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Come on Spring!
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Default November 13 Chat or "Well, it's Wednesday."

Good morning. Pretty cold out there this morning with a few skiffs of snow still around. Yesterday was bitter cold - seemed like January with the wind. The dogs were out for just short spurts through the snow which should disappear today. We even have 48 predicted for Friday.

Got a lot of things done around here yesterday - all of them indoors. Once again I can see bottom on the in-basket! The highlight of the day was being able to restore my accounting system without calling the Help Desk.

Today Paul the Mill curator comes to spend the morning while we cobble together a final report on the grant we received for the Town Hall renovations. Hard to believe how much has happened there in the past 12 months. We spent way more than the grant of 89K which is making things a bit tight these days for the bank account. The Cafe will be open for the five Saturday evenings before Christmas which will help ease things a bit.

Time to crank up the day. The sun is still abed so I'll wake him up and offer a coffee. He is supposed to be up by 6:57 but earlier would be nicer.

Come and chat a bit before you tackle this Hump Day.
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Good morning Ruth! Glad yesterday was productive for you. Hoping the cafe does well for you this holiday season to ease up the stress a bit.

We had some guys install a gas heater in our living room to help with the heat (with 5 massive windows it gets really cold, and very expensive to heat), and I admitted to DH it about had me in tears - it is SO UGLY!!, we might pay them to move it to a less intrusive area. I will admit, it's nice not having to be bundled up this morning though!

I think I will have a short day at work today (WOO HOO!), so I will probably get in some exercise, and maybe some shopping. I probably just jinxed myself though, and will have to stay late.

I also hope to make a copy cat of that autumn squash soup from panera. Oh my, was it delicious! I hope the recipe is as good .
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Good Morning

Thanks for getting us started, Ruth! Congrats on getting your accounting program resolved! That's certainly a positive step forward! Brrr! It's chilly here but still no snow.

I got lots accomplished yesterday. Veggie and egg shopping, two trips to the pool and a visit to some ladies who bought 4 of DH's cutting boards. I'm having a bit of early morning frustration. With DD on the couch and baby/DH sleeping I am not able to make much of my early morning rise. I'm doing what I lying in bed where I start worrying about stuff. My bathroom is torn apart here and I'm not great right now with totally visualizing the fix. I did watch a utubevideo about how to fix the leaky faucet....only I need parts and tools. Oh, well.

Pool this morning then I might dive into the aforementioned fix. We'll see.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!
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Good morning!

Yesterday looked like a day in mid-January here what with the snow showers and the bitter cold. And now it's supposed to be back in the 70s by this weekend.

I'm glad you accomplished so much yesterday, Ruth, and say "hi" to Paul for me today.

Tammy, what kind of gas heater did you get that looks so ugly? Our gas heaters look just like a real fireplaces. I hope your soup turns out the way you want. I'm still dreaming of that yummy tomato soup I had in Hershey.

Today is usually my short day and I hope nothing interferes with it since I have to stop by Dad's after work to write some checks and do paperwork for him. I hope to get a load or two of laundry done tonight, too!
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Good morning, past few days were quite busy at work. Happy to have a few days off. This time of year brings out the crazy in people and not the good crazy!

Tammy I have a gas fireplace, not sure what a gas heater looks like. I finally broke down and put on the "real" heat. Not like my house ever gets warm enough for my liking.

Going to Joe's to clean for him (maybe he will come clean my house lol) He is taking the kids hunting this weekend. First time Rachel has been home from college this year.

Debbie have fun at the pool. I haven't been sleeping well lately, can't seem to shut off my brain.

Tammy glad Gordon is doing better

Ruth the sun is up here, but it's wearing a heavy coat. Which reminds me, I might need to actually wear one today!

Hi Linda

Have a great day
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Good morning.

DH and I started our holiday shopping for the boys yesterday and all I bought was stuff for me! The recipe we tried last night was interesting and both DH and I liked it. Carrot, Broccoli and Garbanzo Bean Casserole. PH2 friendly.

