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  • Good morning! This weekend is officially the start of winter, although it's been making itself at home and settling in for the past couple of weeks. So now that's it's official, it's decided to be mild and rainy here.

    I'm up early to be out of the house by 7:30 to get my car in for an oil change and routine maintenance. There's a Cracker Barrel next door, so I'm going to make myself comfortable in there and treat myself to a nice breakfast while I'm waiting on my car. Later this afternoon I have a lunch date with Dad and take him out to do a little shopping, then I plan to finish wrapping presents this evening.

    Tomorrow will be another busy day. My SILs are coming over to help make gnocchi for Christmas Eve, and both my brothers are tagging along. So that means they'll be raiding my cupboards looking for snacks. I think we're going to order Chinese take-out for supper to make it quick and easy.

    What's everyone's plans for the day? Be careful if you have to be out in the ice storms, and safe travels for everyone.
  • I've been up for almost 2 hours trying to help my son who is on the road. He left LA later than planned, early afternoon, hit bad traffic in Vegas and followed his GPS suggestion to reroute which means he is driving the southern route that brings him home almost the same route as a winter storm. Got to Albuquerque hotel in the wee hours (that DH found for him) but they had a power outage. He'll stop soon for sleep in Santa Rosa, NM. Tomorrow he'll have bad weather the whole way home. I'm trying to not stress. At least he has his dog for company.

    Other than that, we have our family Christmas celebration at BIL's nearby late afternoon into evening. I'm working the closing shift and we are open extra late for the holiday shoppers. I'm hoping that if the weather is as bad as predicted my manager will let us close early.

    I'll try to go back to bed for a while sometime today.
  • Good morning, Linda and Karen and the rest of the Beachers. I'm sipping Hazelnut Vanilla this morning and contemplating my immediate future.

    Sounds like you have a pretty full day, Linda, and wish I could join you at Cracker Barrel for breakfast this morning. Say Hi to all my PA family for me - NJ too!

    Karen, I am sure you will be most relieved when your son gets to you. It sounds like a pretty miserable trip for the lad. Too bad the dog can't share the driving. I hope you can work in a good nap.

    It's a real mess here and we have either freezing rain or ice pellets ahead of us until Sunday evening. A friend who drives the 401 to work said he saw no less than 12 cars in the ditch in the short stretch between the Thousand Islands Bridge and Brockville. I had planned a trip to pick up my wine yesterday and did set out but drove just ten minutes before turning around and coming home. I am very glad to have my gift shopping done and most of the party food on hand.

    Today, when I get ploughed out, I do need to venture down to the local store for some eggs. I'm planning to do two rum cakes today and have my fingers crossed that the power stays on. I do have my propane generator but am running a tad low on fuel. I have an open house this afternoon at my pal Wendy's, my Gardener on the Go. She has a new house built in the forest, down two rough roads. Her husband is the township Treasurer so I imagine the roads are ploughed, sanded and salted. I guess I'll play that one by ear.

    So... we will see what the day brings as it unfolds. Be safe if you are in this mess.
  • Good morning chicks! I've been browsing holiday recipes this morning. I had a great time last night browsing flashmobs (mainly Christmas ones) on youtube.

    Cottage - MMMmmmmmm, cracker barrel. Enjoy time with dad, I bet it's going to be crazy shopping.

    Karen - Does your DS enjoy that kind of travel? I have to hold DH back from driving in the snow, the crazy man. Give us an update when he gets there safely!

    Ruth - I would bet Rum cake would ship well .

    For me, I have two squealing girls this AM (DD had a sleepover), and DS is already up and running (darned it, where is my quiet time?!). I need to start prepping for guests on Wednesday, especially making the menu. Tomorrow is DD's 9th birthday, we're taking her on a shopping spree which she should enjoy. Oh, and we're ringing the Salvation Army bell tonight! (I hope it's not raining....)

    Have an awesome weekend!
  • Good morning, never made it here yesterday. i know it is bad when Joe called me "Cookie Monster" last night. I read Beth's post last night which helped. It is one time of the year I go "crazy" I am going to reign myself in until Christmas. The few days at mom's will be challenging. However, I know what to do and for the past two years I have been doing it without much thought. I will be keeping it Phase 1 for awhile with a few cookies

    Ruth I hope the ice melts quickly

    Karen I hope your son travels safely

    Linda I LOVE Cracker Barrel!!!

    Tammy you're a good mama

    Today this mama needs to desperately clean, pack, laundry, errands and force in a ride on the bike. Better get moving. This is my last day off until Christmas!
  • Good morning, ladies...long time no see! Sorry I've been MIA...just busy going through the hiring process for a local PD. Almost done...hopefully I'll get the call Monday! I'm in the background check phase right now.

