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Come on Spring!
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Default Monday Murmurings - Chat for July 29

Good morning. My coffee is extra good this morning and all is peaceful in my four dog house. I wish people got along as well as these dogs do. They are all lying within six feet of me and sleeping after 5:30 potty and breakfast. Since the Fair packed up last night, today should be very peaceful.

I had planned a quiet Sunday but my phone rang at 9:30 and Joanne hollered for help at the cafe. Our chef called then and said she could not come in because she has "things to do" - I guess I should say ex-chef! This is the second time she's done this. I spent the next five hours doing food prep and cooking! I am not amused!

Anyhow, I survived - and so did the folk who came in for lunch. I am lucky it was a rainy day so the service was manageable. We are committed to being open three days each weekend until September 3 so this may a busy summer.

Today will be as normal as I can make it. I'm off to the bank in a bit and also need to do a small bit of garden stuff if the rain holds off. I also need to do some food planning for me!

Have a lovely day whatever's on your agenda.
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It's a lovely Monday morning here with a soft, cool breeze after yesterday's rain. I appreciate Monday's so much more when it's the start of another week of vacation.

That's a shame about the (ex) cook at the Mill Cafe, Ruth. Does that mean that you'll be the cook every weekend until it closes? I know you're not looking forward to that!

I don't have any set plans for today and will just let the day unfold as it may. The water authority is set to start tearing up our street today to replace the water main and all the piping, and that project is supposed to go on until mid-October. It will be interesting to see how they plan for us to get up and down the street to our homes in the meantime.
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Wow Ruth, you wonder sometimes where people get their work ethic. LOL...I don't want to go to work today either! You're really not going to be chef the rest of the summer, are you?!?! I bet your house is interesting when (if?) all the dogs are feeling sassy.

Linda, do you have any big plans this week? Ew, good luck with the water main.

I'm sitting here in the silence (except for the dog chewing the rawhide...) wondering if my kids are already awake at camp. They will be so tired by the end of the week! Today I am off to work, then DH and I are heading out to a rails to trails to bike late this afternoon/evening. Here is where we are going: The best portion is the north, which we won't have the time for, but it will still be beautiful!
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Morning. Quick cup of coffee before I head off to PT. I did not make good food choices this weekend so today I will check the recipe section for new ideas and double down. Yesterday was rainy so it seemed like I sat around surfing, reading and waiting to eat again!

Need to eat my veggie quiche cups and head off.

Have a great day ladies!
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Good morning I got back from the annual women's camping weekend yesterday afternoon and we are already planning next year. It's so nice to have a group of friends that get along so well. There was hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking and fires and wine at night. We ate all veggie and mostly on plan too, just because we all eat that way. We even had 24 hours rain free and perfect temperature, that;s no small thing this year. Now I need to get back in the work groove.

Ruth - Good luck with the cafe.

Cottage - what's on the agenda this week? Is it beach time for you and Jake?

Twynn - I was looking for a bike ride tonight too. I'm going to check out that link you posted.

Lisa (weezle) - Nice to see you around these parts again! Love the new avatar.

Okay, time to think work. It's busy until next Thursday when I go into DD wedding mode. Here's the post alterations dress pic
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Good morning, all. I have absolutely no plans yet for the day! No workout with trainer since my mom is gone so I either need to do strength training at home or go back to my old gym and take a group fitness class. I'm hesitant to do the latter since I'd need to modify so much between my bad foot and pinched nerve. It is raining here so no hiking today. I guess I'll get some computer work done and curl up with a book. Need to plan some meals for the week and shop.

Have a good one.
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Cyndi - AGGHHHH!!!! The dress is beautiful! And she looks amazing in it!

I've been eating clean since last Mon, and am a bit disappointed because I gained 3 lbs over the weekend but I'm not sure how. My only guess is water weight/TOM, but my body looks better and my eating was spot on... Just bums me out knowing I'm having a cheat tonight. I had hoped to have lost more by today. Meh. Fortunately eating right regulates my leptin and prevents me from over eating when I do cheat, so I can't go too overboard. Gonna slam water til my eyes float though.

Just wanted to check in! Thanks for the kind words, and nice to meet those I haven't bumped into around here previously! Have a great day!

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Good Morning

Wish I could stay and chat a bit but work calls. I AM sure glad to be home.

Have a great Monday everyone!
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Good morning,

Quick check in for me, calender is full today. My eating was horrible this weekend just a carb fest so I am doing phase 1 for a couple of days to get back on track.

Ruth oh no I hope you don't have to be the chef for the month of August?

Cottage that will be interesting to see how you can get in and out

Tywnn enjoy your bike ride

Beth I was in the same boat as you this past weekend

Cyndi that is a beautiful dress and she will be a beautiful bride

Karen hope you get a good workout

Lisa glad to see you back here

Okay back to work I go, Have a wonderful op day today!!!
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Its a sun-less monday here with the threat of rain... I suppose that means I will have to find some indoor form of entertainment today.

Hope everyone has a happy (and sunny, if your lucky) Monday!
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