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Angry Sunny Saturday on the Beach! 8/9

I know, I know...this is Marcie's spot! But I had a few minutes and something to share with everyone.

As some of you know, I work at a police department. We see all kinds of things, as you can imagine. Some of what we see is truly tragic.

Last night 2 young people were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. The hospital says they probably will not survive. Two young people whose lives, and the lives of their families, will forever be changed for the worse. All in an instant.

I tell you this not to make you sad, but to encourage you to reflect. Yesterday, Marcie wrote so eloquently about the new beginnings we can create, and have created, for ourselves. And I want to remind you to appreciate them!

Appreciate everything you have in your life, embrace the moments, and reflect on your bounty. Hug your children just a bit tighter, hold hands with your loved one just a bit longer, and look at the wonders around you a bit more often.

It is so easy to become entangled in the web that is our daily life...looking but not seeing, eating but not tasting, running but not moving....

So this morning I am going to go home and hug my little one just a bit tighter.
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Wink I do believe

That one should live their life to the fullest every day. One never knows when it will be your last.

This is why you shouldn't beat yourself up over the small slips that you make. It is only bringing your own self down, only hurting you. Acknowledge it, then leave it alone.

Life is too short to let these things bother you. As long as you are trying and doing your best does it truly matter that you ate someting that you shouldn't?

Don't be a slave to the fork or to the scale. No one ever said you can't, just that you shouldn't. Are you a worse person for doing this? NO! Absolutely NOT! All you did was eat...and NOT like you used to. Tomotrrow is another day, but then you never know.

Make sure your last words at night are happy ones and that when you part with a friend and go home, to work or play that you leave on a positive note. Make it a habit and there will never be any regrets.

My parents always told me to NEVER go to bed mad.

Memories are a wonderful thing, but the REAL thing is so much better. Take care of your loved ones feelings they, are precious.

Hopefully the ants have marched on to someone else's house! Too funny that they wanted to come to my house...haven't they learned that I eat healthy???

Taking mom on errands and then to a garage sale if there are any.

Please ANYONE, start the morning thread and I liked the title

Happy Day to all.

Lady Marcie
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Oh Franny... What a good reminder. Thank you so much, sweetie. I'll pray for those young people, and for their families... what a tragedy for them. Yes, we need constant reminders to appreciate our lives. To love and life!

Marcie, as usual... thank you for YOUR inspiration.

I'm going over to Mom and Dad's early this morning to have a coffee and do a few chores for them before the craziness of next week and Dad's op. Still trying not to think about it...

I had a hoot with Ruth last night. She should be at the airport right now. As she's not here right now and she'll be expecting me to say something rude, I'll tell you that she ate a fantastic amount of food at dinner. She barely came up for air. And DRINK! Like a fish!
Seriously, she looked even better than she did last year. It's OBVIOUS that she's under 200 now, and she'd better damned well watch it in BC that she doesn't zoom back up, because to repeat myself, she's looking damned good.
She brought me a piece of peony plus a bunch of other plants, some french beans that taste like heaven, some tomatoes that taste like tomatoes (you know... REAL ones), and some pesto that smells so good I swear I'd be ravished if I dabbed some behind my ear lobes.
I wish you could ALL meet her... other than my dearly departed FIL, I've never met such a devout Christian who could swear so much like a trooper. And she looks so lady-like... and is so intelligent and well-educated...

Must run... love to each and every one of you darling girls...
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Good Morning to all! You know, I almost skipped this thread entirely since I ate the wrong foods last night! No excuses, I just did. Boy am I glad I clicked here...what a possitive reminder Lady of not letting one slip throw me off the beach for good.

Franny, what an awesome reminder of how fragile, and precious life is...we do unfortuneatly take so much for granted until we hear of a tragedy...

I am having my morning coffee and then it's off to find some yard sales....we have a wedding to go to later today and then a party tomorrow (here at our house)...

I hope and pray everyone has a wonderful day today...breathe deeply of the good stuff around you.

live in peace,
stay the course,
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Good morning all, and Happy Saturday.

franny, your job must be so hard sometimes, I'm sure you see a lot of heartbreak and sadness. Thank you for the eloquent reminder that life (and family and friends) is precious, and not to be taken for granted because it can change in a blink of an eye. I will hug my loved ones also, and tell them how much they mean to me. {{{hugs}}} to you too. BTW, you're certainly welcome to start the daily thread, so don't worry about that.

Marcie, inspirational as usual, words to live by. I'm glad your ants have marched on to somewhere else. I hate ants in the house!

Ellis, I'm glad you and Ruth had such a nice time. She sounds like a great person....and so do you! All of the ladies on this board are wonderful, and I think it would be a blast if we could all meet one day, maybe next summer, to celebrate our losses.

Tina, I'm glad you didn't skip the daily thread....never feel like you need to skip it because you didn't stay OP. That's why we're here, to give encouragement and inspiration, and sometimes a kick in the pants if you need that. Besides, you certainly are not the first to "fall off the wagon", and certainly won't be the last either. Just dust the crumbs off your face and keep going, today will be a better day!!

