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Default March Madness Monday Chatter, 3/3

I'm looking out the window at the snowmageddon that didn't happen. I'll be surprised if we even get 3" out of this, although we're still in the 4-6" range.

Schools are either closed or opening late, mostly due to the ice, and I'm not sure whether I'm going to venture out or not. I'll give it a couple hours and access the situation then. Meanwhile, I have my coffee and am thinking about putting together a pot of split pea soup for lunch.

Ruth, how is Miss Disney doing this morning?
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We got ohhhh, maybe 1/8"?!? LOL! That's what they get for forecasting it 5 days in advance. We laugh all the time that accuweather is based here, and never get it right here. My boss teased a client that works there that she wasn't sure she could help him .

Monday, Monday. Supposed to be a 9-2 day, but the boss is on her way back from New Orleans, and decided to take an extra day, since there really is a storm somewhere, so I'm covering for her tonight. I'm hoping it's not too busy. Gratefully, I have Friday off to start my break! WOOOO HOOOO!

Off to make moroccan tangine....

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning I'm so happy the storm decided to skip us this time. I'm not even sure where we would put more snow! It's still cold, cold, cold though and everyone is out of pellets. I'll be back on the phone looking for more today.

Cottage - Enjoy your slow start this morning. I love having time to put soup on, makes the whole day better.

Twynn - Hooray for breaks! Going somewhere or relaxing at home?

Ruth - thinking about you and Disney this morning

It's a slow start to busy week again. I think every week until my vacation the end of the month will be like this, probably every week until the session ends in May. Last week I put in 46 hours, not so good for 80% I'm going to try for more balance this week

Time to jump in the shower and get moving. Hope your Monday is smooth sailing
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Come on Spring!
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Wow, Tammy and Linda are both cooking yummy stuff. That's a nice way to start the day.

Disney seems to be feeling better today and also able to get around better. We may be over the crisis but I am still getting the bloodwork done tomorrow when Leslie, my friend and favourite vet is on duty. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras which may be auspicious for my New Orleans furry.

Off to quilting biddies this morning. My afternoon finance meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday but I'll not mention that and will be able to escape the silly gossiping that happens over lunch. I hate gossip, especially if I don't know the people.

It's going to continue very cold here, not going up to the melting point until mid-month but snow does melt when it's sunny so there's hope. I know my wee snowdrops are under the pile at the corner of the porch and may just clear of a bit of their snow and ice and whisper "Wakey! Wakey! It's Spring!" on March 21.

Have a good Monday to start this first week of the crazy month - "Mad as a March hare" in a fun way.

Edited to add a big wave to Cindi and a cup of Paul Newman to start your week.
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Good morning.

Our snow was less than expected too but we got a few inches and we hit a record for the coldest "high" in March. Schools are all cancelled today because of the temps so my trainer is staying home with her girls and we'll workout tomorrow instead.

I'm off to choose a spaghetti squash recipe since I have one in my pantry but will need to venture out to buy the other ingredients. I'm sure.

Have a great day.

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Good morning!

Sorry I was MIA this weekend. We pulled out of the project late Friday and had a celebratory dinner. Then I had to jump right into a five days straight at the restaurant on Saturday morning. I've been taking time every morning to unload stuff from the car and get things put away. I'm still at it but things are shaping up.
Well I better get cracking. Kirk is making smoothies then I need to head out the door.
Ruth, I'm glad Disney is feeling a little bit better.

Take care everyone and happy Monday!
Debbie R

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Good morning,

We did not get as much as predicted either but we did get about an inch of ice with about an inch of snow over it. They cancelled schools and I am working from home don't feel like driving on ice if I don't have to.

Sounds like everyone is doing as well as can be expected for a Monday lol.

I need to run and get my report ready for 8 a.m. call

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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No snow here at all!!!! I could have stated home yesterday afterall. That's Ok, even though I do not sleep soundly at his house. He is in getting his scopes done. I did feel guilty eating dinner without him. I skipped breakfast (totally something I never do) and opted for a Greek yogurt at the hospital. I promised we would go out for a big breakfast if he is up to it.

Turned down overtime for next week. Joe and I are going to PA to look at fixtures, cabinets etc for the house. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather

Happy Monday

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Hey ladies, just a quick evening check in. Check off the first Monday in March; we are inching toward spring! I stopped on the way home and bought a bulb dish garden: there's daffodils, an iris, a couple tulips and hyacinths. They are mostly in bud. I would have been okay with just sprouts to watch but these will be flowers soon. Very cheery.

No snow here, just a sub-zero morning and looking at another cold night. Brrr.

Ruth, glad Disney had a good day.
Tammy and Linda, hope your recipes turned out tasty.
Debbie, sounds like the projects are in the home stretch.

Hope all the other chicks had a great day.
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