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Come on Spring!
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Default Thuddenly Thurthday - November 14

Good morning. Feeling a tad elderly today as I realized in two months I'll be 3/4 of a century old! I may just skip that milestone birthday this year.

Sunshine is in the forecast today and I sure hope they are right. The cold seems to be really bothering me more this year - maybe that's part of aging, I sure have lots of personal insulation! I think it may be because of my back and ribs plus knee and foot problems.

Had a stessful but productive day yesterday hashing out numbers for the final report of the Town Hall renovation. We spent way more than the $89K grant, of course. It's good to have that done with and faxed off to the provincial government. Also got word that another grant (operating) has been approved. Whew!

Today I hit the roads to deliver Fair schoolwork and prizes throughout the township. I had planned to do this when my daughter was here but the back and ribs decided differently.

Time to bundle up and take out the trash. Gone are the days when I could sneak the trash out in my robe!

Have a good Thursday and do something nice for yourself. I plan a long soak in the tub before tonight's dinner.
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Good morning Ruth, age is just a number. There are days we all feel older or younger than our actual ages. I don't do well in cold either. Once my hands get numb it's all over for me lol. I usually double glove in the winter.

Nothing but niggles on the agenda before my next leg gets worked on this afternoon. Hopefully this time the bruising won't be too terrible.

Time for coffee, smoothie, cycling and cleaning....oh and dreaded bill paying Have a great day
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Hmmmmm, sounds like a not-too-exciting Thursday for us! I was thinking that Ruth had oral surgery, with it being Thuddenly Thurthday .

Ruth, should we all drive up to have a birthday celebration with you?!

Jekel, I guess better than not paying the bills, eh?

Long day for me again. The boss is doing a cardiac ultrasound on my kitty today, I'm not sure I want to know. I do think we were wrong on the original cause - I'm afraid the dog hurt him while chasing him (or he fell, he's not the most graceful kitt), but that also means a better prognosis . I'll look at him more today, he was kinda cursing me yesterday .

I made that deep dish spaghetti squash pie yesterday for dinner, so I'm looking forward to leftovers today!
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Good morning,

Ruth there are sometimes I feel my age and others I still young and carefree.

Jekel I am with you my hands and feet get super cold in the winter. Hope the procedure goes well for you.

Twynn hope the prognosis is good for kitty.

Trying to get caught up on some work today and then I leave for a class I am taking this afternoon some advanced excel class. Nothing on my agenda for this evening so more laundry lol

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
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Good morning.

I've been frustrated by my email not working today and the inability of tech support to fix things. Now I have to wait for someone to figure out what's wrong, resolve the issue, and call me. Sigh.

Meanwhile, DH and I are headed to his new favorite restaurant for lunch today, since it is near an errand I need to run on the other side of town. They serve vegetarian and vegan food and we've been twice since this summer. I plan to get him a gift certificate for his Christmas stocking!

Then we'll hike this afternoon. It is supposed to be pretty nice here today. Winter has retreated for a bit.

Have a good one.
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Afternoon, ladies. I rarely get here in the morning except on weekends (and days off!) but I always check the news. This is a short afternoon for me today as I have to go back to school for report card night in an hour.

Did I hear there is a party for Ruth?!
Jennifer, hope your next procedure goes well. And remember it has to be better than not taking care of it.
Twynn, hope your kitty is better. And your leftovers sound delish!! I have a spaghetti squash, maybe I will work that pie into my weekend.
Pearl, have a good class.
Karen, good luck getting your tech issue fixed. Remember, computers make our lives easier! at least sometimes...

Hope everyone has a great evening.
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Working on healthy
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Party for Ruth, I'm in!

Somehow days off get away from me faster than work days. Probably because I spend more time on the computer avoiding work and when I'm off I'm either running errands, buzzing around the house, or off hiking. We did all three today.
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