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Default Thrilling Tuesday Beach Chat 3/18

Good morning I am thrilled it is the day after St. Patrick's Day. I dread working on the holiday as the part goers really ruin it for everyone else. Before 8 am we were dealing with drunks and stoned kids. Entire train cars packed with them sitting on the luggage racks. I reeked of marihuana and alcohol by the time I got home last night. We were forced to stay another three hours after our tour ended. going to the gastro doc today sounds like way more fun lol

So how is everyone today????

oops looks like you cannot edit titles

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Working on healthy
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Is that what you were looking for?

Good morning Another cold and busy morning but a fun day ahead. I will see some old friends so it will be a busy, enjoyable day.

I'm fighting a little sadness this morning. A good friend who lives way up in the freezing, snowy Canadian northwest lost everything in a fire the day before yesterday, including her beloved dogs. She was a friend of Julie and I, and she was the person I sold all the camera equipment to. She is extra sad about losing that camera. I was too, briefly, but I am so glad that she is okay, that she is still here and another camera will find its way into her hands. It gave me so much peace and joy to know that camera was in her hands. So hard to explain but another reminder that we attach to things when the really important thing is the people and animals we love. One thing about my job, I spend so much time in my car that there is lots of time to think. Today I will think about how grateful I am that she is okay, how glad I was to send her that camera, how lucky I am to have known and know so many amazing people.

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Cyndi, I think the title of the thread needs to be changed to "chat" rather than "a hat."

Good morning!

Jennifer, I was thinking of you all weekend and wondering how much you had to deal with the party revelers. You all should be paid double wages for the day! Good luck at the gastro today.

Same ole, same ole here, but at least it's not snowing. We were lucky and only got about 2" which stayed to the grassy areas. Not far from us they were getting 5" or more!

How many days til spring?
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Come on Spring!
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Sure sounds awful, Jennifer. They must have started the celebrations at a minute after midnight on the 16th. You are right - the gastro sounds like more fun.

Had a great St Patrick's Day dinner last night and have lots of leftovers. I see corned beef sammies in my future. I have frozen the meat though because I will be on soft food for two weeks while my implant heals. Sure wish I liked smoothies better!

Today was supposed to be free but I forgot it's Good Food Box packing day which will take up most of the morning. I also have a bride coming to sign a rental contract and need to run into town to pick up something and gas up my car. (Running out of gas on the 401 is not a good way to get out of a dental appointment.)

Lovely sunrise just now. I hope it means a snow-free day!

Whatever you do today, try to make it a Thrilling Tuesday. ;
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Good morning chicks!

Sweet post, Cyndi - you are so right. Sometimes objects become too important to us and we forget the irreplaceables. I'm glad your friend is okay.

Gotta keep going - have ground beef on stove for chili and tacos later in the week, and making my egg foo young - the animals are all looking at me wondering why their tummies aren't full yet (except the old senile cat, who's grooming my terrier's crazy hair cute!).

Looonnnng day today. Tomorrow too...This whole week is packed!
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Good morning.

Beth - I've never tried it in the microwave. Thanks for the tip.

Jennifer - Hope the appointment goes well and you get answers. Every time I've seen one he's said "take a fiber supplement."

Cyndi - So sad.

Linda - Woo hoo for less snow! Maybe that will be the last of it.

Ruth - Refried beans from the recipe section?

Tammy - Busy. Good for you being prepped with food already.

I'm supposed to see this gal about my pinched nerve again, who I saw for the first time a week ago. I'm pretty sure her unusual treatment won't work for me but said I'd give it one more session. DH is taking his mom to an appointment so I see a nap in my future when I have the house to myself.

I'm starting to figure out what food to take for my road trip next week. I'd gotten pretty good at packing OP stuff, including meals for the car so I didn't have to buy fast food, but it is much more complicated now being gluten-free. No more easy sandwiches for the road or high fiber cereal for travel breakfasts.

Have a great day.
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Good morning,

Jekel it sounds like an awful day for you yesterday. Hope today goes better at the doctor

Cyndi so sorry to hear about your friend's loss glad she is okay though

Cottage I think it is 2 more days til Spring we are starting to see it here

Ruth sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you.

Tywnn hope you days go by quickly

Karen hope that person can help with your pinched nerve.

I did not get home from work last night until 9:30 p.m. we had an event at work not a good way to start your week. Then on the way home the highway was closed off and so were the back roads due to a fatal accident. I had to cut across the Air Force Base to get to a different highway and then they were battling a brush fire on that side. Made for a long trip home.

Today is a new day, I am wfh and will get to watch the lovely day we are having today.

Have a great day everyone!
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Hi all - checking in again here with a desire to monitor my food better! It's good to see old friends...Cindy, I did not know you got married - congratulations! I did not party yesterday - I usually do on St. Paddy's Day, but I gave up alcohol Mon-Thurs. for Lent and am sticking to it!
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Evening ladies, just wanted to stop by and let you know I am here. I can read but not post at work and somehow after work the afternoon/evening escaped me with chores. We enjoyed some sun and above-freezing temperatures today; I'm sure the sap was running! Looks like the next couple days will be rainy and a little warmer.

Jennifer, your day sounds awful. Was today any better?

Cyndi, it's all too easy to lose track of what is important, isn't it?

Karen, I read the squash tip in one of the recipes on this site. Works great.

Cottage, the calendar says 2 days until spring but Mother Nature seems to be having an affair with Old Man Winter around right now!!

Have a great night, everyone.

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