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Come on Spring!
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Default Wake up! It's the Wednesday Nov. 20th Chat.

Good morning! The moon was so bright this morning, I thought my neighbour had turned on a spotlight. The yard was so bright I didn't need to turn on the outside light for the dogs.

Schoolwork and prizes are all delivered and my trunk is cleared to handle Christmas shopping. The back fender (?) still is not fixed (parking lot when I wasn't in the car) but that can happen later. Aside from the cost, I'll need to rent a car and really don't want that extra expense just before Christmas.

Odds and sods to do around the house today per therapy at noon and then I'll be setting up the Hall for a big community meeting tonight. We are trying to get Delta "perked up" and are investigating CIP - Community Improvement Plan. We have two facilitators to keep the discussion on track so it doesn't just turn into a biotching session. The Hall freezer is loaded with cookies and donuts so I just need to set up the coffee.

Anybody want a pineapple smoothie? I am getting bored with smoothies and may have to switch to cereal and milk soon. Sorry but I just can't get my brain around steel-cut oats.

Hope your day is humpless.
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How about the overnight oats, Ruth? WAY better to me than regular ones. I myself just got off eggs for breakfast, I had no grains for about a month on breakfast and it was getting old . Gratefully, a WW english muffin with PB suits me just fine. Have fun with all your niggles today.

Poor Gordon threw another clot, right in front of me last night. Funny, I always thought they happened in seconds, it happened over 5-10 minutes. It makes me sad since this is a really bad sign, but the darned kitty is still eating and purring (he can just barely walk!). Needless to say, it led to a poor night of sleep again. A nap later?

Until my nap, I need to get my black beans in the crock pot, and off to work for a bit. And spoil my kitty rotten.
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Come on Spring!
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Poor Gordon! Sure hope he improves soon, Tammy.

WW English muffins! I'd forgotten about them. Will get some today. I used to have them with Laughing Cow and sf jam. How soon we forget!
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Good morning.

Ruth - I get in a breakfast rut. For ages now it has been pancakes (made with flax instead of flour, similar to the muffins on here). I'd love a smoothie, please.

Twynn - So sorry about Gordon. I haven't had an English Muffin in years! Wonder if I could eat those again with moderation this time.

I'm getting my hair done this morning. Then I'll spend more time on the computer; I've been doing serious research now for our trip to Puerto Rico over Christmas. I want to be able to talk with my boys when they are home next week about some of the potential activities that might require some advance reservations.

Catch you later.
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Good morning.

Karen PR sounds perfect for a holiday trip. OK any place warm whennitbis cold at home suits mr just fine.

Tammy I miss English muffins, bagels etc. I will splurge on a bagel only for a true bagel store. They are even better when they are warm. Keeping my fingers crossed for Gordon's healthy to improve. Poor kitty...poor you

Ruth, I have three regular breakfasts, smoothies, two eggs over easy with turkey and Swiss (really love that) and Steele oats. I found apple pie seasoning (no sugar). While they are cooking I sprinkle it on top add a honey crisp apple and walnuts. I use my crock pot as I seem to ruin them on the stove lol.

Have a few "to dos" before the doctor this afternoon. I need to remember to turn off the outside water!
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Good morning,

Quick flyby for me, last evening I went to sleep at 8:30 p.m. was exhausted and my legs were swollen, feeling much more restive this morning.

Today we are having our Thanksgiving luncheon at work, there will be enough op food to eat and now just to stay away from the bad food

Ruth I hate that some people do not leave a note when they hit your vehicle when you are not in it.

Twynn sure hope kitty feels better soon

to everyone else

Have a wonderful day
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Good morning!

Tammy, thank goodness Gordon doesn't seem to be suffering, and I hope it continues to be gentle for him.

Ruth, I hope the meeting is very productive this evening!

Karen, PR sounds wonderful for the holidays! How long will you be staying?

Jennifer, how are you feeling? I hope you get a good report card from the doctor!

Pearlrose, enjoy your pre-Thanksgiving today!

I usually have overnight oats for breakfast, but this morning I had ww toast with SF jam since I'm staying at the farm. Smoothies I can take during the summer, but once it starts getting cold, I like something heartier for breakfast.

The girls are off to school and I popped a load of laundry in the washer and am sitting here with a cappuccino made with their fancy-smancy espresso machine and contemplating the rest of my day. I have to admit I miss my Keurig coffee. It makes the best coffee IMHO.

Did anyone catch the launching of the satellites last night? We had just pulled into the driveway when the girls thought they saw something, so we all got out of the car and saw several of them. It was pretty awesome!
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Ruth. Just never developed a taste for a morning smoothy. Overnight oatmeal is nice as Tammy suggested

Tammy. Sorry to hear about your kitten

Karen. What a wonderful holiday you have to look forward

Jen. Dh forgot to turn outside water one year. Lesson learned

Pearl. Hope you feel better today

Linda have a nice day

I'm so excited. Dh has agreed to go thru all his clothes and actually get rid of some. He is going to a christmas luncheon soon and I have warned him already that no last minute discussions on what to wear
Love my utube. Everything I ever wanted to know is there
Take care

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