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Default Mighty cold Monday Beach Chat 11/25

Good morning chilly chicks. Now that my hands have warmed up I am raring to go....yeah right!

We had a lot of laughs at dinner. Food was really yummy too. Gina and I decided we will go back with the fellas and kids for a family date night on a Sunday after the holidays. Kids eat free lol

Coughing up a storm after a foot pursuit yesterday. The cold air really helped clean out my lungs. Proudly I was not winded. It wasn't my chase, just back up. Unfortunately we didn't get him, but maybe today we will. Running with an extra 25 pounds in work boots is no easy task. Had to laugh I was "indisposed" when the call went out. So I dressed enroute lol

Need a water wish before turkey day lol

Ruth and traveling chicks enjoy your trips

Time to chug more coffee
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Good morning! I'm warming my hands around my hot mug of coffee on this frigid morning.

Jennifer, I admire you so much for being able to run with 25 extra pounds strapped to you. What a workout! Sorry the timing was off for you, lol!

I only work today, but Ruth and I will be staying at the farm the rest of the week to dogsit Cindy's furbabies. We'll be here at my house most the day, though. I've been watching the weather, and it doesn't look too threatening for her roadtrip down here.

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Yes Cottage, I guess that after Ruth gets there the snow arrives, which makes me a bit nervous for our trip. I told DH maybe we could go Thursday if Wednesday is bad, I'm not wild about driving on I-95 on the worst traffic day of the year, in a snowstorm. Granny doesn't know the difference with her Alzheimers!

Jekel, Awesome you weren't winded! Your family date night sounds fun.

I have my shorter day of work today then I might try to find some new jeans. I long outgrew my "skinny" jeans, but my current ones all decided to pop holes in the knees in the last couple of weeks. That would be classy on Turkey day, dontyathink?

I guess I should start packing everyone up too?
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and Brrrrr! We are only 9F this morning and snow is going to happen. I am going to make sure I have a quilt and other warm stuff in the car before I set out tomorrow. Guess I'll take along some winter boots too and my Yak-Tracks.

Jennifer, 25 pounds of boots would probably keep me from walking, much less chasing a bad guy.

Linda, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this vacation. I am so glad we will be at the Farm although I'm looking forward to the family too. Yes, all of them!

Tammy, hoping the snow isn't too bad for your trip. I dunno - your jeans could be considered shabby chic these days. I have a friend who decorated her house in "shabby chic" - it didn't work for me!

Had a great evening with the Girls and Kids last night. The boys were just full of Disney excitement. The thrown-together chicken stew was so easy and everyone loved it. (I also used up a flock of boneless chicken thighs in the freezer.) I served it over biscuits since I was not sure how dumplings would do in the slow cooker. It's such a fun way to entertain - four competent women makes short work of clean-up and they take home the leftovers! The boys watched the Grey Cup and we "girls" (that includes Mckenna who is 14) talked and laughed a lot. Always feels good to laugh and feels even better to wake up to clean kitchen.

Today I'll get myself into fifth gear. I have a ton of laundry but think I'll just do the clothes I want to take to PA. The dogs go to the kennel late afternoon and after that I'll put as much as possible into the car so I can make an early no-panic departure in the morning. I am avoiding going into the Office today unless they have something I need to sign.

Seems like I've not had a holiday since Linda was here for Delta Fair. My daughter's September visit was screwed up by the dumb back and ribs!

OK - time to decide what the heck to wash so I can pack it. No matter how organized I am and how many trips I've taken, I always miss out on something. Once it was underwear!

Hmm - not sure where Jazz is. He's probably rolled up in the comforter on my bed. He does love his comfort.

Have a super Monday whatever you do.
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Good morning, chicks.

I'm working out, as usual, with my mom and trainer. Then a quick run to the library to drop off and pick up books/DVDs. Then working this afternoon. Today will have to also include house cleaning since I found out last night that tomorrow's overnight guests are coming in the morning! I'm sending DH to Costco for the final trip, I hope, before the holiday.

Have a great day. Keep warm.
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Good morning,

Brrrr it's cold out there.

Jekel wow I don't think I could run with an extra 25 lbs on.

Cottage and Ruth I know the excitement is mounting enjoy your time together. I have my fingers crossed that my bff and her family will be able to join us for skiing this year.

Tywnn- seems like that is the fashion nowadays lol

Karen enjoy your workout with your mom today.

Tonight is Awana and that is about it. Got groceries on Saturday will have final trip on Wednesday to get fresh produce.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
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Hi everyone!

from work!
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Evening everyone!

Jennifer, I couldn't run without 25 pounds of gear!! Hope you get your "water wish"-- I'm wishing for one too! I was so good last week and the scale had clicked down, but TOM and a few poor food choices over the weekend had me back up this morning!

Ruth and Twynn, drive safely! DS1 and his buddy chose to miss a class tomorrow and head out tonight in order to miss the storm. Hope all of you on the road are safe!! We are staying put.

Cold today with quite a wind but the short work week warms my heart. I'm feeling pretty organized for the turkey dinner. Last year I figured out that if you bring in your cooler and fill it with water, thawing your turkey doesn't mean tying up the sink all day on Wednesday.

Have a great evening all.
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