    Things are going well here. Still love it in glad I moved here! My cousin is coming to visit next Friday...she's my official first visitor. We'll be doing New Years Eve in Times Square. I don't want to squander my chance to spend NYE in Times Square my first year up here.

    Love life is meh. Went out with an awesome guy 3 times and thought things were going well...he disappeared with no warning. Went on a date with another guy a few weeks later, but wasn't into him, so no second date. Now I'm heading out this weekend for date #2 with a new guy.

    I'm rambling, LOL Gotta get back on the beach hardcore before I undo all my progress! Hope everybody is doing well!!!
  • Just going back over the older daily threads and I see some messages for me. You guys are always remember me, even when I disappear for a month or two!

    jekel - My roommate and I did host Thanksgiving at our house this year. It was just us and her parents (I only have 3 friends here aside from my roommate so far, LOL). Everything was great! I'm still with Porsche, but hopefully about to go to work for a PD just South of the NH line.
  • Good morning We really did just get up within the last hour. I've got lots of sleep deficit to catch-up on. I think we are going to have a mellow weekend. Thought about going north to look for owls but there's an ice storm heading that way and just too many people everywhere else. Today will be a walk, some chores, making buffalo chicken muffins, then heading to see The Hobbit at 5. (you knew I had to bake something!).

    Cottage - I love restaurant places conveniently located near auto mechanics. Have you ever made gnudis? I've had my eye on this recipe for years and am thinking about trying it for our holiday dinner, maybe with eggplant lasagna rolls and lots of veggie sides. It will just be us so I'm thinking creatively.

    Karen - Hope you son makes it home without incident.

    Tammy - Happy birthday weekend

    Jennifer - enjoy your last day off. I've been battling the cookie monster too, so hard to resist when I really want to bake. My friends are reaping the benefits and hopefully some of the lbs

    Natasha - It's always good to see your name pop up around here! Glad you're enjoying your new state. Good luck with the job. Sounds like you might be in the same area a friend of mine moved to.

    We have been enjoying these carrot cake muffins around here. The almond flour makes them a lot more filling then regular wheat muffins. I'm sure agave would work in place of honey though I'm decreasing the sweetener next time. They are sweeter than we really like.
    Time to get out for a walk before the rain hits. What a weird December!
  • Cyndi - Buffalo chicken muffins? Do tell!
  • Cyndi, no, I've never heard of Gnudis before, but I'm definitely going to make them very soon. They sound delicious! Let us know what you think of them!

    Hi, Natasha! It's good to see you again! Good luck on both the job and your date.

    Karen, I hope your DS makes it home safe and sound. Keep us posted!
  • Good afternoon

    Linda. Hope you get everything done and tomorrow sounds busy but fun with family

    Ruth take care they say its going to be nasty your way

    Tammy now I realize what its like to have a birthday around christmas. My little grandson is on the 12th

    Karen. I feel your stress

    Jen. You have a plan for maintaing

    Natasha. Glad things are working out for you

    Cyndi you are giving that oven a good workout

    The roads are dry here except our driveway was a sheet of ice. All groceries have been bought, I just might have to go for something I forgot. But more baking to do
    Take care
  • Quote: Cyndi - Buffalo chicken muffins? Do tell!
    Here you go Natasha. They are really good and relatively easy to make. They would be even easier if you bought ground chicken but I like having a little more control over what's in there.
  • Sophie, we really are in a mess. Ice pellets - 15cm! I only went out briefly today after Richard ploughed my lane and the windshield iced up immediately. Right now there are a few flickers of the lights but no Hydro outage - yet! I have a propane generator bu will need to go outside to switch it on if the power is out for a while.

    Wake me up when it's Spring, OK?
  • Good afternoon,

    It has been raining buckets here since yesterday evening, it was so bad yesterday coming home from the ortho appointment you could not see two feet in front of the car but we muster through driving very slowly.

    I have been out this morning getting my hair cut and getting groceries and just finished cleaning house I will finish up rest tomorrow. DH and I are going out to eat tonight and going to see Saving Mr. Banks.

    Ruth stay safe

    Cottage hope you enjoyed your day of running around

    Karen keeping your DS in my thoughts for safe travels

    Twynn how fun for DD

    Jekel I am also a cookie monster so I have really been trying to restrain and do Phase 1 in between.

    Natasha nice to see you good luck on the job at the PD

    Cyndi enjoy your movie

    Sophie stay safe
  • Good morning hope you chicks are still snuggled under the covers....wish I was...sigh but I must work today.

    Natasha I hope the date went well. Please keep us posted on the job. Good luck NYE. Make sure you don't need a bathroom. Once you leave the "corral" it is nearly impossible to get back in. Lol

    Going to do my best to eat clean today. Thankfully DS polished off the remaining cookies last night ... Ok I helped

    Have a great day