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Default Weekly Goal - week of August 10

How did everyone do with their weekly goals last week? My goal was to drink my water, and I did very well, getting at least 64 ounces each day, and usually more!

My goal for this week is to find little ways to work extra exercise into my day. For example......

parking at the far end of the parking lot and walking a little to get where I'm going......

taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible......

remembering that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and then taking a meandering path to get where I'm going.....

at home when I'm downstairs, going upstairs to use the bathroom instead of using the one downstairs (which should give me plenty of extra trips due to all the water I'm drinking)......

when coming home from shopping, instead of trying to carry everything in one trip from the garage to the house (and breaking my arms in the process ), making several trips to carry bags/packages in one or two at a time......

So ladies, what are your goals for the week?
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My goal last week was to eat dinner at a "normal time" and I did make three nights by 6:00 (and it would have been everynight at 9:00 pm if I hadn't had a "goal") so I did well ...

I've already planned my menu thru Friday, so my goal this week will be to stick exactly to it ... no nuts when I get home from work or snacking (even on celery) when I'm making dinner ...

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Last week my goal was to drink more water, and I did pretty well. Need to continue working on that.

For this week my goal is to get to bed early every morning and sleep only 8 hours. I have had the bad habit of staying up in the morning then sleeping halfway through the evening. I tried a new approach last week, and it worked! I even exercised everyday when I got up. So, my goal is to maintain my new routine.

I will add to that: if I wake up in the middle of the day HUNGRY, which I often do, I will eat a cheesestick or a slice of ham, not a piece of bread! Yikes! I have to break that bad habit fast!

Good luck, everyone!
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My goal is to stay on track for the week.

No cheats - not even one
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My goal for this week will be to exercise at least 3 times. I walked twice last week. Let's see if I could increase it by 1 this week.Keeping myself on track will be a daily goal. Julie
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My goal for the week is to STICK to this Diet
I have done really wekk in the past weeks. I am very much a HUGE soda fan I slowly eliminated from my meals, and belive me, that was NO EASY FEAT, so I am PROD to say , I have been Soda free for 1 week

Mainly water, or Sun tea ( no sugar added ) just a twist of lemon
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I am trying to give up my afternoon snack. It is too hard for me to stop eating if I have something around 3:00.

My goal for the week will be to not have an afternoon snack. And to remember I will not die if I don't have one.
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My goals this week are:

1. Drink more water.

2. Run at least 4 times this week.

3. Try some of the book recipes.

4. Add in more fruit. ** I'm still wimping out in adding anything back. **
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I want to drink lots more water. I'm not doing a good job with the water. I 've totally given up Coke. But I've been drinking too much Crystal Light. I am changing that and brewing my own tea, but it is water I want to make king.

I will try to be more patient about loosing.

I want to stay off the scale.
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My goal is:

Did I mention I need to exercise!!
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My goals this week are to drink lots of water and exercise (thank goodness our gym is open again!!).
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My goal for this week is to stop eating after night snacks for me....
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My goal for the week is to leave the nuts alone! Why are they so addicting? I also need to drink more water. It's PMS week so this will REALLY be challenging
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My goals for the week are to drink more water, and to EXERCISE!!! I made it to the gym 3 times last week, but my schedule this week is making it a little tough to repeat that.
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My exercise goal for this week is to :

run at least 4 times (one down tonight-3 to go!)
strength training 3 times
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