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Come on Spring!
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Default Thoughts of Spring. Beach Chat for Feb. 20

Good morning, Sleepyheads, Opened to door to the deck a few minutes ago and wondered what the smell was. It took me a few minutes to recognize the aroma of skunk! I guess FiFi LePew woke up and decided to venture out. I hope she didn't get knocked off on the highway that runs through town.

Yesterday's above freezing temps DID melt down the snow a bit but the drift on the deck is still 4' tall. Maybe it'll shrink a bit today as we are being blessed with 38F, then a day of rain and a day of wind before we zoom back down to below normal temps. At least some of the white blanket will get thinner.

Tackled a lot of different things yesterday - one of those days when you work all day but never seem to complete stuff. I did get the T4's ready to mail out to staff and will feel good to have that off my desk. Soon I'll be able to start taxes. Yippee - NOT!! In the meantime, I'll enjoy seeing a pristine desk.

So on we go with Thursday. Enjoy the melt if you are in it and watch for robins. (Nearly time to start watching the hummingbird migration maps.)

Enough dreaming, Ruthie, and you are NOT staying in your jammies this morning!
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Good morning Well I thought we had several days of warm temps ahead but it looks like we will get more snow mixed with ice tonight, lucky us. Yesterday I got caught in a surprise snow burst while out driving, 1-3 ended up being more like 6". I know I need to stop whining about this winter but it really is starting to wear me down. Ah well, not much (well nothing really) I can do about it.

One more work day for me then tomorrow will be a slug day around here. The weather looks just yucky so we are going to have a movie marathon, do some Wii dancing, and make cauliflower crust pizza. First we have to get through work today Now to decide what that looks like
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Good morning! I had to wait til everybody here left before I could post without getting interrupted this morning.

Ruth, there's been a funky smell in the air often around here, too. The skunks must be tuning up for Spring.

After yesterday's big bag of mixed tricks, we're having The Big Meltdown today. Right now, though, there's a lot of black ice out there, so I'm holding off before I get out on the roads. It's going to be a slow day, today, anyway, and I'm going to be pressed to find things to keep me busy. Maybe I'll rent a carpet machine and shampoo the carpets in the girls' bedrooms to give me something to do.

My DD emailed me info about a great deal that Frontier Airlines is having right now, and we booked our flight to visit my DGD in Wisconsin the first week in August. We were able to get 3 tickets for less than the usual cost for 1 round trip ticket. Whoohoo!!!!

OK, I'd better get my salad and yogurt packed for my lunch and get ready to go. Have a great day!
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Good morning chicks. Ruth and Cyndi, I watched some Wild Alaska show while on the treadmill this AM, I think they had...8 ft of snow? I remember them saying 30" in the past day. Ours isn't *too* bad, eh? Of course, they showed all the problems with moose and grizzlies as well.

I must admit, getting on the treadmill first thing certainly puts me in a better mood. I really didn't want to this AM (first time needing to since last week), but felt better by the end. My legs are still a bit sore from running in the snow Monday, so I didn't push it.

Today is just a long day of work. My last two days have been really slow, I wonder if I have to really work today?!
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Oh, and we had fresh skunk smell walking out of our study last night. Something is waking them up!
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Good Morning

I'm off to meet the carpet installer....smoothie first. Hope you chickies get some melting action. We're cold here but nothing exciting at our elevation. 17 miles west and 4000' higher they're getting hammered. It's a good thing I don't have plans to head over to the hot springs.

Happy Thursday!
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Good morning,

What is with all the skunks smells glad I have not smelled here yet. We are supposed to hit 60 degrees today and then we get cold again. Just a tiny bit of snow left but the ground is one soggy mess.

Ruth glad you got your desk cleared off.

Cyndi I hope you get some relief soon from the snow

Cottage enjoy your day

Tywnn I always feel better after working out first thing in the morning and it gets me going

Debbie hope you get lots accomplished today.

I changed my Physical Therapy appointment from today to tomorrow since I am doing wfh quicker drive that way. I need to schedule my car for oil change and tire rotation and to get a squeaky belt checked out.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Morning everyone! I can already call it a productive day since I just got back from getting my oil changed and tires rotated. I also stopped by the store to pick up an eggplant; meatball casserole is probably in my near future.

Yesterday was warm but dreary however right now we are having a few minutes of sun. We should get some more melt today as well, but the long-range forecast has sub-zero lows next week. Cyndi, I agree with you: at this time of year I am always ready for spring.

Not sure what is on the agenda today. Probably refill the woodrack, do some laundry and maybe a little cleaning.

And just for the record: y'all can keep your skunks!! That is one part of warm weather I am not anxious for.

Ok,time to refill the coffee cup and see what is up for the day.
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Good morning. We've got some rain into snow coming today but not supposed to be too bad. DH and I are heading to Costco this morning and this afternoon I am taking a senior friend to a doctor's appointment. Will hop on the bike in between.

Have a great day.
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Good morning Everyone!!

Got so busy with running around yesterday, I hardly popped on the computer. Today is an at home day for laundry, bills etc.

Sorry for all those that are dealing with skunks. I guess they hibernate like bears do We don't have them in our immediate neighborhood thank goodness but if you drive just a couple miles it's not uncommon to run into them (and their odor)on the more rural highways en route to the coast, the wineries or even on our major highway.

As for birds, our hummingbirds seem to have woken up & with a major appetite in the last week or so. We put out food I think on Monday, I looked out yesterday & the feeder must've been almost bone dry already because 1 little bird was sucking for dear life on it. Guess making up more sugar water/ nectar is on the list today too.

Well everyone enjoy your melt and respite from the freezing temps, etc. I was watching the news last night & they were giving snowfall totals for some major cities last night and I thought to myself good grief that's bad when the snowfalls are higher than I am tall

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.

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