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Default Whimsical Wednesday Beach Chat - 08/27/14

Good morning, ladies! Back to work tonight after a wonderful 2 days off. Yesterday was a total treat day for me...I went and grabbed Thai food (couldn't Monday b/c they were closed) and then did lots of shopping. I had planned on getting an industrial piercing, which I've wanted for years, but was unfortunately told that my helix is not prominent enough to anchor the rear piercing. So no industrial for me. To soothe my disappointment I bought myself some leggings and a shirt from Torrid, soap and gel from Lush, some bangle bracelets from the Dollar Tree (at least THAT part was reasonable, right???), and a purse and panties and a pair of knee high boots that ACTUALLY fit over my calves from Avenue. A little overboard??? Oops! Guess that answers the question of what I did w/ my big paycheck, LOL

Lexxiss -
It was DELICIOUS! The place just around the corner from me has a crispy pad Thai where the chicken is breaded, so I had to try it. It was good, but I see no need for the "crispy" when the original is just as good. I ordered the Thai spring rolls, too, and then my pad Thai came out with 2 on the plate! And they gave me a bowl of curry soup (which I had never had before...YUM!). I had a Thai iced tea to drink w/ my meal and, I am ashamed to say, that since it was a cheat meal I had fried ice cream to end my meal. I did bring home more than half of my entree and half of the spring rolls, at least.

Wow, I'm awful wordy. I should hush now. Alright ladies, it's hump day...your week is almost over!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Thanks for cranking us up, Perky Natasha. I'm drooling at the thought of Thai food - the closest to here is 90 minutes away - and I'm pretty sure they aren't open at 5:30 a.m. Maybe I'll just put soy sauce into my smoothie!

Actually slept until 4 this morning! Oh Happy Day! Part of that was relief from stress. At yesterday's Executive Meeting, President Dann offered to do the taxes for me and some of the wind-up paperwork for the grants! Whew! He knows I have my hands full this week - and next month too. I did a four page financial spreadsheet for the meeting which really impressed him. Little did he know that I had been adding to it daily since May and just needed to press PRINT!

Today I am going to try to ignore the Mill stuff and focus on pet therapy and maybe a couple of short training sessions with Miss Millie. She certainly is a Cairn terrier and has decided that there must be mice in this house. There is way too much barking and scurrying around the house on her little black legs. It is the season when mice try to move in for the winter but I've not seen any of their little calling cards - yet!

It's been really hot and humid this week but today looks like a more moderate temp. There has been NO rain since last Friday - what a relief! I am counting on a beautiful fall and think we deserve it after the summer that wasn't! At least the AC wasn't running all the time.

OK - Hump Day and I'm ready to tackle it! What do you have to climb over today?
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*gag* soy sauce in a smoothie! Oh Ruthie, I hope you're not that desperate! I love thai too, but I honestly feel so [email protected] after pad thai I very rarely eat it. Wow Nathasha, I'm not sure I've ever gone on a shopping spree like that (but I'm not a very good shopper). At least the piercer was honest with you!

Glad you could "sleep in" today, Ruth!

My day off was quite busy, and I got a lot done, just no house work! Apparently they were slam busy at work yesterday, so I think I'll pick them up a fruit tart at Wegman's as a thank you (what's this? A food reward?!?). I guess I can say now that it's out (I often refer clients and coworkers here...who knows who's lurking!) that my boss asked me to manage TWO clinics!! WHOOOOAAA! I guess they like me, eh? Such an amazing change from my last location. (I can say too, that I LOVE my new place, but just cant justify my family losing out by me driving 10 hours/week. This allows me to still work there, but only 1-2 days/week!)

I've been doing well food wise, and have dropped 2.5 lbs of water weight. It is SO MUCH easier with the family gone!! The sound of the fruit tart is not even tempting, hopefully it will stay that way.

Everyone enjoy your hump day!

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Good Morning

Thanks for getting us started, Natasha, and thanks for the industrial piercing update. LOL. Your Thai sounded yummy quite handy that it is close. Good for you accomplishing some fun shopping w/ your paycheck.

Ruth, I'm so happy to hear that Dann has offered to take a little bit of the tax work....and glad to hear you slept until 4. Me, too, and I just feel wonderful! LOL at a pup chasing mice!

Tammy, yay for getting so much done and congrats on the offer from your boss! So nice when it all clicks with work!

I haven't had coffee's brewing. Today mom, sis and I head to Boulder (with bikes!). Sis has a meeting and we do lunch, shop and ride. I think I'll head to JoAnn for a look.

