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Default Foggy Friday on The Beach SBD Chat 2/21

We have a white-out here this morning, but thank goodness it's only fog, not snow. We're not supposed to get any more of that until next week.

I had a scary incident yesterday afternoon when a deer ran out in front of me and crashed into the front right side of my car, doing a lot of damage. I had Maggie with me, and thank God neither of us was hurt, but I can't say the same about the poor deer. It got up and limped away into the woods. It makes me sick to look at my car, but at least it can be fixed, and I'm very thankful that no one was hurt. So I'm going to the auto-body shop this morning to get an estimate, and I have an appointment with my claims adjuster on Monday. I'm glad they consider this a no-fault accident!

I'm planning to make the Cauliflower Crust Calzone for supper today. Cyndi, have you made it yet? Any suggestions or comments?
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Thank goodness you're okay Cottage!! (and Maggie too) DH said he had two jump out in front of him the other day as well. I've got a bit of a paranoia of hitting them, gratefully I haven't in a while. So sorry about your car (but I think it's cheaper to hit them then the ditch!)

I have work 2-7 today, so this morning I plan on getting a lot of niggles done and some exercise with the pup. The allrecipes.com recipe of the day looks delish (fish italiano or something like that), might make that tonight. DH said we need to eat away (HA!) at the food in the freezer, and we have some haddock in there.

Excitement abounds here!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Come on Spring!
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TwynnB, my place is just as exciting. Disney is on her chair but Jazz turned his nose up at his kibble and has gone back to bed - my bed!

Linda, whew! Just whew! I've had many narrow misses with deer but have never hit one.

We are getting rain, rain, rain all day which will melt the snow down a bit more. Then we go back to normal winter weather at least until mid-March. I bought myself some tulips yesterday - a bargain since the buyer thought Valentine's Day was this Friday, not last, and ordered accordingly. I wonder of he/she still has the job.

Planning a quiet day today although I should go to The Falls and pick up my wine. It's been a very stressful week with Mill stuff - not accounting but knotted knickers and folks in snits. It's complicated but people should take a deep breath before they send off shirty emails!

TGIF, I think.
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Good Morning

Wow! Linda, I am glad you weren't hurt. It's sure a blessing when you know things could have been far worse.

everyone else!

I'm going to head up to the project for 1 1/2 hours and get some stuff done before the crew shows....I'll come back for my smoothie inbetween. I need some peace and quiet to do some evalutating and reorganizing.

Happy Friday everyone!
Debbie R

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Good morning.

Linda - Scary! Glad you are okay.

I'd like to hear about the cauliflower calzone too. Just got a post in my reader today about a cauliflower "hot pocket" and have been looking at one for cauliflower enchiladas. I never had much success with the pizza crust though.

Off to the gym for me today then a quick stop by Sprouts on the way home. I'm working this afternoon. Still getting through leftovers here this week which makes life easy and the ones I have are yummy. Will have to break down and cook again tomorrow, I guess

Enjoy your day.

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Good morning,

Cottage so glad you and Maggie are okay, I have had many narrow misses but have never hit one but am always scared when I drive at dusk or dark.

Tywnn and Ruth enjoy your days

Debbie today is day 3 for green smoothies for me loving them.

Karen I am going to have to look that store up and see if they have one in St. Louis

Today is wfh, going to Physical Therapy in just a bit and then DH and I are going to the movies tonight. I am down 4 lbs this week so feel like I am back on track again.

Have a wonderful Friday!
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Good rainy morning! We are also getting some melt today but that gray sky is depressing! trying to motivate myself to do my indoor chores today so that maybe tomorrow I can go outside.

Cottage, I hit a deer several years ago and I remember how scary it was! I am glad you are ok but it's amazing how much car damage 1 animal can cause.

Tammy, DH cannot resist a meat sale and my freezer is stuffed! I told him he is not cleared to buy any more until we make some room. I have a list of the oldest items and have been trying to brainstorm ideas using those ingredients. Probably doesn't help that we often shop at BJs where everything is packaged in jumbo sizes!!

Pearl, congrats on the week's weight loss! I have been feeling like I should examine my snacking; I think my meals are OP but snacking is my pitfall.

Ok, I am going to get at it- have a great day everyone!
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Cottage...That's scary about the deer but glad you are OK. We have that happen a lot here too with deer suddenly crossing the road. Deer aren't the brightest of creatures

Everyone else enjoy your rain & your Friday.

I work at 3; pouring wine in a market over on the coast. Probably a late night of leftovers for me.
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Working on healthy
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Hello Chicks It's my weekend and we are taking full advantage of the day by sleeping late and starting slow. Of course our driveway is all ice so we can't go anywhere even if we want to

Cottage - I am so glad you and Maggie are okay. That's so scary!
Yes, I made the calzones. They were very tasty but not as pretty as the picture. I want to play with the recipe more. I made the mistake of adding too many fillings so they didn't fold or seal well. Can't wait to hear how yours turn out. I'm making cauliflower crust pizza tonight

Twynn - I'll have to check that recipes out. I'm always looking for new ways to cook fish. I've been working out of the freezer and pantry here too. It's a nice post holiday budgeting trick

Ruth - It's much to easy to hit send without thinking. Sounds like a good day to go get your wine!

Debbie - Hope you get some quiet time

Karen - The cauliflower calzone is basically the pizza folded in half

Rose - What are you going to see? Congratulations on the 4 lbs

Beth - Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, get those chores done today It is gloomy and gray here too, but I guess it's better for the melting to be a little slower.

pearlygirly - happy pouring I love leftovers

Okay, time to do something productive, maybe laundry. Then we will attempt to escape so we can get more salt for the driveway and cheese for the pizza.
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Evening everyone

Linda so glad you and Maggie are a OK

Pearlrose kudos on layout weightloss

Karen I cooked one day and have been eating from the freezer for almost two weeks. I think I can stretch it one more week.

Worked today and again tomorrow. Time for some nuts and then bed

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