I need a kick in the butt

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  • Someone please kick me.....
  • Now look here, Sflake! What the heck is going on with you!? You've lost some weight, your sister has lost some weight thanks to you, and you've got a great husband and 3 dependants COUNTING on you! And besides, you're a wonderful person, and you don't DESERVE to have all that fat clumped around your heart. Pull yourself together, woman!!
  • Lets just say there is no longer a full bag of M&M's. nuf said.
  • Next time, flush it down the toilet. (I did that with Bridge Mixture once. It made a lovely "tinkling sound" as it went down the pipes.) Lidian has a good remedy for that sort of thing, too. Ask her...
  • Ellis sweetie What in the world is Bridge Mixture?
  • You've got to be joking. First it's Butter Tarts, now Bridge Mixture!! Honestly. You American gals don't know what you're missing!
    It's in a bag. Something from our parents' generation, I think. Something you'd put in little bowls and stick out while you're playing bridge.
    Sort of a mixture of small filled chocolates. Chocolate covered raisins and peanuts. Mint filled chocs. Coffee-flavoured chocs. Jelly-filled (icky... I just suck the chocolate off those and throw the middle out). etc.
  • Got it thanks. The bakery's here don't know what a goldmine they are missing, it all sounds soooo good. I I'll have to remember the toilet trick and to ask Lidian. Thanks for the save.
  • Sflake sounds more like you need a hug. put your arms around and just squeeze. Then thow the rest of the M&Ms away. We brought back 2 boxes of taffy from Maine for our coworkers. When my DH left his hanging around it started to call my name. needless to say those people at Home Depot didn't even miss it when it hit the trashcan Good Luck. julie
  • Don't feel bad Sflake ... I've been on a bit of an eating binge myself lately ... nothing off plan (except for that no sugar added peanut butter cup) but just eating a ton......

    I can eat a whole pound of peanut M & M's and I'm sure someday I will again ... but the next day I'll straighten myself again ...

    This too shall pass (hopefully by morning)!!!
  • I've been eating too. We all REALLY need to get on track!!!

    Ellis-WE HAVE BRIDGE MIX HERE, SO DON'T BE SO HIGH AND MIGHTY!!!!! (and take pity and send butter tarts soon....NO! I CAN'T THEY AREN'T SBD FRIENDLY!!!!)
  • OK sflake, here it is! You've been doing so well, don't let yourself backslide now!! Shake off your indiscretion(s) and move forward. Don't dwell on your mistakes, let them go. You deserve this new healthy WOL, this is something that you are doing for you, because you care about yourself. Be proud of what you've accomplished so far, and set a small goal for yourself that you know you can meet.....nothing helps boost morale like an attained goal that makes you feel good about yourself!!!
  • I with sflake...I need a wompus kick in the arse!!! I am getting tired of failing... I don't know what is wrong....
  • I know about Bridge Mix; it may be more popular in the northern parts than others. Or maybe it's a generational thing . . . ?

  • Hi Sflake,

    I know exactly what you are going through, but you'll get through it. We all will. A small bump in your new woe isn't going to derail you. You can do this. Just keep posting and give yourself a big hug.

  • Tricia, are you intimating that I am OLD!!

    Whimsey, dear, you have lost 18 pounds! You are NOT a failure. Love and hugs for you and Sflake.