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Default dateline last night

Did anyone watch dateline last night? I missed it. WHat did they say about the SBD?
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Didn't see Dateline, but did see mention of it on 20 /20. I was a bit disappointed as it was basically an overview of all the major diet plans, and then there was a nutritionist who gave his point of view, that all these 'fad' diets just empty ones pocketbook.

They did mention that Bill and Hillary are doing SB. (Like I care!)And Dr. A did speak a bit about how it got started. It did seem to get the most airtime of all the diet programs. At least it is bringing it more to the public eye, and mentioned that the book is a best seller. Of course, I suppose that any public forum like 20/20 couldn't really propose one diet as better than another, or they would open themselves up for some sort of law suit.

Any other opinions out there? Ann
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I also saw both shows last night and I think the 20/20 was a bit more positive in it's review of the SBD. The nutritionist who gave his point of view was against Phase 1 - thought it was too extreme, and even mentioned that the rapid weight loss in the beginning is due to water (and his point???)
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I saw it and it sounded pretty good. They did say that the Phase I you only really lose water weight and that the healthier way would be to start with Phase 2. Phase 2 would be easier to stick with than the Phase 1. Then work into the maintenance. They also said that the diet book industry is getting filthy rich! In the billions! We need to stick with a program and quit yo-yoing. That's why the more diet books that come out the more America is fattening up.
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I saw both Dateline and 20/20 and wish they had gone into more detail.

One thing that bothered me was that they didn't emphasize enough that SBD was not created as a weight loss diet for the public, but was intended to help heart patients. All they seem to focus on is the claim that you can lose 8 to 13 lbs in the first 2 weeks, which just makes it sound like another fad diet. I think SBD should change they way the market it, lol.

Both programs did support SBD, though, despite the reaction to Phase 1.
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I saw the 20/20 episode,and I was kind of disappointed in it. I guess I just sort of saw things differently, as far as how they spoke abt it.
The seemed to catagorize it with all the other diets out there ( The Zone, Atkins, Sugar busters etc.) I honestly did NOT get much our of the segmant at all. They just ambushed all the diets together.
I am with Lizziepie!! I was like and your point is Abt Hiliary & Bill.

HOWEVER I did learn that I am doing the pahse ONE all wrong I have been eating alot of Fresh Fruits and veggies, and not much of anything else I'm not complaining , because I am Losing. ( 8 pounds down so far ) too bad it is only water weight

The Basic run down was this. U are wasting your money on all these fad diets, and u should just always do what your Mother told you. Eat right & Exercise ( If ya wanna lose weight)

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