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Default Monday Beach Chat, 3/10

I'm handing out coffee on this dark, pre-dawn morning. It sure is dark out there, but I really enjoyed that extra hour of dayllight last evening.

I'm feeling a bit better this morning and am glad I took it easy over the weekend to get rid of this cold. Mondays are always my busiest day at the farm. It should be a fun week with us getting the hay loft ready for Audrey's birthday party. She wants an old-fashioned hoedown with country line-dancing, bull roping, and the works. I'm going to miss the actual party, though, since I'll be walking in Sunday's St. Patrick's Day Parade with Carley and her Irish dance troop.

OK, time to get on with the day!
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Come on Spring!
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Faith and begorra! 'Tis the feast of the blessed Saint next week! So hard to believe we'll be past mid month in a week. Glad you are feeling better, dear Linda!

We got another dump of snow! About 6" this time. Even Richard the ploughing dude is getting fed up with this. We go back into below freezing temps by Wednesday so it won't melt much. I wondered why the birds were really fueling up yesterday and almost emptied the feeder. Refilling it is first on the To Do list this morning - when it gets light!

Jazz is on a hunger strike - my dogs have always mourned when one of them departs. This morning he had cooked chicken breast since kibble or canned dog food no longer cut it with the little Russian prince. Caviar and champagne next? I know i should give him just the usual but I feel sorry for him. Lots of lap cuddling is needed.

Not sure what the day will bring although I do have a phone conference with the periodontist re this tooth removal and implant. I'd like to get the whole thing over with tomorrow but doubt it can be done that fast. Nice that he is doing it over the phone - wonder if he'll ding me for an appointment.

Tonight some friends are dropping in with wine and chocolate for a Disney Celebration of Life. I'll resist the chocolate but the wine and company will be welcome. Strange to do this on a Monday night but it is the March school break and two of them are teachers.

It's getting brighter out there and I must clear off the back porch for my cat freeloaders who have already ploughed through the snow to check out the dish which was buried under the darn stuff.

On with the day - whatever it brings. Hope yours is a good one - good as possible for a Monday/Moanday.
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Good Morning

I've been plugging at paperwork now time to get ready for real work.

Happy Moanday everyone!
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Just stopped in to say hi!

It's another Monday/Moanday and I'm trying not to moan about the weather....we have more daylight now but it will allow me to better see the storm coming midweek.

Other than that, it's just another busy day of work and chores. Trying to get back OP after a few weekend slip-ups.

Have a great day, chicks!

eta: I was thinking of adding a ticker to keep me honest but the link doesn't seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong?

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Good morning or rather good afternoon chicks!

Is it just me or is DST really messing with anyone's energy here?? I got up a full hour later than normal. And yesterday about 6 or 7PM my energy just went BYE. Spent a nice day yesterday having brunch out & going to a botanical garden after church so that shouldn't have killed me

Cottage: Your party sounds like fun.

Ruth: Poor Jazz. I don't think I ever knew any of our other dogs to go on hunger strikes...hmm I must've had some rotten dogs.

Beth...Don't worry I can never load the tickers either.

Happy Moanday everyone.
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Good morning, ladies. Hope everyone is doing well.

Things have been hectic around here, but I did finally graduate from the State 911 Academy this past Friday.

Unfortunately for me, on Tuesday I wrecked my car on the way to class. I didn't realize until after speaking to my claims adjuster that collision coverage didn't carry over when I changed my coverage (2 months ago, for the record) to Massachusetts. Yeah...FML is right. $2,731 in repairs. I don't have it right now, so I'll be driving her the way she is until I save up. I've got a large chunk of it, just not all of it.

I haven't been on much. I've been focusing on me. Getting into the swing of things for work and getting out on the dating scene. I hope everyone is well!
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Good afternoon!

I've been to the gym and am getting ready to run several errands, taking advantage of a beautiful day. I work the closing shift tonight. DH is heading to his mom's where he plans to spend the nights all week, coming home for part of each day to exercise and get fresh clothes. She's having some health issues and didn't seem to react well to a medication dosage change so he's going to keep an eye on her. My goal is to take advantage of his (mostly) being gone to get in a few days of PH1. I need a re-motivation and re-de-craving.

Have a great day.
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Good afternoon!

Beautiful day here...this morning I went to the gym came home took a shower and I been in my desk doing bills and checking emails since then. Got love Mondays LOL.
Getting ready to fetch the kids at school and then home to cook, homework, and do laundry.

Linda- Glad you are feeling better. The party does sounds like fun.

Ruth- I hope Jazz goes back to his normal soon. My dog usually goes on hunger strike when I'm not time I went to visit my mom for a month and he didn't eat anything for a few days or drink. My husband had to force him to drink water. After a week he started to eat just a little and only if my son will feed him out of his hand.

Beth- I had the same problem. I wonder if we can export one from another site?

Pearlygirly- I have the same problem the first two days after the time changes.

Natasha- congrats on your graduation. Sorry to hear about your car.

Karen- good luck with PH1. I'm still in PH1 and I'm really enjoying it.
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I am so tired I forgot to check in here this morning.

I did not sleep well at all last night.

Sorry I can't do personals as I have a meeting in a couple of minutes but glad to hear everyone seems to been doing well.

Natasha congrats on passing but sorry to hear about your car that stinks.
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Working on healthy
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The time change is killing me. Well, that and the intense work ramp up. Happily I'm taking next Thursday off and most of the week after. I'm grateful for days I have to take off by the end of March

Storm heading here too and it's the day I have to be at the capital. Fun times

Now to make dinner and get on the bike. Exercise should improve my attitude
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