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Default Snowpocalypse Thursday on the Beach 2/13

Well, it's falling pretty good here, and the weather map shows that Cottage is absolutely getting slammed. Hope you are safe and warm Cottage!

I am off to the treadmill. The kids have no school, and DD doesn't feel good. I need to destress .
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Tammy, sounds like it could be a long day! Maybe de-stressing with a shovel with also be in order?

We are still in the 3-6 band, hitting overnight tonight. Hoping it is the low end of that accumulation.

Another day of work; I have my coffee-filled thermos to get me through! The coffee I make is WAY better than the stuff at school.

Other than that, looking forward to a vacation. We get the whole week off for winter break rather than just President's Day. I believe part of the reason for that is simply to give the kids a break from all the germs they share at this time of year!

Gotta fly.
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Snowpocalypse is right! It's coming down at the rate of 4" per hour and shows no sign of stopping. I can only see the top of my mailbox and the cars in the drive look like humpback camels. I declared today Pajama Day, and although I've had my shower (just in case we lose power!), I'm wearing my cozy fleece jammies all day. I have nowhere to go and plan to say snug and warm at home.

Tammy, try to enjoy your snow and I sure hope DD is feeling better soon!

Beth, we've had so much winter here that it seems the kids have been on vacation for the last two weeks! Monday will be a make-up day and the school year has already been extended.

I told the grandkids I'd make sticky buns with them when they get up, and I'm going to make a batch of chili in the crockpot, but otherwise I plan to spend the day curled up on the couch with my laptop, cross-stitch, and Kindle. I just hope we don't lose power again!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. Just got an email from a friend who is stuck waiting out a huge snowstorm in NC. It must be really difficult in places not accustomed to a huge dump of snow.

We will get a bit of it tonight and tomorrow - supposed to be "flurries". If it's really bad tomorrow morning, I'll have to cancel my periodontist appointment in Kingston. I refuse to drive the 401 in white-out conditions.

Not sure what's a-happening today. Donna was supposed to clean today but called last night to tell me she broke her toe! Poor Donna! There's always something. Last week she had a bad cold and stayed home. At least I got the tidying done yesterday although the Santas are still on the mantle. I have way too much "stuff" and it's time for a purge.

Whoops the trash pick-up truck just drove down the road and my trash is still not out there. Luckily he starts down by the Lake but I have to scurry out there with a coat thrown on over my jammies.

Stay safe and warm and try to see some beauty in the snow.
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Good morning!

Stay safe and warm everyone! We've got a little bit of snow but not enough to affect my day. Up to the project hoping our plumbing specialist shows.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning.

Debbie - Woo hoo! You are always such a great inspiration for long term SB success.

Jennifer - Thanks for the pasta tip; I haven't dared try any yet. I'm also thinking about trying shiritaki noodles again after a co-worker was talking about loving them.

Linda - Yikes! I'll have to check in with my son.

The play we saw last night was Bring it On. It had to do with high school cheerleading so I had low expectations but quite enjoyed it. Very cute, lots of humor. I ended up working yesterday instead of my scheduled shift today so think DH and I will go out for our requisite Valentine's meal. I gave him a gift card in his stocking for a vegan restaurant he wanted to try and they have tons of gluten-free options for me.

Have a great day, snow or no.
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Good morning,

Tywnn I am glad you are getting some snow and hope DD feels better soon

Beth enjoy your day and hope you do not get too much snow tonight

Cottage you will have to post a picture once the snow stops. I have a picture of when we lived in Maine and it is of my parents holding my DS on the path to the house and the snow on each side of them is way over their heads lol.

Ruth glad you are getting your garbage out there in time for pu. I would delay too if road conditions are not good.

Debbie glad your project is coming along

Karen enjoy your dinner with DH.

Today I have meetings and then I am going to do wfh for the afternoon and finish up packing as we leave at 5 p.m. to go pick up DD1 from her clinicals and then head to Gulfport. I checked all of the states we are driving through to make sure they didn't have ice or temperatures below freezing and I think we are good to go, all of the ice seems to be just east of where we will be driving. Ready for some warmer temps.

Stay safe and warm.
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Working on healthy
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Having a snow day here too though nothing like Cottage. We are in the 10-20 band and I'm hoping we are closer to the low end. I'm using a personal day because extra sleep sounded like a good idea Exercise will probably be multiple shoveling trips again as this a long storm and it's easier to get it a little at a time.
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We're getting a lot of SNOW!!! (sure made for an interesting ride home from work.....)
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If snowpocalypse wasn't enough, tonight my area is scheduled for thundersnow! I got the drive and all done, and then the town plowed me in again, so I went out AGAIN. We are in a lull but tonight, more snow. No school today and if we get tomorrow off, we will have a six day weekend instead of the four day weekend for President's day.

So I made a chicken recipe from the entrée P1 thread for dinner, it's called "The BEST Chicken and Spinach Casserole" and it was! And I feel so virtuous with all that healthy spinach.

I hope you all are staying warm and cozy!

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Ahhh home sweet snowy home. DS's truck was the only reason why I got to and from work. What a mess. My dear fried Ed totaled his wife's car on his way to work. A woman cut across all three lanes of the roadway. He did a great job minimizing the impact. EVOC really comes in handy on days like this. The Trooper who responded believes she fell asleep at the wheel!. I had to drive down a one way the wrong way. The wonderful rear wheel drive patrol car refused to go up not one but two hills today. We got a little over a foot and are expected to get a few more inches over night.....guess who is taking the truck tomorrow

I was a nice mom and filled up the truck, stopped and got flowers, candy and a card for DS to give his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I didn't want him going anywhere today.

Karen, my friend Meredith and I saw Bring It on Broadway. We loved it!!! Granted we were the ONLY ones in the theater without kids. The acrobatics were amazing! I too did not have high expectations, but was pleasantly surprised.

SunshineMia two counties north of me are expecting thunderstorms too. We are getting really strong winds right now. Even my parents in Blue Ridge, VA got 18".

Time to call it a day as I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Stay warm and cozy chickies.
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