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Default Tuesday Sept 10 Beach Chat

Good morning sleepy chicks. No one said we were expecting rain today. Or maybe they did. I was zonked out on the couch by 9 last night. DS woke me up to tell me to go to bed. Since when did he become the parent. He did enjoy his first day of school TY for asking. He has senior pictures today then working after school. I highly doubt I can stay awake. I am working OT tomorrow. IDK I just feel guilty when I am off on 9/11.

Scale and I are somewhat friendly again. I am at the high end of my preferred maintenance range, but thrilled to be there again. Joe and I are riding after he gets out of work Thursday. We have a bike tour event on Sunday. He's been slacking a little Saturday we have a sportsman's dinner with his parents. I had a lot of fun last year. Friday DS gets his last 2 wisdom teeth pulled after school. I expect him to be very cranky afterwards. Otherwise same old routine, not complaining though.

Bea congrats to the hubby. Men just seem to naturally lose faster so don't be discouraged

Beth welcome back to the school year. Hope you have a great class!!!

Cannot wait to hear everyone's plans.
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Default Tenacious Tuesday Chat 09/10/2013

Good morning, everyone! Getting my cuppa going this morning a little bit early!

It's very early for me to be up and at it, but I went to bed early last night and the doggage needed out early this morning. I was going to try to go back to sleep, but it's clear that won't happen, so I think I'll get some quiet niggles tackled before the house wakes up.

Not much going on today. We're taking it easy today since yesterday was so stressful. Dinner will be some slow cooker shredded chicken that DH and DD can have in sandwiches and I can have on salad. I've been chugging along on P1.5 and feel so much better!

My BIG item on the agenda today is a giant toy-sorting of DD's things while she naps. Her toy bins are overflowing and we all get overwhelmed at the amount of cleanup each night, so we're going to go to a toy rotation system to see how it goes. Thankfully, she's still at an age that she doesn't know the difference as long as a few of her favorites are still around.

Well, coffee's brewed. Off to get a cup and get the computer fired off to finalize the monthly bills. Oh joy!

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Enjoy your coffee's. I do not drink coffee. I like the smell but not the taste.
Store day for me and I am excited to see what there is to eat....healthy!
We start Phase 2 on Sunday so I will talk with Lou and see what one thing he wants to add in for a week.
I am debating if I want a carb or a fruit....leaning towards a whole wheat 'something!'
Have an on Beach day everyone.

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. I saw both Jekel and Kim online, both creating today's thread. Such keeners! Didja feel it when I merged you?

Jekel, do you think DS will be loose his smarts when he gets those teeth pulled? Congrats at being in your maintenance range.

Kim, good idea to judiciously "disappear" some toys. I like the shredded chicken idea on salad and may try that. I love my crockpots!

Yesterday was a really bad and busy day and I'm glad to see it gone. I woke at 3 and could not get back to sleep - often happens after a stressful day. I am hoping for an afternoon nap but ... I know the yard guy and his team will be here. Donna is coming for dinner tonight - wrist operation is tomorrow. I'm planning beer can chicken - her favourite - but will switch to pasta if the predicted t-storms interfere. (I'll grill in the rain but not in a t-storm!)

Have to get at drying some peaches this morning before the fruit flies take over my kitchen. I might make some of them into a peach crisp to have in the freezer for fall meals. Not today as we are going up to the 90s for today and tomorrow!

5:20 - the day is half over. Maybe I'll have my afternoon nap now.
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Shhhhhh! You all are awfully wide awake and chatty early today! Give me a minute or two for my coffee to open my eyes, and I'll join you.

Jennifer, it's good your DS has his wisdom teeth extraction on Friday so he'll have the weekend to recuperate! You know, I never did get wisdom teeth. Maybe that explains things, .

Kim , I hope you and DD have a much better day today. I like the idea of rotating out some of her toys, and most of the time they never even realize what happened!

Windsong, have a good shop today!

Ruth, are the tree guys taking down that big tree in your garden? Will they take the wood, or will Moel want it? I hope you and Donna have a nice dinner tonight. I imagine she's awfully nervous about her operation tomorrow, and tell her I'll be thinking of her.

My morning will be calm and quiet with Cindy away at the Fox Hunt, but then it gets busy this afternoon, with picking up Maggie early at school to get her to her flute lessons on time, then rushing back to drop her off and pick up Audrey for her violin lessons. That will be my new Tuesday routine, and I'll sure be racking up the miles on my car. It's a good thing it's very good on gas!
I'm looking forward to this weekend when Twynn and I plan to meet IRL for the first time! Can't wait!
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Wow, 4 people posting before 5:30 am, this is

the early birds' thread!?!? I've been taking cold medicine at night, so my alarm is waking me at 6:40 .

