Weekending on The Beach SBD Chat for 11/2&11/3

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  • Good morning! I slept in and am just waiting for the coffee to get done. Who all wants a cup?
  • Me! Me! I want a coffee.

    Cold and dark here this morning but I am very thankful that the power is still on - for now! Huge winds yesterday caused a lot of damage here - there's a huge branch in the middle of the road this morning. Makes me glad I spent the money on getting my trees looked after last month. There are a few small branches down from my White Pine which I'll gather up as soon as it gets light. Pine gum and fur are not a good combo.

    For the first time in months, there is nothing on my calendar this weekend - I think! It's supposed to be cold and rainy and there is even ** snow ** in the forecast. I think it's time to straighten out the barn a bit so my car can snuggle in for the night.

    Remember to turn those clocks back tonight and grab that extra hour of sleep. I plan to explain it to my dogs - wish me luck.

    Happy weekend.
  • Good morning Can I take mine in a To Go cup? I'm heading out thrifting with a friend. Both our SOs work 7-afternoon so we are heading out early and hitting the thrift stores before the crowds (we hope!). I've got a conference to go to in DC the week before T-Day and really need a few nice things to wear.

    We have one more moderate day then the "normal" temps are back along with yucky looking bits in the forecast. Think I'll just ignore it as long as I can!
  • Good Morning

    I'm on the run, too....off to my "real" job for the next 3 days. Have a great weekend everyone! Cyndi, I wish I was going with you today!
  • 2 coffees, coming up!

    I'm not sure what we'll do today. Monica and Carley are coming out for the day and there's a big craft show at my SIL's church in Collegeville, so maybe we'll go check that out.

    It's supposed to be another sunny, mild day, and we should get out and enjoy it before the cold stuff moves in tomorrow.
  • Thanks Cottage, but I have a cup. I've already had a bean muffin as well and am trying to figure out what I want next.

    Today looks to be rainy and generally gross but at least the wind has died down. We had crazy winds yesterday and the weather channel says a gust of 75 mph was recorded. I was glad we only lost our power for less than an hour; some people locally still don't have it this morning.

    I will be filling the day with all the normal niggles: laundry, groceries (out of produce!!), some cleaning. Seems to be the normal Saturday lineup. I also want to sneak in a workout if possible, but realistically that might not happen.

    Have a great day chickies!
  • Come here chicks we have a lovely day in store....well I think...We are quite mild again today. We had rain and wind yesterday leaving lots of leaves but not much more. I plan on putting mums in the ground from the pots they are quickly growing out of. Coconut WILL get a much needed bath and shaving as he is starting to look like Albert Einstein. Then the usual stuff to get ready for my work week. I am looking forward to getting my stitches out Tuesday as they are starting to pull. Not to mention my leg looks like a sausage and most of my jeans do not fit. I may borrow sweats from my son to go to work tomorrow.

    Ruth glad you have an uneventful day for a change.

    Cyndi have fun shopping

    Debbie hope work is a breeze

    Linda a craft show sounds perfect

    Beth play some music while you tackle your niggles. I find it helps me get them done

    Happy Saturday
  • Wildly successful day. We found 2 new shops and scored in each of the three we went to. Tomorrow will be clothing rotation and making room! If you like to thrift shop definitely check out thethriftshopper.com. We found enough stores to keep us happy for awhile! Next month we are heading to the town on the other side of the river. Can't beat towns full of very exclusive women's colleges for great finds in thrift shops

    Now off for a walk and then I think I will take advantage of the weather and fire the grill up.
  • Hey, all.

    DH and I are heading out to dinner shortly. We are being treated by his sister/BIL since he helped them paint their house recently. They are taking out all the helpers and spouses for BBQ. I worked earlier today; it was a big sale day.
  • Good morning chicks! Greetings from NYC. Got called last night for an early in due to the NYC Marathon. Thankfully I have my iPad and my cell phone is capable of being a 3G hotspot. This is going to be a long 16 hours!

    I do have my food for the day, but have no idea if there is a microwave.
  • Jennifer, I do hope your poor leg can manage the day. Did you know there is a partial solar eclipse happening right now?

    I did remember to change the clocks last night before bed. The dogs changed theirs too so today may feel relatively normal. I goofed off slightly yesterday - partly because I wasn't feeling that great, probably from getting two vaccinations during the week. I ended up going to town for some stuff and got sucked into the darn Chinese Buffet by friends Rob and John. The scale reminds me of that this morning.

    Today will be better. It's time to pull up my socks and get some things done. Snow tires will be first on the list! The eavestrough guys come tomorrow so that will spur me on.

    Definitely making that crockpot bean & Spinach soup later today. It's 24F out there so it's time to switch to cold weather mode. At least it's not snowing as predicted!

    Have a great Sunday, Beachers, even if the time may screw us up a bit!
  • Jennifer, sixteen hours is sure a long shift! I hope everything stays calm and sane and the hours fly by for you.

    We had a nice day yesterday with my DD and DGD, and I made a big dinner for everyone. Today will be much quieter. It's my mother's birthday, our first without her, and Dad, my brothers and SILs, and Jake and I are going out to dinner in remembrance of her. We're going to make it a fun, rather than solemn, occasion.

    OK, who's ready for coffee after enjoying an extra hour of sleep?
  • Good morning, Ruth! I'm going to go peek outside to see if I can see the eclipse! Have a productive day!
  • Good Morning

    Clocks changed and I'm sipping my smoothie before heading to work.

    Happy Sunday everyone!
  • Good morning ladies! Looks to be clear and calm outside, which is a nice change from the last few days. And since we changed the clocks it is also light enough to see.
    Very productive day yesterday; crossed off most of the chores on my list. Today I am left with some desk work.

    I bought groceries yesterday but I need to come up with the week's menu. I have a couple late nights for work this week so I will take that into account when planning. Crock pot and planned leftovers perhaps? There's no denying that planning is the key!!!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep and has a great day!!