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Come on Spring!
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Default Fluffy Friday Chat - December 20

Good morning. Of course it's snowing again. We have had more winter this month than we've had in four months other years. My ploughing dude is probably going to be able to retire soon. He's ploughed me out five times - that's usually what he does all winter!

Finally got to town yesterday and got the missing items from Tuesday's screwed up trip. I arrived home around four and decided NOT to drive to The Falls to pick up my wine order at The Vineyard. (Driving at night is not my activity of choice in winter.) That will happen this morning as soon as I know the place is open.

Today is a bit of a break from those brutal temperatures so I will go out and shovel off the deck a bit more. We are to get rain and ice over the weekend and once that stuff arrives and freezes, the snow on the deck will be there until spring. The prediction is for bad stuff happening so I need to plan ahead in case we lose power. ( that they are wrong. )

Tomorrow is the last day of Celebrate The Season and I have decided not to have the Mill open for tours again. I just cannot feel OK about having two dear old ladies (87 and 89) do tours of the place when it's so bitter cold in there.

On with Fluffy Friday. TGIF ... I think.
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Good morning!

We're supposed to have rain for the next few days which will probably wash all this snow away, just in time for Christmas. I was hoping it would hang around so we'd have a White Christmas this year.

I'm going with Jake to his doctor appointment this morning, and we'll probably go for groceries afterwards. I need to get out to pick up a few gift cards and get a birthday card for Carley, too. And this afternoon my priority is to give my car a thorough vacuuming and a good washing so I can tell what color it is again. I'm eager to put my new all-weather car mats down, too, to prevent the carpeting from being ruined.
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Wow cottage, you sound WAY ambitious this AM! I am very sad that our snow will probably be gone too.

Ruth, make that trip to pick up wine a priority .

Ahhh, Friday. And I took Monday off (but work Tuesday ). I will admit to you chicks that the last two days have been carbs only, since I've had a GI bug and fiber is not appealing. At all. I'm hoping I start feeling better today, I have things to do!

I'm off to work shortly, then work on Christmas items, and DD is having a friend sleepover tonight. I need to start scrubbing down everything for Christmas guests on Wednesday, but I'm not sure I have the energy for that yet.

Anyone starting to travel yet?
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Good morning.

I am watching the weather today - my son is driving by himself (with his dog) from LA to KS, leaving this morning and, fingers crossed, arriving tomorrow night. We are expecting a storm here that he'll hit and there are advisories along his route. Unfortunately he only has a buffer of one night for travel since he has to get his dog to the kennel by 5pm Sunday since we leave for our trip early Monday. I'm trying not to stress too much about a 21 year old making such a long drive under these conditions.

Otherwise my day will be spent laying out clothes for my trip and doing laundry and finishing holiday cards since I work both weekend days.
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Come on Spring!
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Oh my, Karen, that is a long drive - and through the Rockies too. I'd be stressing a little too.

I'd hoped to be on the road by now but the wine place doesn't open until 10! I guess he didn't get the memo that I was coming! Right now we have that fine snow falling, borderline ice. If I don't go today, I probably won't get there Monday or tomorrow so I'm hoping the temps keep falling and we get proper snow.
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Good morning,

Ruth I hope it turns to snow instead of ice for you. We are just going to get a ton of rain over the weekend.

Cottage hope you get everything accomplished today

Tywnn I need to clean my house really good this weekend as well

Karen hope your DS makes it safely and on time

Today is half day at work -one of my workers is retiring so I came in for that and then half to leave and help at DD2 Christmas party at school and then take her to Ortho appointment and then she has a dance to go to. She has a birthday party sleepover to go to tomorrow night so I will make that date night with hubby. Food choices have not been the best, doing my best to just maintain.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Good evening. We are in the middle of more weather- had a few inches of snow already, a little freezing rain and are on a watch for ice Saturday night into Sunday. I am praying DS 1 & 2 are able to make it home safely this weekend.

I have been able to avoid most of the holiday treats so far but today at school I did splurge on a couple small items. I think we all agree you stay OP when you can and make the best choices possible the rest of the time. I recently read an old post Cyndi wrote about family holiday traditions being centered around food and I've decided not to worry too much for the next few days. I know January will bring Phase 1 and that's what makes this WOL different from other diets.

In other news, my shopping, wrapping and decorating are under control but I have not sent out a single card. I think tonight I will corral DH into helping me address the couple dozen that are the most important, mail those and call it even. Maybe next year I'll do better.

Hope everyone else had a safe and productive day. Have a great evening chicks!

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