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Smile FUN Friday Chat - August 30

GOOD Friday morning to you all.

Lou has been 'indulging' in all of his goodies. He has until Sunday then poof all gone for 2 weeks.
I am looking over the SB food lists and recipes.
Do you have any Phase 1 favorites that are a must have?

I am nervous for both of us. I want to do well and I want to make sure that Lou will not be hungry. Doing this for me was easy back when but having to do it for us may be 'interesting'.

I know that I have your support as you have mine and together we will have a good time on the Beach.

I am, however, going to give him a once a week 'cheat' item. I cannot expect him to get rid of everything and stay on the Beach.

I am happy to see that there is a thread for menus. Will be so helpful.

As for today....making some steamed veggies and doing my SB research!

Enjoy your day and TY for all of the welcomes and chat.
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Hmmmmm, windsong, let's see if he needs a cheat. I really find after 3 days, the cravings are gone. If you have a cheat, POOF! They are back again!!

DD woke us up at 4:40 am with a nightmare, and I never fell back asleep(couldn't turn off the brain!). I finally just hauled out of bed. My wonderful fabulous fantastic awesome kids drank the rest of the milk last night , so we don't have any for coffee today, and I'm off to the store to get some.

Then we're leaving for the inlaws place in Hillsville, VA for the weekend. THere's no internet there, so y'all won't be hearing from me til next week! Get out the tissues!

Be good!
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Thanks for the early morning start-up, Windsong. When do you sleep? I agree with Twynn that if your DH has a cheat once a week, especially in Phase 1, he'll never rid himself of cravings. If he stays totally OP, after the several days, he'll find he doesn't need a cheat. It's great that you're checking out the Phase 1 foods list, and our favorites are most of the recipes in our recipes section. Taco Bake is a big winner.

Tywnn, I will miss you over the weekend, but have a good time! Shame on the kidlets for not leaving you any milk for your coffee, I hate those early morning runs to the store.

It's my Friday, WHOOHOO! I must have a touch of something since I've not been myself all week, and except for getting groceries this morning, I'm going to spend the rest of the day curled up on the sofa, reading and dozing and trying to shake this thing.
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LOL Cottage - DH and I haven't been ourselves all week either - we both have been outstandingly crabby!! Maybe it's a moon phase or something?!? (or the impending inlaw visit....nnnnaaaaaahhhhh)

Hope you get some good rest today!
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Come on Spring!
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Good TGIF and I am hoping for a fun Friday, Windsong. Bookclub is tonight which will definitely help.

You know, Tammy, the drive to Hillsville is almost the same as the drive to Delta from you place and when you get here there are no inlaws. Enjoy the long weekend off and be careful in the holiday traffic.

Cottage, I wish I could just whisk you away and install you here with a dog or two. Are the resident kids back in school yet? Some parents around here are counting the hours until the Tuesday schoolbus!

Donna comes to clean today and will be delighted to find that I bought a new canister vacuum. I do have a Dyson but it's no good for upholstery and cleaning the stairs. We did not get out for dinner last night because she was very late getting home from camping with the grandchild.

Crazy book club is on tonight down at the Lake at Ernie's place. It should be fun as usual. The book selection was Olive Kitteridge which I thoroughly enjoyed. We'll see if the others did when we spend at least 11 minutes discussing it. "The Help" was the only book that we all loved!

Time to crank up the cherry tomatoes in the dehydrator. I always unplug it at night in case things get over-dry.

Enjoy your Friday, Beachies.
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Windsong, I was wondering if you work the night shift or just suffer from insomnia? When school starts again next week I may well go back to being the last poster of the day. Somehow my mornings are always a rush.

Made it to school yesterday and at least my room is starting to look presentable. The other whine in my life is school will interfere with seeing my favorite therapist; she essentially works school day hours so I will probably need to see an assistant these last few weeks. I am making progress with my knee and hopefully I will soon be able to get some real exercise...

Today is niggles inside and out. I also need to call the furnace guy; he was supposed to write up an estimate for some repairs we need.

Don't know if that qualifies as fun, but it is Friday! Have a good one, chickies!
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We have a Shih Tzu, Charley Cooper, and he suffers with seizures and we do not let him have time alone! So, I take the early shift and my Dh has the late shift ergo me being up early, early!

I do agree with the non 'cheat' item but this is the first time for Lou and dieting.
I will see if he wants one but knowing how he loves chocolate, candy, pop and sweets I am not too sure if he can or will say NO.
Enjoy you whatevers that you do today and ty for your feed back.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning Just a fly-by for now. We are off to get a hitch put on my little are so it can tow a small trailer with kayaks! I have company coming this weekend, can't wait but I really hope the weather behaves. We had planned kayaking and bonfires (and they are camping in our yard) so rain would be a drag. I'll try to get back later if the day allows.

Ruth - I just finished 4 trays of cherries with oregano, garlic, and a tiny bit of salt. I usually just turn it way down at night so it's slow but moisture isn't a problem. I'm used to squash, probably not an issue with the tomatoes.
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Good morning and Happy Friday!

It was so humid this morning, I opted to exercise indoors as last night at soccer practice it was brutal.

Windsong you might to check out the dessert recipes for DH that way he is still getting his "sweet" but still is op.

Tywnn enjoy your weekend

Cottage hope you feel better soon

Ruth enjoy your day

Beth glad you are getting your room ready to go

Cyndi hope you get your kayaking in this weekend.

Today is wfh so will much more stress free here and it is peacefully quiet right now, but need to get on my 8 a.m. call.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!
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Good morning another late night followed by me sleeping in DS doesn't get home from work until almost 1!

Tammy try to have fun. Family visits can be challenging!

Ruth I know this is lame, but I love my canister vac!!!

Linda feel better enjoy your quality time on the couch

Beth what grade do you teach?

Cyndi I had a hitch installed on my Camry in April. It is a godsend for carrying the bikes. I love having my trunk back. The old carrier was a pain in the butt!

Windsong you are goof puppy parents Glad DH is on board, but I agree don't offer him a cheat. It's only two weeks

Today is an exciting day of groceries, cooking and cleaning!!! Happy the scale IS going in the right direction. With school staring I am looking forward to getting back into my "routine." Time to finish my coffee and get the day started.

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I just didn't get here this morning! DH and I slept in (500am) then it was time to get crackin'! We did enjoy our morning coffee first. On my list was Bing's meds for the next 2 weeks...chop and sort, last of the peaches into the dehydrator and weed pulling in the yard (2 hrs worth). Those weeds aren't fun this time of year because all we're doing is preventing a million seeds from popping up in the Spring. Oh, well!

I've been in the office getting bills paid and think I'm headed to lunch and Peoples Court. This IS my day off.

It will be a super busy weekend at work and I work 4 days straight starting tomorrow. My coworker I'm subbing for on Sunday said to never tell her how much I make that day. I won't.

Well have a great rest of your Friday everyone!
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