Jekel - congrats on staying in your maintenance range!

Kim - so glad to see you on here with us again. I doubt your DD will notice the difference in toys!

Windsong - Mmmmmm, decisions, decisions!

Ruth - I hope you're getting your nap .

I was quite productive yesterday - froze a bunch of tomatoes, made others into sauce, got the apples in the dehydrator, and made a nice supper. DD and I also went on a 3+ mile walk (I was so glad she joined me ).

Today is a long day at work, but I think I have some slow times (I probably just jinxed myself). We normally slow down at the beginning of school, but that hasn't happened yet! The weather does say it's going to get to 89 today...what the heck?!?! (It's because DH took out the a/c last weekend....)

Good morning Cottage, you snuck in! I'm looking forward to the weekend too!

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Good Morning

I'm on the run this morning, as seems to be usual these days. I finally sucked up and invited the local plumber/heating guy over to the "project" to assess the next phase. Of course, he'll do it, which requires big $$ since a new furnace is included. This project needs to keep moving with winter approaching so I'm patting myself on the back for finally having the courage to move forward. Amazing, my waitress work has funded this entire project so far.

Jennifer, glad you've got bike plans in your future!

KimStar, glad you are feeling better with 1.5 already!

Ruth, ouch for a stressful day I hope today is better!

Linda, sounds like you can get caught up while the Foxhunt goes on.

LadyWindsong, glad you and DH are progressing along together with SBD

Twynn, yay for yummy and industrious kitchen projects!

Ok. gotta get my exercise in and rev up vitamix for smoothies.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning,

Only have time for a quick flyby but wanted to say hello. Sounds like everyone is doing well.

Have a great day!!!
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Good afternoon

Such a lazy day today. Its hot, hot and a couple of days we were talking furnace. I picked up big cauliflowers at the farmer stand at $5 for 4. Made a delicious curry cream soup (lf laughing cow) instead of cream and now to think what to do with the rest. One I will bring tomy daughter's. My 6 year old grandson gave thumps up for the cali mash last time.
It seems to be ridiculous to knit mitt in this weather.
Take care
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Come on Spring!
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Sophie, have you tried roasted cauliflower? It's great. I just shake the slightly oiled (PAM) florets in a bag with some seasoning - garlic and Mr or Mrs Dash works great - and roast them top shelf at about 400 for about 20 mins.
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Ok, I was up at 5:40 this morning but my usual routine has me running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off. I have to stay true to packing those SB lunches for DH and I. And school starts at 7:35- don't high schoolers need more sleep or something?! In the dark ages when I was a kid homeroom started at 8 and 1st period at 8:!5!! Luckily I don't have much of a commute.

Kim, a friend of mine has a daughter who recently turned 5. She was allowed to unwrap all her birthday toys/presents, but she could only open 1 to play with. I think the plan is every week or two she gets to open/play with a new one. That is supposed to reduce the "overload" syndrome. Your idea sounds similar and like a good idea.

Rain today, but close to 90 again tomorrow before a cold front moves in. Crazy.

Congrats to the success of our newbies.
Debbie, sounds like the project is going well. Isn't home ownership grand?
Jennifer, I teach a Forensics elective; wish you could guest speak!
Hope all the other chicks have (had?) a great day!

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Thanks Ruth I will do that with one of the cauliflowers.
Take care
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another fly-by from here. Things are settling down around here finally. DP/SO/whatever is feeling much better and we actually managed a decent amount of sleep last night. Now he's getting antsy so tomorrow we are heading off to the coast and Plum Island for the day. A good friend moved nearby and we hope to see her while down there. We aren't worried about the heat. there will be a nice breeze on the coast and AC in the car. Of course it will be back to 66 here on Friday! Hopefully he will continue feeling better and we will get out with my new kayak Saturday

I made an amazing pizza omelet the other night, even better than Kalyn's if I can be so bold. I used a base of spiraled zucchini and poured eggs with oregano, garlic, and Parmesan over that. Once it set I put it under the broiler to cook the top then topped with sauce, cheese, and veggie pepperoni and put it back under the broiler. We liked it as much or better than any other low carb pizza I've tried and it was much easier than some.

If I want to get up by 5:30 I need to mix-up some overnight oats and start unwinding.
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