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Default TGIF and Last Day of January SBD Chat, 1/31!

I am so over January, bring on February! One more month closer to Spring!

I'm working on my 2nd mug of coffee and thinking about what I want to do today. I probably should go spend part of the day with my Dad, since Jake and I are going to be at my DD's all day tomorrow, but before I do anything, there's the usual housecleaning and laundry to take care of.

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Aww, hope you enjoy time with your dad. I really wish I could've talked to my dad more when he was alive, but that stroke stole him away. One big reason I need to keep my food urges under control...he let food be his life, and it ruined him.

Ick, who's that talkin' above? All depressed like?! I agree, bring on February!!

Anyway - shorter day for me, and I am insanely grateful that it is my Friday as well. Walter the Magnificent (the cat) woke us all up at 4 am, that's what I get for leaving him out with daddy gone. Time to wake the kiddos up, much to their disappointment.

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Good morning.

Jennifer - Cycling DVDs/videos! I had no idea there was such a thing. Thanks for mentioning it.

Okay... I'll jump on the February bandwagon, but rather unhappily since I am ending the month up in weight which is pretty atypical for the start of the year. I'm blaming the gluten-free business. Well, I'm really blaming myself... but you know what I mean.

Gym this morning then work this afternoon.

Enjoy your day.
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Good morning,

I agree with Cottage I am happy it is the end of January. This morning no food until I go get my blood work done. The doctor thanks my neck thing is muscle spasms so he did get an xray to rule anything else out but put me on muscle relaxers and ordered Physical therapy to get my neck to stop doing muscle spasms. I am happy camper, I thought it might Fibromalysis (SP?) or Arthritis kicking in.

Cottage enjoy your time with your Dad today

Twynn glad you have a short day today

Karen I am sure you will have a better month in February. I switched to eating only natural foods that were op and I only lost 1 lb for the month of January but I am including more oatmeal and apples, figured the scale will eventually start moving where it needs to.

Today we are supposed to get a mixture of rain/snow later on so we shall see if we do anything. I am wfh today so will be tackling that after bloodwork.

Have a great Friday everyone!
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Good Morning!

We were lucky to travel early yesterday. Many of the areas we had passed through got 2-3 feet of snow. We are settled in and will head to the pool for water aerobics soon. I'm planning extra time for the steam room.

Happy Friday everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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'Mornin', EarlyChicks. I was up at the usual time but had no Net until just now. I'm amazed we've not lost it before this because of the weather.

I did go to town yesterday for my "shearing" but did not linger - missed the Hardware store again because the driving was just too scary to linger any longer. There was black ice, drifts across the road and white-outs which made for a rather tense drive home.

Today I will stay here in the Village and catch up on mail and doing tax receipts. My plan is to finish them up and get them in the mail before the 4 PM pick-up.

My lone barn cat that I've been feeding has started telling his friends. I refuse to put out five cat dishes so the first one to arrive gets the food. I may be sorry I started this but did feel sorry for one cat during the extreme cold. "Good luck with your mouth, Tommy. You may have screwed yourself."

OK - I'm still in my jammies as I was waiting a techie call-bake re my net problem. I'd better get into some proper work clothes. Maybe getting into one of my business suits with panti-hose and heels will spur me on. Never again!

Like most of us, I am soooo done with January!
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Hi chicks! Afternoon contingent checking in

I'm still snowed in. Which is awesome! Snow makes me feel like I'm 5 years old lol. I guess I could get down the driveway if I really had to, but that would involve lots of digging out first, then a good bit of luck actually getting down to the road!

I hope everyone is having a great Friday
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Hi chicks- Early evening contingent checking in here!
I am SO glad it is Friday-payday-end-of-January today. This month has seemed super busy and while I always meet my deadlines I hate the overwhelmed feeling I often have at work, not to mention the never-ending bitter cold. February has several things going for it: it is short, the days get noticeably longer, we have a vacation and it gets us closer to spring!

Quiet evening at home tonight, probably eating leftovers. I'm thinking we will need to start a "What's for dinner" February thread tomorrow. The one at the beginning of this month inspired me to try out some new recipes.

penmage, if the long-term forecast is to be believed I may be snowed in mid-week, which is ok with me. But I would be willing to skip the snow day if we could go straight to spring.

Have a great evening, everyone!
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