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Default Thoroughly Spooky Thursday, SBD Chat for 10/31

It's going to warm up to 70* for our ghosties and goblins today, although there's a misty heavy fog. Perfect weather for Halloween!

I'm heading over to Maggie's school for their Halloween Parade this morning, then going back for the party this afternoon. We're supplying cider, grapes, apple slices and cheese cubes, so I'll have healthy stuff to nibble on. Then home to get ready for our trick or treaters tonight. Jake is already busy working on our "special effects."

Have a witchy day!
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Come on Spring!
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No special effects yet around my house. My next door neighbour has the best display in the Village. She's recently separated from her man and lived on a farm in the boonies with no Halloween callers. She really went all out for her kids' first "town" Halloween. I'm ready for about 50 callers and will just have my paltry pumpkin collection on the porch and wear my witch costume. The dogs will be in orange bows.

Suffering a bit from the after effects of my flu and shingles shots. I guess I should have spaced them out. This too shall pass.
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Happy Halloween y'all!!

Oh my, cheese cubes sounds delicious right now!

Well, the kitchen is all fixed up, thanks to "Jamee" who came out at 7 pm last night after his long day to unplug it. He said that rice and celery are two of the worst things, who knew?

Today is another day - long day at work. I was going to take off early to go with the kids - but they're just going to the harvest festival at the local church (games, controlled temp, food, what a great idea!), so I'll not take the time off. I do have candy in the pantry, I think I'll bring it for clients.

I forgot I have a recommendation due today for an employee (she only asked me maybe 5 days ago....), so I'm busy trying to get that done too!

Have a frightenly good day!
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Yesterday I was cut from work so DH and I went to see Gravity. The rain has continued heavily here but last I heard it is supposed to let up for trick or treating tonight. We will head down the block for our neighborhood's annual potluck but, as I did last year, I'll just chat and skip eating there. Food porn bumped up with Halloween candy!! I'm supposed to work again this afternoon but maybe they won't need me; I don't think the weather is helping our store traffic any.

Have a great day.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Halloween celebrations seem to be all over the calendar this year so not sure what's happening around here. Haven't had trick or treaters since I moved from town 12 years ago. I'm going out with a couple of friends after work. We are hoping there are no festivities at our favorite local spot.

Not much going on around here, just glad it's my Friday. Seems like my 80% keeps adding more projects. Not sure when the boss thinks I will fit all that in

I should already be in motion so it's time to walk away from the computer.
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Happy Halloween,

It is a rainy day here, if it rains to hard tonight I will just take DD2 to the local church festivity at the elementary school and it is 4 doors down from me so that works

She is supposed to have a parade in downtown at noon today if it doesn't rain, I hope it holds off love seeing all of the kids in their costumes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and are not tempted by all of the candy today
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Good evening and Happy Halloween!
Warm here today (60*-ish) but rainy and blustery. I'm glad I don't have to take little children out in the weather! We live in the sticks so we rarely get kids here.

The big excitement in our house today is the new furnace is now in progress. We are replacing the old boiler system which includes the hot water heater. Hopefully things will go smoothly. House repair surprises are often costly!

I have stayed OP today but somehow my witching hour generally starts around 7 pm and continues until I hit the hay. Did my best to ignore the Halloween candy and doughnuts that were everywhere at school today. I credit SB for curing my cravings.

Have to go whip up some Mexican Casserole for dinner. I think I will make 2 and put one in the freezer.
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Happy Halloween if I get two trick or treaters that is a lot. Waiting for DS to get home from work. it will be his job to answer the door. So far I enjoyed 4 pieces. Think it is out of my system, yeah right lol

Was up and out early for my procedure. Did not realize I would have stitches. So I am wrapped with gauze, then an ace bandage, surgical stocking and one more ace bandage on top. At least the last one I can remove if my foot swells. we did stop,off and buy me a cast cover so I can shower. I am not to remove anything until Tuesday. Work might prove to be a little challenging on Sunday and Monday, but I will manage.

I picked my job for next year. I will be off Sun thru Wed except for the extra Sunday I have to work every 21 days. At least I will be a little closer to home working in Mount Vernon.

Otherwise today consisted of a VERY long nap, thanks Valium. Tomorrow oil change for my car and grocery shopping. I am supposed to walk at least 1 miles each day (or ride my bike, but that might be too challenging). Since my October exercise was a bust (thanks bronchitis) Maybe this month will be better.
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Hope everyone had a safe and spooky halloween!
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Hi all! Quick check in to say YAY! No candy for us in this house. The last of 11 trick-or-treaters was the lucky recipient of the rest of the candy Lucky we had any at all this year!

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!!!!

Oye vey - and happy November!
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