I think my tape measure is defective

  • So... on Tuesday I took my measurements. My waist was 41 inches and my hips were 45 inches.

    This morning my waist was 39 and hips were 44? I was careful to use a body marker (like the waist is right at my navel and my hips are on the top line of my undies.. and yes they were the same style/size undies).

    This can't be possible... can it? I've been SO ON PLAN this week with lots of veggies... I know it could be the tape was angled or something the first time.. but I was so careful.

    (also, I know that bodies change every day and this isn't an indicator of this kind of progress every 4 days... that would be nuts)

    Could this all be from eating a non-inflamitory diet religiously for 4 days?

    Curious of your thoughts (and also any tips on how to measure the same spot every time)

  • My theory -- and it's just my personal theory so there's no scientific justification for it -- is that our bodies adjust to our weight loss by first reflecting no changes in the measurements even though the weight is going down and then suddenly reflecting it.

    And, yes, I think that eating a non-inflammatory diet can be a contributing factor. Inflammatory foods cause me to retain water and your body may be reflecting the benefits of eating in this manner.

    Whatever the cause, I'd be thrilled and go with the measurements!
  • I think it could be true, and lucky you.

    I have been on SB 4 days now, and I noticed today that my watch is sliding past the nobby bone on my wrist, it can slide around my wrist - where as before it actually left marks on my wrist from being tight.

    I don't weigh in til Sunday, I hope it is good. I am glad I did measurement to, because I know you can lose inches and not pounds sometimes.

    But, good for you. Keep up the good work.