We are having two Thanksgiving meals: lunch here with my family, Thanksgiving and Hannukah combined, with turkey and latkes and sides. Then, for the first time in as long as I can remember, DH's SIL is hosting his side for dinner, traditional turkey and mashed potato meal. DH is only vegetarian, thankfully, not yet vegan, and a SIL on each side is as well. Finding something substantial to make for them at my own house isn't so difficult since I can prep and cook here. It's figuring out what to bring to the dinner with an hour drive time and then unknown time until the meal is served (not to mention hard to prep with my house full of lunch guests). I'm trying to convince DH to go with a cold "salad" with quinoa or beans, etc.

Not sure if DH will want to hike today, still chilly, or wait until tomorrow, slightly less chilly. Guess which I'd prefer!

Have a great day.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning We slept in, if you count it as sleeping in when you go to bed at 1:00. I took on two co-op cooking projects while Tim worked last night. One of them, Indian Pudding (so not SBD friendly) cooked 2 hours then had to cool for another hour so a later night then expected. Good thing my work schedule is so flexible.

No snow here so far but very cold. The pellet stove has been on constantly. All the furbabies set-up near it or right in front of it. Makes them happy.

I've given in to Pinterest for my new recipe collecting obsession. I have an entire board of holiday recipes to try. Somehow I don't think I'll get to them before Thanksgiving. That's our family get together, though my brother and family can't make it. Christmas we will all be in our own homes because both Tim and DD work in health care so just the one day off. I'm still deciding on veggie side dishes for turkey day. I'm off to check out the one you posted Karen.

Tonight we are going out with our good friends and another couple. My friend who lost her son last year in a freak accident in Ithaca is meeting us for dinner and catch-up. I want to make sure to keep her close the next few months, I know it will be a very hard time for her.

Tomorrow I'm using my Veteran's Day holiday so I can make it a 4 day weekend. Tim took an extra day off so we have two days together then I have two days alone to get chores done. If I don't get caught up now I'm doomed - DC trip next week then Thanksgiving. We all know how fast December moves.

For now though it's time to get some work done. Happy Hump Day
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Morning everyone. Very cold here (16*) but the sun on the snow is pretty. I just wish it had waited for a few more weeks.

I'm off today since DH and I both have follow-up appointments for our knees. I can't believe it has been 4 months since my surgery! I have a bit of a lingering ache that I want to ask about.

But having Hump Day off is nice! Somehow I can't wait until I retire although if Ruth is any indication retirement won't be exactly restful!

Tammy, our furnace project is officially done (and I wrote the check yesterday to prove it). They added a wall heater in the basement and its appearance isn't bad. I'm curious what yours looks like?

Got to run!
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Good morning,

Quick fly by for me I have a class to teach in 20 minutes.

Ruth glad you got your software fixed

Tywnn I admit to wanting to see what it looks like as well

Debbie hope you get your faucet fixed, I am waiting for my heating element on my oven to come in so I can replace that.

to everyone else.

Nothing on the agenda tonight so will finish up some laundry and stay indoors and keep warm

Have a wonderful day everyone
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Morning all,

It is super chilly here this morning. The cats are all huddled against me and together, which you know means they are cold!

I think I got great news on the job front so any good mojo you can send will be appreciated. I should know and have news to share by Friday.

I've been eating on plan (if not a bit too much wheat) but because I started C25K, I am retaining and gaining instead of losing. It's frustrating but I am sticking with it! Hoping for a swoosh at the end of the month. PS -I hate running.

Tammy - share the recipe if it's a good one! I got wifey to start eating squash!
Cyndi - I need to Pinterest stalk you

Have a good one y'all!
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Hey all! I have been mostly off the forum for 2 months - but still pretty on-plan! Slow and steady, including a week-long vacation and Halloween! Down 14 lbs in the 9 weeks, so all is good. DH is thrilled with his 20 lb loss - even though he eats/snacks off-plan almost every day. Sigh.

I am one final paper away from being done with 2 of the 4 grad classes I am taking while on my re-training leave from work. I hope to knock it out today - then start the next course. All are on-line, so I can work at odd hours.

I have missed being on - not sure I will make it through 2 months of back-posting, so here's hoping everyone has been taking good care.

Be well!
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