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Come on Spring!
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Default The Weekend - September 24th and 25th

Good morning and guess what is three months from now. I've already seen a reminder re shopping days.

Didn't get in here yesterday as it was an overbooked day - haircut, major banking, stew finishing and drop-ins. I just filled in the kennel forms and got the dogfood ready and will drop the furries off on my way to town. Now it's time for me to get ready for a mid-morning departure for the Hyper Pyper wedding near Ottawa. I'll overnight at the house (huge with lots of rooms) and hope to be home Sunday afternoon.

So have a good weekend and leave the lights on for me in case I'm late.
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Ruth have a wonderful time at the wedding. Although when I first started reading your post "finishing and drop-ins" my eyes read fishing trip! Lol guess I do need reading glasses more than I care to admit.

Today is get ready to go day. Laundry started. Half the house is clean. Need to do some running around. Finish a work project. Have dinner with DS. Spoil the pups. You know the usual lol.

Monday my weight was way up, 10 pounds up from the week before. Granted last weekend I over indulged for 3 straight days. I went right back to my normal routine on Monday, minus exercise this week as I was still feeling the fall. I lost (not that I believed I actually gained this much) 8 pounds. I know and finally believe these big jumps are attributed to hormones and water retention. Thankfully SB has taught me how to manage this. I'm happy to be starting my trip at goal weight and hope to come back a smidge less.

Quick question, has anyone tried acupuncture? I've been dealing with tennis elbow since the early spring. Cortisone injection, stretches, elbow wrap/support and Motrin haven't done a thing. I know the fall aggravated even more as picking up my coffee cup has become a challenge. I have an appointment when I get back for acupuncture.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. It was great getting to put on a fleece to walk the dogs.
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Good morning!

It's travel day but I have some chores to accomplish first. It's rainy and drizzly so I think I will pass on the pool. My sister and I drove west yesterday and got three cases of the last of the organic peaches. Fortunately, they are not all the way ripe so I have a few days before I have to do anything with them.

Ruth, safe travels!

Jennifer, I have done acupuncture but not for pain or injuries. My mother did have great results with pain when she was recovering from a back injury. I'm going for Rolfing this time which is super effective. I've done it before, but it's not a quick fix. Well worth it in my book, however.

OK. I better get moving. Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning,

I am thankful the cat did not wake me up until 6:30 a.m. this morning Not sure what is on agenda this morning, I do know I need to do a bit of cleaning and still having sewing project I am working on. DH has sports activities and will be back later this evening so not sure what DD1 and 2 and I will do, I know we will back by 3 p.m. when DD1 is on-call for EMS in town.

Ruth enjoy the wedding.

Jekel don't you hate hormones and water, glad you were able to eliminate most of it this week with clean eating (another reason we need to stay op so we can try and regulate our hormones). I have not tried acupuncture but I heard it does help, might be worth it to try

Debbie peaches yummy. What is Rolfing? Have not heard that term before.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning chicks!

I have already been to the grocery store and back; now I have laundry going. It is a beautiful fall morning and I think I will persuade DH we need to take a drive into the mountains to look for the start of the color change.

Other than that, I need to finish putting the basement back together from the painting project. There are still things in piles in the center of the room where they were shoved out of the way. In my dream world I will do a little purging and organizing rather than just randomly pushing things back against the walls.

Ruth, enjoy the trip! It looks like a nice day for a drive.

Jennifer, I am glad you have this vacation and a nice trip planned. Enjoy yourself.

Pearlrose, I agree; that water weight gain and loss can be amazing! Enjoy your day.

Debbie, I need to do something with my apples; the trees were really productive this year but I have not yet made the time to take care of them.

Enjoy your day, chicks!
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Long time no chat ladies! Happy weekend!

We got back from our European cruise/vacation, I started a new med and it's back on Ph1 for a week for me!

I hope you are all doing well. I am getting into super busy season at work but with my last birthday in my 30s coming up, autumn and getting back on the horse with a med that will HOPEFULLY work, I hope to be on a lot more.

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Good morning, chicks!

I've already been busy in the kitchen this morning; I made muffins and quiche for my workweek breakfasts. Now I'm sipping coffee and trying to decide what is next. I did accomplish some of my weekend niggles yesterday but there is always more to do.

Jenne, good to see you back!

Jennifer, drive safely and have a good trip.

Debbie, hope you are having a lucrative day at work. :-)

Pearlrose, what did you end up doing yesterday?

I think I might spend a little time with a book. I also need to go out and check the last few tomato plants; there was clearly frost this morning so they may be dead.

Think Ruth is behaving herself?
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Good morning, we are expecting rain today but I will take it as it is bringing cooler weather, the highs for this week are in the 70s perfect weather so I will take one more hot day. Not sure what we are doing today, DD2 wants to go to mall so will see if DH wants to go along since we didn't spend time together yesterday.

Beth, DD1 and DD2 and I went thrift store shopping and found a couple more things for DD2 costume, then I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening sewing and spending time with the girls. I hope Ruth is not behaving herself

Jenne great to see you in here, hope your new med works for you

Have a great day everyone!
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