Weekly Chat 10/7-10/13

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  • Dreary and cool here today; fall must be coming! I can't complain because we had such nice (hot!) weather in September.

    Nothing special happening here today. Got home from work late so I didn't exercise but I managed 10,000 steps anyway. Must have been an extra busy day at school!

    Trying to stay OP and make the scale move back down. I am never going to make my October goal if I can't re-lose what I thought I lost in September.

    Jennifer, sounds like DS is really growing up. You must be proud.

    Have a good evening, chicks.
  • Good Morning!

    A busy day yesterday down to Denver twice. Two meals out, as well. Will be careful today. Lots of paperwork....a big problem with some paperwork that my mom just dropped in 2013. Arggg. Going to have to restake some mining claims she let go that are important to have when adjoining properties are eventually sold. A headache.

    I've been working on that stuff a bit but haven't had much coffee since Im out of creamer. Guess I will go to the store.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Good afternoon,

    What a busy morning, totally forgot to check in here. I haven't done any of my normal work other than my 8 a.m. call, we have a consultant group in and trying to get all the stuff they want together is crazy. It is a dreary drizzly kinda of day outside, I actually have on long sleeves and jeans on today.

    Debbie I hope you are able to get everything straightened out.

    Jekel glad you were able to assist son with pep talk

    Beth I struggling to get the scale to continue moving down despite being onplan as well.

    Have a great day everyone
  • Debbie: I had to laugh I ran out of creamer and that's when I started drinking my coffee black. Hope you get the paper work squared away.

    Pearlrose we might actually get to wear long sleeves here soon too.

    Beth your comment made me laugh. I too am in the same boat with weightloss or lack there of lol

    Another OP day and a trip to the gym. I skipped yesterday as the plumbers were here. I went to be at 7:10 last night and slept until 10 minutes before my alarm. Guess I needed it. My goal tomorrow is to go for a bike ride after work. Only another month of outdoor riding left.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing night.
  • Can't believe it is Thursday evening already; the week really flew by for me! Had to scrape the windshield this morning. I thought we had a pretty hard frost but when I got home today my marigolds were still alive so maybe it wasn't that bad.

    Had a bit of a downward trend on the scale today; now to make it last through the weekend! I will tell DH we cannot eat out! lol And I will do my best to stay OP.

    Debbie, when my MIL passed away her finances were a mess. Years of unpaid property and income taxes, a huge credit card debt, etc. I can totally sympathize with what you are going through! Hope you made some progress with the paperwork demons.

    It should be sunny again tomorrow so I am bringing my shoes to work and walking in town before I come home.

    Have a good evening, chicks.
  • Hello ladies,

    Last time I posted here was in mid June life has been a little crazy and a lot has happened since then. I decided to take a brake from media and tried to relax and spend more time with my family while they were on vacation. My knee pain (right leg) ended up being Moderate osteoarthritis and on my left knee i have a meniscus tear and mild arthritis. I went to physical therapy for month an a half but i didn't see any improvement. My orthopedic wants me to take a cortisone injection for the pain and possible get surgery. I'm not fond of the surgery because it is not guarantee that will help me with the pain and last time I took the cortisone shot, I didn't react very well. This past month I been very stressed with the hurricanes, DH getting sick (he is well now) I haven't been able exercise much due to lots of inflammation and I am coping with food as always I have gain 5lbs and the sugar demon is out of control. I need to get back on track and be accountable again.

    I hope you all are doing good!
  • Happy Friday the 13th,

    So glad it's Friday, today is wfh and hoping to be able to catch up on some of my work today, yesterday was a bust for doing any work other than what was being thrown at me lol. I am sitting inside with my hoodie jacket on as it's a bit chilly but its supposed to go up to 80 today we shall see. Tonight DD2 has a football game and tomorrow she has an all day competition and then at night DH and our neighbours are going to a concert. So busy weekend ahead, hoping on Sunday if it doesn't rain to be able to go pumpkin picking.

    Jekel last night I feel asleep at 8:30 watching tv but woke up at 10 and was awake for a bit before finally falling back asleep.

    Beth wish I could same about my scale but it went up a bit even though I am still op going to blame it on hormones. Its due for another downward push

    Welcome back Muffin hopefully getting back on track will help with the inflammation as well, sugar helps it along.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Good morning!

    Friday the 13th's are my husbands favorite days. He considers them very good luck!

    Welcome back Muffin!

    Beth, thanks for the heads up! It's just not me. I sure have some big messes.

    Rose, it sounds like a very busy weekend! I hope it stays dry for the pumpkins.

    Jennifer, I was just wondering about your new bathroom. Is that where the plumbers are working? Hope you get your bike ride in.

    Me, doing a little bit of procrastinating. Sitting outside watching the birds and drinking coffee. With creamer. I have done a few inside chores. My mission is to see if I can get my xerox copier to work. It was left over from the travel agency and I have had it in my closet for years. I could sure use it right now. Not a lot of progress on the paperwork. I need to be able to copy legal paper so it's either go to Denver or get my copier working. We shall see what works.

    Have a great Friday everyone!
  • Good morning!

    Well is almost afternoon here...today is my cleaning day but as always I'm procrastinating I colored my own hair this morning, so far looks good, last time I colored was early last year. So far we don't have any plans for the weekend, DH is flight back home tonight so we might just spent the weekend relaxing, we'll see.

    Rose, I hope you have fun at the concert tomorrow.
    Beth, watching the bird and drinking coffee sounds like a fun and relaxing. Good luck with the copier!
  • Muffin welcome back. Hopefully you get some relief from the arthritis soon. Once the cravings pass you should see some relief from the inflammation from dietary changes. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

    Debbie knowing you, you willl get the copier working. Yes the bathroom is complete. Now I want to tear up the laundry room floor since I love the bathroom one so much!!! First pay off the credit card before the next project.

    Pearlrose hope you get your pumpkins. I haven't even bought mums yet!!!

    Beth I have a hoodie and sweats on. I could put the heat on to take the chill off the house, but am holding strong

    I had a great workout yesterday at the gym. I have realized I do need to give my body rest though. I had planned to go riding, but got out late and it is pretty dreary. Went to pump up the tires on my indoor training bike and realized I still need to get my pump fixed. LOL I think someone is trying to tell me to relax tonight.

    Tomorrow I will go to the gym early, get the pump fixed, make a dreaded Walmart and grocery run. If the weather holds I willl cut back the dead flower and may be clean. Food has been OP all week. Beth I am in agreement with you, I'm not eating out this weekend. I am down from last week and want to stay that way.

    DS arrived safely at Ft. Benning in the wee hours of the morning. Not sure if I willl have any contact with him during this training. I have a feeling I will get very little notice for graduation. Thankfully there are plenty of hotels in the area. I should not have any difficulty getting a flight to Atlanta when the time comes. Now to shake the money tree and hope for a win fall.

    Have a great night!
  • Good evening, chicks. A very busy day at work but I motivated myself to exercise when I got home. I had leftover sauce to use up so DH and I made flatbread pizzas. It cures the pizza craving and is WAY better for you!

    Not sure what is on the weekend schedule, other than trying to stay OP!

    Hope everyone made it through the 13th without any bad luck!
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