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Default Thursday Chatters for 11/7

Good morning! It's a wet and windy start to our day here, and I'm watching the wind do a good job of stripping the leaves from the trees. It's hard to believe that just a few days ago they were still lush with foliage!

Today's my Friday! and I'm hoping the Hunt isn't canceled since I don't have much to keep me busy. I guess I can always bake something. I'd rather I'd find something to keep me occupied, than have Cindy find something for me to do. Other than that, there's not much else happening.

How's your day shaping up?

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Good Morning, Linda! The wind blew the leaves off yesterday, too. I hope your day finds you doing something interesting.

DH is finally feeling like working, although we both still have a cough. We're headed to homedepot soon for supplies and will see if we can get some painting done today...I hear him coming back in....time for smoothies!

Have a great day everyone!
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Yeah, it's constantly raining here. Hope you keep yourself out of trouble today Cottage.

I have my long day at work, with a baby shower thrown in the middle. I made sugar coated pecans (how stinkin' addicting are those!??!) and a veggie/cracker tray. Ooops, and creme puffs (the premade frozen) for sweets. I don't even want to touch and I'm gone!

Yesterday was the first day I ate a bit of off plan food, I guess stress and being home all afternoon. I did walk for an hour on the treadmill last night, that kept me out of those pecans!
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Come on Spring!
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Today is my Thursday too, Linda. Are you sure it isn't your Friday? We are 48 and raining. I'm glad I horsed the snow tires out of the trunk yesterday rather than this morning in the wet. (I am going to town for a haircut and some shopping and need the space - just in case.)

I really think I am almost completely recovered from my back/rib mishap. I even caught myself thinking about Christmas decorating yesterday - too soon but time to start. I have some very frustrating outside lights and may splurge and replace them all. I refuse to turn them on until December but it'll be good to have them up. Hmmm - gotta think Christmas shopping too although I do have an order waiting for me at the P.O.

Donna is recovered from her wrist operation and will be here to clean tomorrow. I'll have her do the regular and rebook her for windows later next week. Of course, what she really likes to do is put up Christmas decorations but first things first. I'm lucky to have her although she sure doesn't do a perfect job - but then I don't either!

Time to lug out the trash. I'm considering moving the trash stash to the front porch for the winter since it's a long lug from the back deck.

Hope everyone has a happy and productive day!

at Debbie and Tammy who snuck in while I was blabbing. Hmmm spell check says snuck is not a word. I've been using it for 72 years so WTH?
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Ruth! Thanks for that, I went back and changed it. Hooray for Donna being all better, and I think you should just splurge and get yourself some brand new lights this year.

Debbie, have fun at Home Depot and a productive day!

Tammy, good luck with all those yummy treats around! I'd have a hard time resisting those sugared pecans.
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Good morning, I agree new lights lol. Although I stopped outside lights a few years ago, just too cold for me taking them down. Now it is candles in the windows which looks pretty.

I did a "Ruthie" this morning. Made my coffee without the pod holder.Ten glorious hot ounces of water all over the counter, none in the cup. At least Paul was spared as the machine didn't even piece him lol

Tammy I ate an entire bag of bean chips last two nights. Don't you just love what stress can do. I tell myself at least it is not the worst food choice to binge on.

Linda enjoy whatever day today is

Debbie hope Home Depot is a success. I need to go for a new bath fan, tarp to cover the patio table and possibly a new light for the bathroom.

Today I am going to exercise and tackle some niggles. May try making a pork roast in the crockpot over the weekend.

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Good morning,

Quick check in for me in between classes today.

Sounds like everyone is doing well and starting to think about Christmas Decorations, I would love to get the lights up while weather is nice. Maybe I could do that and just not turn them on.

I was strict with eating yesterday and saw a big swoosh on the scale this morning. Now to keep it up for the next couple of months.

Already need to get back to it. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!!!
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Good no longer morning I was hoping to take today off but ended up spending the morning finishing up a project for my boss. The rest of the afternoon and tomorrow are days off. Saturday is a long work day so I need a little time to relax and get some things done around here.

We had a lovely bonfire with friends last night, probably the last of the year unless we get another warm spell. Of course everything smells of bonfire now but there are worse things

Now to find something fun to do. I read on facebook that my favorite farm stand is still open and has sugar pumpkins and brussels sprouts. Guess what my first stop will be.
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