Good news-I've had this huge bump on my middle finger right by the nail for 3 years now. Thought it was some kind of arthritis. Watched Dr.OzMonday(I never watch) and they were discussing ganglioncysts. You could self diagnose if you shone a light on it in the dark and it ?glowed, which indicated fluid. Well I did and it glowed and one of the ways to deal with it is bang it and break it so I did. Wow. what relief to know what it is, even if it comes back I won't be so worried.

Karen, I'm sorry to hear you didn't have good news from the hip dr. It sure seems that moving is better than not.

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Good morning!

I'm enjoying sitting here reading your posts and sipping my coffee, and nearly forgot to post, myself! But it IS a bit difficult to post with so much drama going on at my house this morning. Oh my ------- I can't wait for the day we have peace and quiet in the house again. Sigh...........
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Good morning

No drama here Linda. DS spent the night at his friend's house. I slept in until 7:30 ahhhhh

Natasha I don't remember the last time I had a shopping spree for me. Glad you enjoyed yourself

Ruth thankful you are finally getting some help. You really do too much. Nice to see someone step up.

Debbie have fun on your ride. I plan on going again today. What a huge difference with my new cassette and chain. Guess I need to make a maintenance log so I don't go through that again.

Tammy do you refer clients to Wegman's???? lol if so I am sold. Went to one in PA. Told Joe we need to live by one. Loved it. Will you be less hands on and more administrative managing two locations? Glad your commute will be less.

DS and I....oh I mean me....did the majority of his packing an organizing yesterday. WOW is there a lot to pack!!!! Tomorrow I pick up the Uhaul. If my ex goes on Friday I may ask him to drive me back after I drop it off. The location is 7 miles from my house. I may put my bike in the back and pedal home if he chooses not to go. They kick the parents out at 3 so I will be home long before dark.

Pearlrose I am off until Sept 4. I made certain I had enough vacation time to be off when DS leaves. It is going to be a big change. Even when he used to go to his dad's, he was only a mile away. This may take me a little time to adjust.

Have a great day
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Hey ladies, good to see everyone is up and at 'em!!

Not much going on around here today. Probably ought to do some laundry and cleaning since I have to work the next 2 days. Or maybe just kick back and relax one more day!!

My weight has been all over the place this month. (Is this still a diet forum??) I am looking forward to getting back in a regular routine when school starts. After ping ponging up and down all month today I am back to where I started.

Happy hump day!

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Good morning.

Debbie - Ow! I've learned some interesting things from that show.

I'm working this afternoon. That's as far as I've planned my day Not sure if I mentioned that boy sons have now booked their flights home for Thanksgiving and DS1 is bringing his girlfriend. When asked, he said they are "serious enough for now." He's pretty laid back about stuff so I'm not reading too much into this.

Have a great day.
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Hi ladies, a late check in for me. I got up this morning and put my kitchen back together. How do I post a picture? I like the countertops - they really look more like slate - but now, of course, all my accessories in the kitchen need to be changed and I need to repaint the cabinets because the color is all wrong :-). Now I want to thoroughly clean my son's room before we bring him home on Saturday...

Jekel, I sympathize re: letting go of your son. That must be so hard. I'm scared for when it will be my turn.

Cottage, what did I miss? Drama?
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Good morning,

Didn't have time this morning to check in but wanted to stop before some meetings.

Natasha sorry you didn't get the piercing you wanted but glad you had a good shopping retail therapy.

Ruth I watched Geo our cat last evening play with a cricket that found its way inside the house.

Tywnn congrats on the job offer that is great. I am assuming one of the offices is closer to home?

Debbie glad you found out, that is always nice when it turns out to be nothing major

Cottage sorry for Drama around house.

Jekel that is good that you have this time then to also spent some with DS before he leaves.

Beth does school start next Tuesday?

Karen that is nice that they are coming home for Thanksgiving.

Matilda can't wait to see the pics

TOM has arrived hot and heavy, the only good news is I am down 2 lbs. Hopefully the downtrend will continue for the rest of the week to get back on track.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Good evening, ladies!

Ruth - Sorry for the food least I didn't post pictures, right? LOL

Twynn - I wish I felt crappy after Pad Thai so I could resist it easier! But, I've been good...yesterday was the first time I've had it since Christmas Eve, if I remember correctly. And you are right, I'm glad the piercer was honest and gave me other options. None of them were what I want, though. Congratulations on the new work duties!

Lexxis - Oooh, thanks for the the reminder...need to go put a pot of coffee on now! I hate to giggle, but your story of your finger made me think of you having a glowstick for a finger...banging it and breaking it up so it would glow, LOL

Jekel - Aww, it will take some time to adjust, for sure. For him, too!

to everybody else!
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Working on healthy
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Where did this day go?? So glad have a 4 day weekend coming up , 2 camping days and 2 chore days. Now I better head toward bed or I will start out tired again tomorrow.
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