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Default Friday Follies, SBD Daily for 8/9

Good morning! Who's ready for coffee?

I have a very full agenda today, but it's all good stuff. I have to work for a few hours this morning, then I have to do laundry, go grocery shopping, visit Dad, PACK!, and find time to vacuum out my car. Monica and Carley are coming this evening and spending the night, and we're taking off for Lake Sacandaga early tomorrow morning. I'm getting excited, and one of the highlights of this trip is that I'm finally going to meet up with Cyndi next Thursday!

It's looking to be another day of thunderstorms here. How is your day looking?
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Lake What?! I'm trying to say that, and it isn't going to well . Hope you have a fun vacation, and so glad you can meet Cyndi! Drive safe!

I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet...just sent DH off to work, and I don't work until 2. I have to have the kids to camp by 9 (darned, I'd rather them sleep in), and then I may go garage saleing and a walk depending on the weather.

I really need to get my eating back on track, but we don't need to talk about that, right?
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning from Drippy Delta. We seem to get a bit of a monsoon every afternoon lately but the weather from today on is supposed to be decent.

Linda, what a bonus to get an extra holiday week, especially with Monica and Carley! That's quite a drive to that lake but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Donna comes to shovel out the house this morning and I'm going to leave her to it and do some running around. I will take my dessert squares to the Cafe and go to the bank to get a float for tomorrow's chicken BBQ. I still have to bake for that event but will do it later - pineapple cake and lemon chiffon pies, if you must know.

Time to tote out the trash - a day later because of the Monday holiday.
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Morning. I have my coffee in hand and only have time for a quick check in since I am soon off to PT.

Linda, your trip will bring you closer to me but I had never heard of Lake Sacandaga and and had to look it up. So many names in upstate/central NY are of Native American origin.

Tammy, I am quietly trying to convince myself to get my eating back on track too but it's not going well.

Happy Friday to all the chicks to come!

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I think the "not exactly on track" eating is contagious. Who started it?! *looks around suspiciously*

My grandfather's 83rd birthday is today, so who knows what food will be like. I'm just hoping I can ignore the CAKE!

No particular plans today, other than heading to the post office and grocery store. Prepackaged spinach is buy 1 get 1 free! (Seriously? I'm excited about cheap spinach?!)

Linda- Enjoy your trip, and be safe! I'm stumbling over the name as well. Sack-un-dag-uh?

Beth- have a good session!

Have a great morning ladies. I'll probably pop in again later.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Well the big weekend is finally here and we are off to Boston after lunch to help DD set-up for her reception before the rehearsal dinner. Her soon to be in-laws haven't seen their condo yet so she is having everyone over for nibbles and wine before dinner (there is no rehearsal, just the dinner!). I don't know how much I'll get on in the next 48 hours, lots to do.

Linda - I love Sacandaga Lake, haven't been there in years. Looking forward to Thursday!

Twynn - Happy garage saleing. I'm ignoring that other topic.

Ruth - we've got that rain here too. I am a little tired of flash flood warnings

Beth - It's a nice area if you ever get down that way. When DD was young and I lived in central NY we went camping every other weekend all summer, almost always to the Adirondacks. So many lovely places

penmage - I've got a French restaurant tonight and a fancy Beacon HIll wedding tomorrow. I just hope I can get a long walk in tomorrow morning for balance.

Happy Drippy Friday
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Cyndi - hope you have a wonderful time! What a special event for a special person. I hope we get to see pics! (darned, this is when I wish I was on FB....)
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Good morning,

Internet is out at the house and they cannot come until tomorrow to fix (what kind of customer service is that?, can you tell how depend we are on Internet now) so wfh was out of the question so I came into office today.

Got lots of work stuff to do not sure what is on the agenda for this evening.

Cottage enjoy your time at the lake and getting to see Cyndi next week

Cyndi please post some pics an have a grand time

to everyone else

I guess it is that time of the year where we all have to refocus and get back on track before the Holidays creep up on us.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
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Phew I feel like I missed the day with so many posts before 8:30

Cyndi have a wonderful weekend. You must be so excited.

Lynda sounds like you will have a great vacation. So happy you and Cyndi are getting to meet!

Ruth you never stop amazing me. I am salivating over the pineapple cake and chiffon bars. Thankfully since I won't be near Delta I think I can resist

Penmage I too get excited over sales on produce (used to be the Gap lol)

Beth hope the knee is feeling stronger than ever!

Rainy day and the concert tonight is outdoors. So in my travels hope to find Crain ponchos for DS and his GF. My son called me at 12:40 this morning. Just because he missed a call from me earlier in the day. He was shocked that I answered. He just got to his day's after work. The mom in me worries when the phone rings at that hour, luckily it was all good

Working on my shopping list. I resisted dessert last night. Had a burger no bun, salad and fries. Up .4 today, but not stressing as the scale is slowly going in the right direction. I am "behaving" since vacation, but need to watch my portions. So Karen and Tammy are right it is contagious! It may take me all month, but I will shed my vacation gain

Time to get back to my lists Enjoy the day
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My bro and BIL arrived and we had a nice OP dinner. Now the trickier food stuff begins. My bro will pick restaurants/dinners until he leaves Sunday afternoon. The country club is already booked for Sunday brunch. I'm sitting at ticker weight and would like to stay reasonably close, since I've been staying pretty close to plan. I know how to make good choices it's just being in the mindset to do it. I have the mindset.

Linda, happy vacation!

Cyndi, happy wedding!

penmage, happy BD to grandpa!

Everyone else....happy something!

Have a great Friday everyone!
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Just waving hi and bye. Busy Friday night at work. Bye ladies!
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Smile Hi, I'm jumping in!

Hi! I'm Amy and I am going to start eating healthier, I am reading the SBD book and I just ordered the SBD Wake-Up Call. It seems like a very sound and reasonable plan, I know some people who have had success with it.

My issues are: eating out too much, getting unhealthy foods at the store or whenever I go out and I have some physical issues which make it harder for me to exercise that much. I am determined to succeed losing weight though!

Take care. I look forward to getting to know you chicks and I am looking forward to supporting each other!

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