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Default Grab and Go Snacks


Im about to start phase 1 and i am looking for some grab and go snack ideas that arent nuts or eggs.

ive tried roasted chickpeas and didnt like them.

my snacks just now pre SB are fruit and popcorn but they arent allowed on phase 1.

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Welcome, Bigpants.

I often carried cheese sticks, laughing cow wedges, celery and PB (you can buy the individual cups), red pepper slices and V-8 in the small cans. You could also carry slices of deli meat and roll them with pepper and onion strips, or dip veggies into hummus. Turkey pepperoni. Mini cans/packets of tuna fish. Cucumber slices.

I have a list I printed off but can't find the link right now....
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I agree with Beth except for the tuna (LOL never been a fan. I usually have a 100 cal pack of nuts with me at all times (I know you said no nuts or eggs). Plain Greek Yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon and I would add almond slices to it. Or you could try a sugar free flavored one (I tend to stay away from artificial flavored or sweeteners

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Here is my old list of snack ideas (some need more preparation then others)

Mixed nuts
Cheese Stick
Pickles (no sugar added variety)
Deli meat rollups w/ cream cheese and green onions ( could add in what ever really, cucumbers, bell peppers etc.)
BLT rollups w/ turkey bacon, tomatoes and a dab of mayo rolled up in a lettuce leaf
Roasted chickpeas
Turkey Pepperoni "chips" (with a dip or they are tasty by they selves)
Pizza Bites (I just take the pepperoni chips above and sandwich between them a veggie cream cheese mix)
Bean Salad (with chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes and balsamic)
Mini Caprese Stacks (layer tomato slices w/ mozzarella & basil, drizzled with balsamic)
Buffalo Chicken Salad (diced chicken breasted mixed w/ franks read hot sauce served on a bed of romaine w/ diced celery & ranch dressing)
Stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed tomatoes
Stuffed celery (traditionally with PB or get fancy with Laughing cow and jalapeno slices / or / olive slices)
Jalapeno Poppers
Devilled Eggs
Cucumber Boats w/ chicken salad (or egg, or tuna)
Cucumber Slices w/ cream cheese (get fancy and throw some smoked salmon and chive on there too)
Shrimp w/ a south beach friendly sauce
Homemade Meatballs w/ no sugar added marinara w/ some fresh parmesan
Raw Veggies w/ hummus or dip
Celery w/ hot buffalo chicken dip

Those are just my old go to idea list, I'm sure there are others, I just cant think of them at the moment, but i hope that helps

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Thanks, RiverGirl! That is the list I was looking for!

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I like Baked potato with Vegan Ranch sauce
Really tasty! and healthy!))
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Pringles my favorite and Gatorade.
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rivergirl great ideas!! thank you!!
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