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Default Wednesday Hump Day Chit Chat for 9/11

It's hot and steamy here already this morning. Thank goodness for AC!

Not much happening on my agenda for the day, just going up to Susie's house to chase away the cobwebs and getting some organizing done in the playroom until the girls get home. Then I drop them off for riding lessons and I can head on home.

Cyndi, have fun on the coast today! I wish I could be there, too! BTW, your zucchini crust pizza sounded great! I'm looking forward to trying it.

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Wow, where is everyone this AM??!

Just took the pup for a quick walk, and eating breakfast before work. It is stinkin' hot and humid out there, hard to believe it will be in the 60's later this week (perfect weather, IMHO!!).

I have to say....someone at work showed me the Geico "hump day" was TOO funny!!
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Good morning,

Cottage it is hot and humid here as well but tomorrow it starts cooling off and getting more October weather looking forward to it love it.

Twynn I have not seen that commercial yet will have to watch.

Tonight nothing is on the agenda other than laundry. Soccer practice last night was hot and sweaty. Got DD2 her saxophone and she loved it when I surprised her with it last evening.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Good morning

Hot and humid here too. I am going to
my guild meeting today and there is no ac. I will not touch the goodies that are offered with tea. I never do. I know its crazy but I feel like people are watching me when I take something. When it cools down will go apple picking since galas and golden are almost ready
Take care
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Good morning, all! Up early yesterday, up late today. Where's my cuppa?

The agenda is full today: grocery shopping, work out, clean up and sort some baby gear to take to the consignment store, and then church tonight. We're still hot & humid as well, and I just hate running around in it, but it can't be helped. And, unfortunately, there's no end in sight. We've been told it's not unusual for kids to be in shorts at Halloween. Ick.

Still doing well on P1.5, but added a new temptation to the house yesterday. We had a bunch of pears from our produce basket that were about to go bad, so I made a cobbler. I'm hopingd DH's office is back up & running tomorrow so that he can take it with him.

Well, off to try and get some food into this skinny kiddo of mine before we go! Have a great day!
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Afternoon, chicks.
Can't believe how quiet it was in here this morning. I actually lchecked briefly around 6:45, but didn't have time to start the thread on my way out the door.

Hot and humid here as well, but I can't complain since we only got 1 day of it when most of the country had more. By Friday we are looking at a high in the low 60s. Still, I didn't find the motivation to work out when I got home.

Picked a few Granny Smiths from our trees today. We have bumper crop of apples. I need to be sure to find the time and energy to not let them go to waste. Maybe some chunky applesauce?

Have a great evening all!

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Hey there - quick one -

I have one very sick 8 year old kitty, and three younger ones about to undergo testing to see who else is sick.

Prayers for my furry ones, please!
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Sorry chicks I was up, out and working by 6 am. I feel guilty if I am off on 9/11 so I took overtime. Basically we conducted explosive screening details at random stations. I was amazed at the insensitivity of some people and humbled by the gratefulness of others. It was enjoyable working outside of Manhattan today. Got to see my dear friend Ed. We have been friends since we worked together years ago. Ironically he encouraged me to take the MTA test. He has been OTJ "on the job for almost 14 years and I am in my 11th.

I did opt for a little food porn today. Thoroughly enjoyed a fresh from the oven bagel this morning. Part craving but more because I was feeling queasy this morning (TOM coming does that occasionally) Later had a large homemade PB chocolate chip cookie. Pre TOM is so evil and I am so weak lol

Still thinking about dinner. TOM says spicy Chinese I think I may cave, but no rice or egg roll.
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another fly-by as e have a storm heading our way. We had a lovely day at the coast. We got out of here by 7 and made it there early enough for a nice, long beach walk. Once the heat really hit we did a little car birding with a couple of short walks then headed south to see my friend. Unfortunately we got caught in early rush hour traffic out of Boston, but it was a good day all around. Tim felt good all day and I think the day away did him wonders. I'm looking forward to the return of fall in a couple of days!
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Evening, ladies. Just popping in to say hello. Super busy at work tonight and, as I expected simply b/c I *am* me, I will be finishing up my 2 weeks by investigating a crap ton of complaints. Bah.

So...12 years ago I was just a baby in the world of dispatch, just shy of 10 months on the job. I don't think I've ever been as scared or as eager to go to work before in my life. I remember one of our veteran dispatchers praying before we went on shift. Her son was a commercial pilot and, at that time, she did not know yet if he was dead or alive. It was a very weird night. I remember getting a bomb threat and all 8 fire stations responded. I don't ever want to see a night like that again.
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Charley rolled in and then ate some of a dead bird that a hawk killed....he did throw up what he ate but is sickish. Will keep a close eye on him. From research from an online vet he should be fine unless his gets diarrhea for 24 hours or keeps vomiting (neither one so far) but is not eating. If he gets lethargic then off to the vet we go.
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