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Default Thankful Thursday SBD Chat, 9/24

Time to wake up!

There's a glorious sunrise and it's promising to be another sunny day.

Tammy, it's a good thing we didn't go to Hershey since only the zoo is open during weekdays now. I took the girls shopping for new sneakers and out to lunch, instead, so they were happy.

I think I'll take advantage of the weather to work in the flower beds and replace the spent annuals with some mums today. The girls were reminiscing about the days when we used to go apple and pumpkin picking, and I told them we'd try to do it one day this year, if we get the chance. I want to get some mums for my own garden, too.

I'm thankful for all of you being part of my morning routine while enjoying my coffee.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Linda! So thankful we are blessed with another glorious day of sunshine and great temperatures. Yesterday was not a good day (too much *&%&$# to explain) but today will be better.

Michelle comes to clean at 11:30 and we are going to tackle the front porch. Right now it has some leaves blown in and needs to be cleaned up. There will still be some pleasant "sitting out" days and I want to decorate it for the Fall Festival on October 3, Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en. The potted mums around here don't look great but I may work in a run to town tomorrow - I want blooms, not buds.

By the way, I composted the cherry tomato plants so have that pressure off my list. I have a huge bowl of red Shepherd peppers and several eggplants plus chard so won't be starving for a while. I may even get ahead of the fruit flies.

Time to get another coffee and then tackle the tidying. The sewingroom-studio is still pretty chaotic. I need a bottomless pit to hide things in but it will also need a retrieval system.

Have a Thankful and Thoughtful Thursday!
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I am thankful the Pope is finally here. It has been a long arduous task preparing for his arrival. I will be even more thankful once he is on his way to Philadelphia and we can breathe again.

Ruth I saw a "recipe" online to get rid of fruit flies. I think it had apple cider vinegar in it or something to do with a raw onion or cute puppies. lol the Internet confuses me at times.

Linda I miss apple and pumpkin picking too. Last year I didn't even buy pumpkins and this year mums may not make it to my home. I really need to tidy up the garden unlike last year.

Going in early as we have more in the to do list before the big mass at MSG tomorrow. At least I'll be underneath the garden so it is almost like being there. Thankful too for having the energy to get through this crazy week.
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Good morning.

Dinner went well here last night but I ate so many cookies that my scale jumped up 3 pounds overnight! I suspect it will take a week of diligent eating to get that off. Never fair how quickly it comes on but how slowly it goes off. Darn cookies. Darn lack of willpower.

I am off to the store today to buy groceries for some OP crockpot food. Am working 1-7 today.

Hmmm.... thankful. I'm thankful that DS has made it to his new home state and that the movers showed up (albeit too early so the apartment walk through isn't done yet) and that things seem to be going reasonably well for the big relocation. New job starts Monday.
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Good morning!

I'm thankful today for such a wonderful cancer center which is such a blessing for my sister and now for our friend Laurie. She is filling out paperwork and I am staring at the Keirig will probably make one soon.

I drove over yesterday afternoon. The fall foliage was spectacular and the soak at the pool felt great!

Have a great day everyone!
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So I had a successful day! My friend got to her appointments, husband is at Cosco getting tires on the vehicle for next weeks trip, I took Kirby to the dog wash and got him cleaned up then went to the health food store for a bubbly fizzly sparkling water. I need to shampoo the carpet here but decided to take a break and see what was on the news. I'm watching the Popes plane as it's landed in New York thinking of Jennifer and all the festivities tomorrow. Whew!
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Afternoon, chicks.

I'm thankful for another beautiful day of sunny, pleasant temperatures. I took my sneakers to work with me and made sure to get a walk before I came home. I would love to be out tidying the garden but it will have to wait for the weekend. I think I will make a grocery run tonight so I won't have to spend time doing it Saturday.

Cottage, DH brought home a pumpkin plant from the school greenhouse last spring; we stuck it in the compost pile to see what would happen and save the space in the garden. The plant is massive but there are 4 nice size pumpkins on it so I will have those for decorating.

Ruth, I still have yellow cherry tomatoes and green peppers, plus the brussel sprouts and broccoli. My peppers always seem to grow sooooo slowly. I might trade them for beans next year.

Jennifer, I have a bowl of apple cider vinegar with a splash of dish soap on the counter right now for catching fruit flies. Some of my tomatoes had split and were filled with flies. Hope your work duties go smoothly the next 2 days.

Karen, isn't that the truth!! Weight goes on easily but off is hard.

Debbie, you are a good friend.

Leftover crack slaw for dinner tonight. Food sure lasts longer when the boys aren't home!!!
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