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Default TGIF Beach Chat, Nov 8

Good Morning

We got alot accomplished at the rentals yesterday and I'm feeling pretty positive. The drywall guy finally communicated and said the crew had been sick. I also found out that one of my main helpers is heading out of town for a week. That said, there is still lots to do and if we keep at it these projects will all fall into place. I'll work the project today but will try to cut out early since I need to be at the "real job" tomorrow at 530am. Food has been going pretty well. I really wanted to eat junk/fast food....something yesterday and went home for an orange, instead. That's always progress in my book.

What's on your Friday agenda? Thinking about a weekend off or going back to work, like me....

Stop and say hi


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Good morning Debbie, and thanks for starting us off this morning. Kudos for you for your food choices yesterday! I had a similar moment when I stopped at the grocery store to get myself "something special" as a birthday treat. But in the end I just couldn't bring myself to undo all my efforts for the past 3 weeks, and settled for a carton of soup, instead. Then I got home to discover my son and granddaughter had made me a chocolate fudge cake. But I had a very small sliver of it and savored every bite, and I was satisfied. It sure felt good, going to bed knowing that I didn't blow it!

It's a "hold onto your hat" kind of day out there today, so I don't want to be out in it any more than I have to. I do have to take Dad to the doctor this afternoon, but I think I'll put off until tomorrow getting groceries and just stay home and do some tidying up and get the laundry done today.

Oh darn! I forgot to soak my oats last night. I guess I'll just have to cook it the old-fashioned way this morning.
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Good morning ladies. Just wanted to stop by since somehow I am ready a minute early. Never made it here yesterday.

We've got a dusting of snow this morning so I'm extra glad I finally convinced DH to let me park in the garage again!!

Today will be very busy at school since it is the end of our marking period but the reward is the long weekend. Then it is only a hop, skip and jump to Thanksgiving.

Gotta run- have a great day everyone!! I left a little coffee if you need some.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, EarlyChicks, and thanks for starting us up, Debbie. I'm glad your construction stuff has an end in sight.

Lots of hat-holding will be happening here, Linda. The Township just reported several more trees are down. Sure hope the electricity stays on today as I still don't know how to start the new generator. I guess I should read the manual. Ouch! Looks like snow predicted for Sunday when I have to lay a wreath for Remembrance Day.

Donna has to take Gracie to the doc today and won't be coming to clean. That gives me an extra day to tidy some trouble spots. I swear someone comes in here and leaves stuff lying around. It'll be nice to see the glass top on my desk for a change. I did sort, shred and pitch a big bag of papers yesterday. Maybe today I can pack away the Halloween stuff before it's time to put up the outside lights and garlands. I need staff and the dogs are no help at all!

Time to rustle up a smoothie and get Friday cranked up. Crazy Book Club tonight at Toni's down on the Lake. Sure hope her big fireplace is blazing.

Have a good day, whatever you do.
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Come on Spring!
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Beth, keep that snow down there, OK? It's too darned early for it!
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Good morning, no snow in downstate NY, just breezy. We had out big winds yesterday. Meeting at school followed by grocery shopping and dinner with Joe and his parents. Not an OP meal, but I will try not to over due it. His dad is known for his pasta with garlic and oil. I am making the salad and Joe, the naughty boy, made pumpkin pie! Finally rode yesterday and will do so today and tomorrow to try and undue the damage

Still have a golden hue of brightly colored leaves to enjoy in the morning. Beautiful view to start the day. Enjoy
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WAS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY COTTAGE?!?!? How could we have missed that?!?! Mmmmm, chocolate cake, good choice! I hope you had a wonderful day!!

I wish I could say I was as good as Cottage yesterday. But hey, better to binge on pecans than other things, right? Not too bad really, since the other ladies really enjoyed them as well.

Lexiss - well, at least the guy finally called you. Kinda annoys me when people can't stay professional.

Beth, do you believe it's the end of the first quarter already?!

Ruth, I believe the same one that leaves stuff at your house stops by my house on a daily basis . Of course, my 8 and 10 year old *might* have something to do with it.

I slept until 7 am!! I've been wiped out lately, so I'm glad my body actually did it. Surprised, really, since the time change was a week ago.

Today I have the kids and don't work until 2 pm. I told them they will have no fun until their rooms are cleaned up....any bets on how long that will take? I cleaned the lower den level on Wednesday, so today I'll clean the main living floor.

And thank goodness the pecans are almost gone...
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Good morning. Today we get to hike again; the trails are finally open. I'll be doing some grocery shopping first. Going to try a couple of vegetarian side dish recipes to see if they are Thanksgiving worthy. (SIL is also vegetarian so she and DH will need something non-turkey.) Eating is still going well; not sure where my current motivation is coming from but I'm crediting my fear of post-menopausal weight gain.

Debbie - Kudos on the orange eating.

Linda - Did we miss your birthday!? Hope it was fabulous.

Beth and Ruth - Snow- brrr.

Jennifer - Enjoy dinner. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the fall beauty.

Twynn - Your comment about the kids needing to clean their rooms made me laugh remembering the huge messes both my boys had all the time.

Cyndi - How did that risotto turn out? Looks interesting but a lot of work. You've motivated me to look for more recipes that use the oats savory.

Have a great day.
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Just popping in to say hello. Getting ready for work soon. Couldn't remember if I was working tomorrow or not, but got a text from my boss this morning saying I'm scheduled to work 1 - 5.

Any tips on how to finish up getting settled in while working 6 days a week? I mean, any tips that also include having some sort of social life as I would like to continue dating the game I'm seeing, LOL

Still haven't gotten to the gym to get signed up. Maybe next week. I have GOT to get back to a regular workout routine.

How is everybody today? It's Friday! WOOT WOOT!
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Good morning,

I have 7 minutes to post lol. Hope everyone is doing well sounds like we are all having a windy day today. The weather should be nice until tuesday and then it drops brrrr.

Two days of strict eating and I have to report that cookie dough fundrasier came in last evening and we ordered 5 tubs of the stuff. 4 went into the freezer and one in the fridge. My DD1 made some of them last evening and I did not have even one bite only a smell. NSV

Okay gotta get back to the ground. Have a wonderful Friday everyone
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Working on healthy
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Quick evening fly-by Today we enjoyed a snowy hike (well, we enjoyed the hike and tolerated the snow) then went stove shopping. Still no new stove but we are closer to knowing what we want so that counts.

Karen- It was really good. I've made real risotto and found this less work, the oats aren't as sensitive.

If I have wifi tomorrow I'll be back for a longer check-in. I'm supervising a 6.5 hour class. that means I have to be there to set-up, get lunch, and just make sure nothing goes wrong. It's usually boring and I'm hoping for wifi so I can get some work done and research more stoves.

Time for a small glass of wine and then early to bed and way too early to rise.
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Just wanted to say hello - see you all tomorrow (or in an hour )
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