Acronym Assistance

  • How do you all feel about creating a sticky thread that lists the acronyms we use in reference to the SBD? Things like OP, WOE, WOL, etc.??

  • Good idea! Maybe it could be added to the New Chicks on the Beach sticky.
  • You betcha. Feel free to add stuff. I'm pretty bogged down right now or I'd do it. I
  • I'll add one I really like: NSV for non-scale victory...all the great stuff that happens that isn't necessarily reflected by the scale! (A smaller size jeans, seeing your collarbones, getting whistled at!)

    Then there is LC for Laughing Cow Cheese.

    Red Fat for reduced fat...I thought this was a brand or type of cheese!

    I'll probably think of more as soon as I log off!
  • I also use ADL..Activities of Daily Life.

    Great idea.

    Lady M
  • OK - I am making a Sticky called Acronyms and will move these into it. Please add your acronyms and I'll edit them into it. It's a great idea and should have been done ages ago.

    I think Suzanne has a post somewhere with all the acronyms. I'll dig it up next week as I'm pretty busy this weekend.
  • sorry I posted mine on the sticky...idiot that I am.
  • YOU ARE NOT AN IDIOT! You just have CRAFT.

    I'll close this thread in case anybody else does the same.

    Please post acronym questions or suggestions as posts to the Acronym Sticky and I'll action them as apporpriate.

    Thanks, Beach Beauties.