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Default Fabulous Friday on the Beach 3/21

It's going to be 51 degrees here today, isn't that fabulous?!?! Considering we saw that fluffy white stuff falling yesterday (not much, but still), I think it's about as fabulous as it can get!

Today is packed, again...should slow down next week. I have a long meeting in a town 45 minutes away this morning, then work 2-7 this afternoon. And work again tomorrow. That darned paycheck ties me down!

I ate pretty well yesterday, hopefully again today!

Anyone with exciting weekend plans?
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Good morning

Twynn, thanks for getting us started! No exciting weekend plans- just some gardening then back to work on Sunday. Glad you have some warmer weather. It was 67 in Denver yesterday!

I'll work in the yard today and get some inside niggles done, too. We went to DD's sonogram yesterday. She's having a boy this time! Everyone is excited.

Time to head out with the pup. Have a great day everyone!
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Morning ladies! No warmth here today, Tammy, but at least last night's snow stopped. I think we are getting more tonight.

Debbie, a boy, how exciting!!

Hoping for a productive day at work, and it is always nice to see the weekend roll around even if there is nothing special on the agenda. I do think I will go see the school musical tonight (or maybe tomorrow). The kids always do such a great job!

Gotta take my coffee and fly! to all the chicks to follow!
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Good morning!

Tammy, you all had snow yesterday? It's interesting that only two hours away and our weather can be so different. It was mild, but windy here yesterday. I bet you'll be glad to have this busy week behind you!

Debbie, congratulations on your exciting news! When is she due?

Beth, you are so right - I love my weekends, even when nothing is planned. Enjoy the musical. What show are they doing?

I plan to do some cleaning and laundry this morning before going out to lunch with Dad. I'm hoping this sunshine dries up the yard enough so Jake and I can get out there tomorrow and start making plans for the flower beds and garden. It's getting to be time to order our mulch, too. I love spring!
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Come on Spring!
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Good heavens, Linda - I still have 18" of snow on my gardens and my weekend project will be to chip the ice and snow from the side walk. It's crazy! I do have a 12" ice-free path on the back deck so my Jazz can get to the steps and down to the dogyard.

I seem to be in recovery mode with the tooth extraction thing. I took one pain killer last night and slept really well again. My perio called me late yesterday afternoon to hear how I was doing and gave me his cell #, telling me to call anytime I wanted. Today should be a normal day.

I made some soup yesterday from the stock from Monday's corned beef. I thickened it with a can of refried beans and added shredded leftover corned beef and as man veggies as I could chop finely. It's pretty darned good although I miss having crackers or croutons. Weight is actually UP a bit - probably the salty stock.

Time to scoot through the house and tidy as Donna comes today. I'm hoping she's here early again as I have a client coming this afternoon with their tax stuff for me to tackle. Refunds are already trickling in from the ones I did earlier in the month. Mine are done but I owe so won't file until the deadline which is April 30 in Canada.

TGIF to us all. Make your day count!
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Good morning. The nice weather has left here and I think we are back to below normal temps for several days now.

I'm working out with my mom and trainer this morning and have the closing shift again at work tonight. Haven't given a thought yet to what comes in between but might start reading Divergent which I got from the library. DH and I enjoyed the last couple of teen books that got made into movies and this one has been recommended as well.

Seems there is a good chance that my cold might actually be allergies based on what I am allergic to in spring and what the pollen counts have been. Either way, sniffle, sniffle. The scratchy throat is the worst part because it makes me want to eat to have something soothing.

Have a great day.
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Good morning,

It is going to be a fabulous day here as well it supposed to reach 70 degrees today, I actually went running outside this morning, still a bit chilly for me but I threw a sweatshirt on. Tomorrow temps will drop by atleast 20 degrees for the rest of the weekend. My cable is fixed so that is one thing done.

Debbie congratulations and when is she due?

Ruth glad you seem to be recovering well, that's a lot of ice and snow to clear out.

Karen I think that is what might be kicking in for me because a cold would not come and go and that is what my symptoms are doing and some of the counts have been high.

to everyone else.

Enjoy your Friday!
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Just a quick fly-by

Boss called with a schedule change & must get ready for work in a few. Probably will do a hot tub soak after work & maybe a couple beers. No exciting plans otherwise.

Lexxis how exciting to have a boy grandbaby on the way.

Karen my allergies are acting up too..Claritin season now that the wild mustard is blooming here.

Glad to hear everyone is gardening. I need to get online with Sunset & help Mark pick some shrubs for a problem spot in his yard. Oh well one of these days.

Enjoy Friday everyone!

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Working on healthy
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Just a fly by today. The sun is finally coming out, now that it's the end of the day. It was disappointingly cool today but mud season is here with a vengeance anyway.

Ruth - glad you are doing so well. that soup sounds pretty good!

Off to get ready for dinner. Our favorite little coffee shop is experimenting with a dinner on gallery walk Fridays. they have just three tables and do staggered seatings. Each month is a theme, this one in Indian. I can't wait to see how it is. The place smelled amazing this afternoon when we stopped for coffee.

I'll be back on a normal schedule this weekend. It's Tim's work weekend so lots of cleaning and chores and cooking. For now it's Friday night and we are going out
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Started out the day with snow on our way to Delhi. DS got up with no problem and slept most of the way. Very informative and exciting day. I did get a little weepy during a parent seminar. I am having dinner next month with my GFs from college and now my baby is going!!! I am so happy for him, but really where did the last 18 years go????

Debbie don't let your grandson grow up too quickly Congratulations!!! When ishe expected to make his arrival?

Ruth glad to hear you are coming along.

Cyndi enjoy dinner

Best wishes to everyone.

Having a strawberry, PB, chia seed, Greek yogurt, almond milk smoothie. Not really hungry for "real dinner." Laundry going, then will catch up with my DVR while peddaling. It is so nice getting stuff done before going back to work tomorrow.
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