to the gym yesterday only to find they weren’t open yet. They did let you wait in the lobby which was nice. Today’s work out will be at home. I may go the grocery store later, but can probably hold off until Monday after my doctor’s appointment. Today will be an at home online Christmas shopping kind of day. I may go for a walk later if the weather holds as it is milld this morning.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Beth19 11-19-2017 09:27 AM

Good morning chicks! Apparently Mother Nature wants us in the mood for Christmas because it is snowing like crazy right now! We probably have 1-2 inches already. Luckily it's not a work day and although I thought about going to the store this morning I can easily wait. Coffee on the couch time I think.

Yesterday was very productive with cleaning, laundry, rotating my canned goods, and such. DH made some great turkey soup with part of a breast we cooked earlier in the week. Schmoodle, like Jennifer said, we live such exciting lives!

Jennifer, the makeup lesson sounds interesting. I'd be interested in some tips myself. Enjoy your day.

Schmoodle, good job on giving away the chocolate and losing. If you get off track this week just come on back here since I suspect some of us will also be re-grouping. lol

Hope Debbie and Pearlrose are enjoying their trips!

Later chicks.

Schmoodle 11-19-2017 09:51 AM

Good morning, all. Tea instead of coffee this morning, since I'm out of milk and just can't do black coffee on an empty stomach.
Wow, weigh in was amazing! 9 lbs lost on Phase I. That's a record for me. I'm usually good for about 5 lbs on Phase I. But I guess it depends on your starting point, my weight is very high and my diet has been very bad. Now I'm having my oatmeal with a little homemade applesauce and it's heavenly. I'm feeling great too, my knee pain is much less and even my attitude is better. I don't know if the small amount of weight loss has really made the difference to my knee, but it may be the diet has also reduced inflammation. Whatever the reason, it's a big relief, and motivation to stick with this. It's making walking easier, and I'm grand-dog sitting, so that has forced me to keep up with the walking the last few days.

Beth, thanks for the reminder. I love Kalyn's recipes, some of my regular rotation are hers. DD1 loves her meatloaf balls and has already requested them while she's home on break. I'll definitely check out that cheesecake.
Jennifer, as my young adults would say, adulting is pretty boring. I'm happy to start handing it off to them and I plan to regress as much as I can.

Off to change my stats and get started on my day. Yesterday the rain came early and leaves were a washout. Hopefully I can get to them today. Have a great Sunday, chicks!

jekel383 11-19-2017 01:29 PM

Schmoodle great job!!!!!! No its not your imagination either. Every pound lost equals 7 pound of pressure off your knees. I read that in a magazine at the orthopedist’s office years ago. The pounds will come off more slowly in P2. If you are like many of us you will stall then get a surprise whoosh which is always nice!!!! Do something for yourself to celebrate. Even if it is taking time from your day to read or do a hobby you enjoy.

Beth I too need a few things but your snow has motivated me to stay home LOL. It is dreary and very windy here.

Creamy vegan Mexican casserole for lunch then back to getting stuff done.

Schmoodle 11-20-2017 09:07 AM

It's manic Monday here. WFH today. I'm taking some time off next week so trying to get ahead of things at work. I need to get to the grocery store today for Thanksgiving supplies. And I listed a bunch of stuff on a local yard sale site so I've got a couple of meets to do handoffs. Feels good to slowly make progress on my decluttering goal. It occurred to me that I'm decluttering my body as well as my house and as I'm selling off my excess stuff I'm also selling off my excess poundage via healthy-wage, ha-ha. I like the symmetry!

Lexxiss 11-20-2017 01:43 PM

Good morning!

It snowed yesterday so everything is a bit more complicated. Just moving forward with projects then heading across the bay on Wednesday for family Thanksgiving.
Diane(Schmoodle), great job! It's just amazing how it works when we work it. I, too, have been decluttering. It has its own weight loss rewards.

Waving to all! I will check in when I can.

jekel383 11-20-2017 06:42 PM

Schmoodle decluttering feels so good and getting a little extra cash feels nice too!!!
Debbie hope the snow is manageable. Will you be spending Thanksgiving with family or friends in Alaska?

We had our interviews today. Let’s just say it was a learning experience. I do not think I said anything of value however I had no problem babbling LOL> Injection number 2 was after work. FOUGHT hard not to get take out Chinese food. TOM must be lurking as I crave Chinese food around that time. I reminded myself tomorrow is my annual OBGYN appointment and Chinese food is an automatic weight gain.

Nothing on the agenda other than TV and my ice pack lol. Enjoy!

jekel383 11-21-2017 06:35 AM

WOW last one in last night and first today. That is only because Coconut cannot let me sleep in LOL. At least I have time to sit with my smoothie and coffee before getting ready for the doctor. Have a great day!

Pearlrose 11-21-2017 08:08 AM

Good morning,

We got back around 6 p.m. last night, had a wonderful time and only gained 1 lb! I will take it. Plan on being op for today and tomorrow, small pass for Thanksgiving and then back at it. I did manage to get some walking and yoga in while gone and went to the beach for one day.

Today I have to go in for a couple of meetings and then will head back home for the afternoon, I need to fit grocery shopping in sometime either today or tomorrow to get Thanksgiving supplies.

Jekel sounds like the interview was a good experience to give you a feel for them at that level. I need DD2 to give me makeup lessons too, DD1 always asks her little sister to do her makeup when she is going out lol. I don't think I have changed my technique at all but at least I have changed the type of foundation I use hehe. Tom is here for me as well so trying to drink a ton of water

Schmoodle awesome job on losing 9 lbs that is great motivation to keep on going

Beth hope you had a nice weekend

Debbie glad you are getting a break to celebrate Thanksgiving up there

:wave: to Isla and Ruth

Have a great day everyone!

Muffin 11-21-2017 11:11 AM

Good Morning,

I am really sorry I disappear this last few days, I been busy. We had company during the weekend, we grilled and ate OP but too much :( Yesterday, was all day shopping with mom and today I need to clean the house and then in the PM we are going for dinner at my aunts house.

I need to find a good recipe to marinate the turkey. Later on today I will go back and catch up on the thread.

I better finish my coffee, I am starting the day late and have so much to do.

Have a great day everyone!

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