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Default Thursday 2/27 Daily Chat

Good morning chicks! Somehow I had a minute to check in this morning before work. Maybe the early daylight is motivating me a bit? I see some others on here currently but I know those awesome moderators will merge threads if need be. (particularly if someone else has a snappier title)

Another run of the mill day at work. I've got my coffee and am almost ready to go. I need to call and get a hair appointment in the next day or two. Somehow I always procrastinate making the time.

It's cold again this morning, snow is in the forecast, blah blah blah. I really need to stop complaining about the weather but at this time of year it's de rigueur....

Hope everyone has a great and OP day!
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Ahhh, yes, Beth, the weather is supposed to get bad again. Not happy about it, since DH needs to travel to NC with my daughter. They may just come back later than planned, since they're mostly major roads. I hate coming up with the thread title! (although I'd love to figure out more thread titles with music....anyone? anyone?)

I did miss exercise yesterday (LOL...a client called and said her cat ate a lego piece...a frying pan...), but convinced myself to get up this AM. I didn't feel great, and almost skipped it, but it wound up being one of my best runs. Figures!

Today is a long day of work, and that's about all. Woot. Woot.
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Good morning, Beth, and it's hard not to complain about this winter, isn't it? We got another 2" of the stuff yesterday, snow showers are expected all day today, and significant snowstorm is predicted for the first several days of next week.

I'm dressed in my oldest jeans and a sweatshirt for dirty work. I'm going to help Cindy clean the tack room in the barn to get it ready for a filming crew who's coming next week to film a new apparatus for drying horse blankets. It's going to be chilly in there so I'm bringing a thermos of coffee along with me!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Early Chicks. It's now official - this is the coldest winter here in 20 years. I thought it was just the old lady in my head that was complaining but she was right! Right now we are having a blizzard and I'm darned glad I put the car in the barn for the night.

Got lots done yesterday along with pet therapy and a drugstore trip. Even had time to take Jazz into the pharmacy for a visit with Akop the Russian pharmacist who loves talking to Jazz in Russian. He asked Jazz if he had watched the Olympics - I got that much out of the conversation. Too funny!

Donna is supposed to come today. Between having a cold and breaking her big toe, she has not been here much. She will bring along wee Lulu which will be nice for Jazz. Disney is very lethargic and not into playing these days. She sleeps almost all the time but does eat, do potty outside and bark if someone is at the door - winter has been hard on her.

Yippee! The Pampered Chef party was just canceled so I can go to the Burning Books event tomorrow. Book club is Saturday night so this will be a literary weekend.

Time for another coffee and to feed Major Tom. Poor guy is really feeling the cold. I am strongly resisting letting him in!

Here's a n appetizer for Spring.
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I'll complain about the weather! Actually, today is just cold; Friday thru Sunday there are all sorts of precipitation forecasts from freezing rain to snow.

Our house guests leave today. DH is going to make gluten-free banana pancakes this morning (from a mix and he uses mashed banana instead of eggs). I think that after that meal, or after today, I will revisit a PH 1.5 for a bit to get away from all these GF grains. I'm still up just a few pounds since starting this in mid-January.

I've got a dental cleaning today. I hate even those minor appointments.

Have a great day, chicks.
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Good morning,

Beth I will join you in the complaining lol we have bad weather for this weekend predicted and it's cold yuck

Tywnn I hope your DH and DD have safe travels

Cottage stay warm out there in the barn

Ruth thanks for the pretty picture can't wait

Karen I am trying to stay away from grains and it seems to be helping move the scale.

My eye check went well haven't gotten blinder so that is good. Ordered more contacts and went on my way. Hit up Trader Joe's after work and stocked up. Today is just meeting after meeting sigh so glad I book wfh for Fridays or I would never get the rest of my work done.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning Ladies,

Seems everyone on the east coast is sick to death of the cold. I don't blame you.

Ruth thanks for the cheery, sunny pic.

We finally had a decent rain storm yesterday & it was enough to wilt our daffodils but thats Ok we sorely need the rain. Also we have gophers & it seems the rain washed out their hole (we had tried to plug) all over the patio. So I have sweeping to do lest the dog track dirt all over the house. OT does anyone here know of a non-toxic way to get rid of gophers? We can't use the poison in the backyard because of the dog but they have been tunneling thru our lawn lately.

A few errands on calendar & then I'm having dinner with my buddy Mark. Supposedly he is grilling steaks..........yummmmmmmm.

Happy Thursday Everyone,

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No complaints here at all Joe came down last night for an impromptu date. Very nice surprise since I have not had much free time this month. I ordered two new pair of uniform pants. Took a huge chance and ordered two sizes smaller. When I opened them my first thought was the waist is so tiny!!!! Well thanks to SB and my own determination I am wearing them whoo hoo!!!!! However they forgot to hem them. Oops no one can tell, but I will hem them when I am off. I definitely have to keep my weight in check because they are just the right size
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