Today is my official weigh-in day. I've been on SBD for three weeks now, and have just finished week 1 of phase 2. This morning the scale was down another 1 1/2 lbs, for a total of 10 pounds lost in three weeks!! I'm very happy with that, and especially happy that I did so well this past week, as I had been very worried about going into phase 2. I ate 1-2 servings of fruit each day (blueberries and apples), and ate yogurt 3 days (on the days that I only had one fruit).

I hope all of you Beach Beauties have a great Saturday.
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Happy Saturday to all
I'm glad to have found this thread. and Twodog, glad to hear your sucess on phase two. I'm starting that today and want to be sure I don't go overboard. 6# gone on Phase one, and I am so looking forward to some fruit. That was the only thing I really missed on Phase 1.

You are all so right about how we need to stop and smell the roses, and take advantage of every moment we have with our loved ones, and we are only promised today. Slips in our plan of eating just shows that we are all humans subject to human frailties. We just have to keep on and not beat ourselves up if we have a bad moment or two here and there.

Thanks for the support I am finding here. Ann
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Very nice post, Franny. Thank you.

Have a great Saturaday everyone. And HUG those family and friends.
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Word to live by. It makes you think doesn't it? I always say I love you everyday just cuz you never know. It makes the giver and receiver feel good.

Franny ~ it must be a very difficult job at times. I will pray for those involved.

Ellis~ so gald you had such fun.

Lady~ glad to hear your ant are gone, I hate insects in the house!

Tina~ Always check in here, even if you don't post I find that reading the other posts often helps. we are all in this together! You aren't gonna do anything that someone here hasn't done already.

Well today I'm off to do a little shopping and a little house cleaning...yuck!!

Still rainy and louzy here but I have sunshine in my heart!!!

Have a Loving day!!!
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Franny ... thank you for the reminder to live each day; what a tragedy (and I must say I was surprised not to see Lady Marcie's post first!!) Somethings make worrying about what we eat seem so trivial ...

Have a nice day at the beach all !!!

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GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! DH is home and I'm so glad!!! I slipped last night.....a LOT of baked pita chips. Well, today is a new day!!


SFlake-Have fun shopping!!!!

Dreamweaver-Good to see you!!

Lizziepie-GOOD GOING!! Fruit tasted SO good when I added it back in, and I'm not even that much of a fruit lover!!!!

2dog-Glad to hear that phase 2 is going so well for you!! I think I may try what you are doing, since it seems like every day that I have a piece of bread I wind up eating something I SHOULDN'T!!!!

Tina-Glad you didn't skip sweetie!! Sometimes checking in is THE thing that gets me back on track!!!! Sounds like you have a fun filled weekend ahead of you.....have a blast!!!

Ellis-Glad to hear that you and Ruth had so much fun!! HEY! Can I have some of that pesto?!? (Cannoli filling would probably work better over here though!!!)

Lady-TOO RIGHT!! Actually, I have found that it is easier to move on when you forgive yourself. When I beat myself up over mistakes I usually wind up eating even MORE!!!

Franny-HOW SAD!! You are absolutely right that we need to appreciate the small things.
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Wink These are for ALL of you.

So Proud of all of Y-O-U!

Lady Marcie
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Thank you Frannie and Lady Marcy for the Inspiration and wonderful words of wisdom. Every day is a God given day and we should see that it is a gift. There is a little engraving I have that is a reminder to me because of some past situations but is true, true, true..

"One should never complain about aging because many are denied the privelage"

I know I have only posted a few times and I look forward to talking with you all at one point. The encouragement on these boards are an answer to prayer. :

1st week of phase one over and I am down 6 lbs! I feel good too. It is nice when you change your WOE that a good helathy feeling can accompany it.

Thank you all for being encouragers. I look forward to posting again soon.

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Don't believe a word that darn Ellis says! I was a perfect lady!

Seriously, we had a lovely evening and the food was excellent and worth a little deviance from the progam. Ellis also fixed my pedometer for me. So far today, I've done only 4163 steps - most of it in airports! I guess I could have walked around the plane for 6 hours but didn't think of it.

Off to Nanaimo on the seaplane tomorrow. Just found out it leaves from downtown Vancouver, not the base near the airport. Duh! I'll have to shuffle my return trip plans. Remind me not to listen to my travel agent who is my grandson Matthew who will be 4 in September!

Have fun on The Beach I promise to do my best but not obsess about food and will clock up more steps on the pedometer this week.
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Happy Saturday to you all. I have been reading your thread all week while I was working out my posting problem. You got me through my first week just by lurking. I would like to join you on this new journey. Frannie, you also just made me give my 17 year old a hug when he came into the room. He thinks mom just lost her mind. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and hopefully laughing on our way to weight loss and health........Julie
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Julie, welcome!! We're very glad to have you join us. And good for you for hugging that 17 year old. We don't do it often enough, do we...
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