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Come on Spring!
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Talking Tuesday in the Snow - Feb. 18

Yup! Tuesday and more snow as predicted - looks like we got about 5" overnight and it's supposed to keep going today and tomorrow. So discouraging! However I am grateful to have Richard to plough me out so regularly - and that I can afford to pay him!

Today, despite the weather, I have to go out to do The Good Food Box as Claire can't make it. I am hoping for some "interesting" veggies but am pretty sure it'll be boring winter veggies. I just don't get excited over cabbage and celery but am hoping for mushrooms.

This afternoon I will try to get to the Bank in Seeley's Bay to sign some investment papers. Was supposed to go Friday but I had to cancel because of the weather. Yesterday they were closed because of Family Day. Seems to me my life is controlled by the weather lately!

The rest of the day will be same old stuff. I am still drowning in paperwork and would rather be quilting.

How are things "by youse" as they say in Delta?
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Yep Ruthie, our school was just called off, since it will be snowing until noon. Thing is, there's not that much snow out there (1-2"?). I don't remember our bus drivers not driving in that little snow when I was younger, but...

Gratefully, i have no morning appointments so I can stay home with kiddos. I suppose I could clean out the fridge, it desperately needs it.

Ruth, did you see the recipe for cabbage I posted in the what's for dinner thread?
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Morning ladies! I am back from a quick trip downstate to see DS1 at college. I won't mention the food porn I ate which traveling; the scale was UGLY this morning. I am blaming it on water and TOM. Hopefully a few days OP will help but we will see. Maybe I need to join Rivergirl in the OP thread.

A little light snow here and the long range forecast looks yucky. Not much on my to do list today except chores.

Tammy, hope the kids enjoy the day off and remember it when they miss a day later to make it up!
Ruth, drive safely and hope you get your errands done.

to all the other chicks to come!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Snow heading here again too, just 3-6" this time. It's supposed to warm up the rest of the week so it should be a muddy mess by the weekend. Schools are closed for vacation week so it's hard to tell how slippery it is out there. I'm taking my time heading out, just in case.

Ruth - Those Good Food Boxes are such a great idea. We have a local Buying Club which is similar but all local so never any mushrooms OTOH I can get Grafton Cheese ends for cooking so not a bad trade.

Tammy - I would be happy to send you some of our snow. It's hard to drive around here the banks are so high.

Just another day at work today. Tonight is a second shift night for Tim so a baking night for me. I am not sure what I'll be making yet, maybe paleo cinnamon bread recipe I just found, probably something cookie like for his lunch box. It keeps me busy and warms the house enough to turn the stove off and clean it

Now to work

ETA - good morning Beth

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Just swallowed my tea the wrong way. Aaaack.

We are still in a big melt here with above normal temps. DH washed the cars yesterday but that didn't last very long. Made a new soup last night but now am moving on to some salad recipes for a few days while the weather is nicer. My mom and I work out with our trainer today (instead of yesterday.) Later I'm getting my hair cut and colored.

Have a great day.
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Good morning!

It looks like Karen and I are the only ones here not suffering the miserable weather. It's warm and balmy here with no snow on the ground. Sunday morning I sat outside with the pup and the spring birds were chirping for the first time. I know it's going to happen sometime probably when you used turn chicks are out working in your gardens. I'll be up here in the mountains knee-deep in snow.

I'm headed to the restaurant. I have 10 big days ahead before our new tenant moves into the place we are working on now.

Happy Tuesday!
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Hi Ladies,

Not a bad day here.

I hope everyone manages to stay safe in all that nasty snow.

Having computer issues here with pop-ups that my anti-virus isn't catching so I think my friend Tommy will be helping later. He works PT as a computer programmer...thank goodness for him

Otherwise another day of paperwork and maybe a lil baking. I'm wanting chocolate so perhaps Bean Brownies are on the agenda.

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Good day ladies!,

I am down 5 pounds since last monday! Yay me! Cant wait to move to P2 so i can have some fruit again. Chicken salad for lunch and Zucchini pizza boats for dinner tonight!
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Late check-in for me. I just got home after spending the night at the farm. Good call, too, since the roads were a mess this morning. And now I'm hearing that we may have icy rain tomorrow morning. That will probably mean yet another 2-hour delay for the schools, and thank goodness I can wait until the road conditions are better before I head out, too.

The timer just went off on the oven and that means my supper of roasted brussels sprouts and roasted mini peppers stuffed with goat cheese is ready.

Enjoy your evening and I'll see you in the morning!
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mmmmm Linda the mini peppers sound divine!!!

Congratulations Beccakruger1 that is awesome!!!

Beth how far "downstate" were you? Maybe you were in my neck of the woods.

Fun day at work. Partnered up with my dear friend Ed. We worked together 18 years ago and both left our careers as police dispatchers. He has 13 plus years as a cop and I 11. Nice way to spend the day, the OT wasn't bad either.

Came home to more snow. I did chop away a little area of ice, but man are my arms hurting. Guess shoveling and ice breaking count as exercise.

Yawn, I think it will be a super early night. Doing another 8 hours tomorrow then my normal 12 hour tours for 4 more days.
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Good evening,

We are back from Mississippi had a great time with the folks, but can I say I do not like Casinos. Eating was not op and the scale went up a couple of lbs so back to the grindstone.

It went up to the 60's here today my yard is a wet muddy mess with still a bit of slushy snow.

I feel for the East coasters with all the snow you are getting.

I will be back in the am, I need to go back and read threads I have missed.
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