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Default Marvelous Monday, SBD Daily Chat, Feb. 10

Good Morning

Thought I'd get us started since I'm having one of my early mornings. Sometimes I find if I get up and get some stuff done I can catch an hour or two later. I do have to be to work at 7.

The project is going great. After the last one, it seems this is speeding right along and has a much more positive feel to it. That's a good thing. Food has been going great, too. I'm back to writing a plan every morning which really helped yesterday....When I got home I was so tired and couldn't even remember what I'd written down. I'm at ticker and determined to move down a bit more before we head to KeyWest in June for my BIL's memorial.

Tonight, I'm switching things around a bit. I'm having a craving for a big fruit salad w/coconut and pecans. I think I'll add pineapple, apple, bananas and maybe cherries, if there are some frozen at the market. That's going to be my dinner. I've written it down.

What's up in your neck of the woods? Stop and say hi

Happy Monday everyone!
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Thanks for getting us started this morning, Debbie,and I do hope you caught a few more hours sleep before heading to work! Your fruit salad sounds delicious!

We woke up to several more inches of snow on this winter weary morning and most schools are opening late. It's supposed to be clear today, so I'm going to wait until the sun does it's work on the roads before I go anywhere. At least we'll have a few days reprieve before the next storm hits us Wednesday night.
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HA!! Love your pic, Cottage! That's hysterical. I wonder if we're getting more snow too. DH is supposed to have a work trip to Lititz...maybe not if snow's hitting. Drive safely.

Debbie, you sound a lot less stressed on this project. Your salad does sound yummmmmy!

I just got off the dreadmill, yay for me. It didn't start off well, but felt better by the end (what do I expect, without coffee?). It's way more fun in the summer when I can run outside with the pup at daybreak.

I'm off to work, then an afternoon appointment. I'm a little afraid DS is sick - he sounds terrible but no fever, but we'll see how he feels when he gets moving. We've been lucky and avoided the bug so far this year.
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Good morning Snowy, cold Monday mornings are really getting old here too. Drove DH to work and was surprised at another coating of new snow and tomorrow they are predict below zero so more nights with the water running. Spring can't get her fast enough for me this year!

Debbie - Hope you get a power nap in today! Your fruit salad sounds yummy

Cottage - You have had more than your share of storms this year. Hope the next one passes you by.

Tammy - Hope DS is okay. There are some nasty bugs going around this year. I wish I could get motivated to exercise in the morning but I just don't seem to have the umph for it.

Nothing exciting this week, just a normal work week, I hope. Already counting down to the weekend because it's our weekend off. Every other weekend we get two whole days off together so we always try to plan something fun. not sure what it will be this weekend. For now though it's the work week and I need to get to it.
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Good morning, Debbie you are the energizer bunny!!! Kudos being at ticker weight!!The fruit salad sounds delish!

Linda we are over 100 miles apart yet we seem to be on the same pattern with the weather this year. More shoveling for me today, but no school delay for once.

Cyndi I don't have the umph either first thing in the morning. Maybe Tammy could squeeze in a few miles for us Tanmy hope DS feels better soon.

Ruth.....time to wake up

I am making myself stay home today. Lately I have been extremely tired (darn hormones) I will get a long ride in, laundry and maybe bake some muffins. Otherwise I have a date with my couch and cycling magazine today, which is way overdue.

Staying OP except for a hummus and gluten free cracker binge last night. Today I will be better. Have a great day
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! I am amazed that I slept until after seven this morning! I was home from the DFD at nine and checked the news for a bit before hitting the sheets. Maybe it was because I changed the bed yesterday and IRONED the sheets! I guess it was a brain fart!

Dinner with the "family" was great. Heather now has another boy. Carter is a delightful guy who is staying with Heather for a while due to family drama - parents have just split up. He's a charming young man of 18 and Robyn who is 16 is enthralled. Carter sure tackled the strawberry/rhubarb crisp so I had a clean container to bring home. Next DFD is to be here and I will be delighted to get that 18 pound turkey out of the freezer!

Hard week ahead with a dreaded periodontist appointment on Friday morning. I really need to focus on desk stuff since I need to clean up a lot of business before February 28. Then income tax cranks up for March and April. Spring is supposed to fit in there somewhere too.

Time for breakfast. I am thinking ww rice cakes with Laughing Cow and red peppers that I roasted, peeled and froze in September. Another coffee first though.

Join me!
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Good morning.

Debbie - That last bit made me chuckle. Maybe I need to write things down too.

Linda - Drive safely. Love the avatar.

Twynn - I'd rather hike outside than treadmill, myself.

Cyndi - It always seems to me that winter should be over by now but several people recently have told me that February is the worst month here. At least it's a short one!

Jennifer - Darn hormones!

Ruth - I wish I had your stocked freezer.

Gym for me this morning then off to work this afternoon. We have a big shipment of spring stuff this week and I said I'd add this extra shift to help unpack, hang, steam. All very unexciting other than seeing what comes out of the boxes. Lots of bright pink which is sooo not my color.

Have a great day, all.
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Good morning,

Debbie your salad sounds delish!!

Cottage we got another inch of snow but no snow delays, I forced myself to take the train this morning to start getting used to taking it again.

Tywnn hope DS is not getting sick

Cyndi I set my alarm to wake up so I can work out in the am, it makes me feel better when I get it done first thing.

Jekel enjoy your day at home, I have been more sleepy lately as well

Ruth sounds like your crisp was a success and no leftovers to drive you crazy

Karen I think I would enjoy seeing what comes out of the boxes.

Today I have lots of meetings and then I have Awana tonight, I am on for the story portion so I will need to get ready (I procrastinate on these types of issues).

Have a great day everyone
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Good afternoon Beachers!,

I am new on here. Just starting P1 today. I have done SBD before with some success, but have fallen off the wagon and rolled downhill. So, here i am again, full force, ready to lose!! Any suggestions are helpful and i cant wait to read all these threads!
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Evening chicks!

Sounds like I missed a busy and chatty morning today!
My 2 cents worth:
I do WAY better when I plan and I usually write down the supper menu for the week.
I have a hard time exercising in the morning. I usually do it in the 3-5 pm block between work and supper. DH does his exercise in the morning but somehow it takes me longer to get ready.
I didn't think we were up for more snow but we got another inch or two overnight. I got my fresh air by tidying up the driveway after work today. The weather man changed our forecast, though, sub-zero tomorrow night only rather than 2 or 3 nights worth.
Welcome to beccakruger!
Karen, I have to say pink and purple are 2 of my favorite colors. I have to do something to combat living with only men. When my boys were younger I often had the feeling I was living in a locker room!

Well, my microwave is beeping. I need to mash my cauliflower into "fauxtatoes". Maybe a little cheese on top?

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Welcome beccakruger! My greatest success staying on plan for an extended amount of time has been since u found this forum. I check in every day even if its just a wave. I find it keeps me focused on what I need to do long term.

My fruit salad was/is yummy! I ended up adding bananas apples tangerines pineapple kiwi raw pecans coconut and (shhh) a few dates

See y'all tomorrow!.
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