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Old 07-12-2013, 06:22 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Finally Friday Chat - July 12

Good TGIF to us all. It's also my son and DIL's 17th wedding anniversary. Time certainly passes quickly - I remember the event really clearly but can't remember where I put the key to my safety deposit box which I opened the other day! Selective memory!

It was so great to have a normal July day yesterday and there are a few more of them coming according to the 14 day forecast. I'm glad of that since the Fair opens on the 25th and rain sure puts the kibosh on things when that happens. Every year we seem to get one day of rain - and not just a piddle but a big t-storm.

Yesterday was a big driving day as I was to my lawyer, the library, three banks in different towns, the grocery store in the city and over to Claire's to deliver some baby Black Walnut trees. I have a lot of these on my land and also a lot of squirrels! Claire and Doug are starting a grove of them and I keep finding them popping up in my gardens so pass them on. Doug says they will send his great grandchildren to university.

Time to crank up my day. The doggage have already done theirs - morning petting, out for potty, bark at a cat, breakfast, more petting and back to bed. I am planning an "at home" day as much as possible - tired of being Ruthie Roadrunner!

Enjoy your TGIF and your weekend.
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Good morning, Ruth, and Happy Anniversary to your son. I hope you discover where you put that key! Maybe the dogs hid it, .

We had been promised nice weather for today, but now the weatherperson is saying we're going to have heavy downpours all day. I don't know how that will affect Susie's memorial service this afternoon. The service is being held under a huge party tent, and we planned to set up tables on the lawn for people to eat afterwards. There may be a scramble to bring the tables under the tent, instead. At least we're thankful we had a dry afternoon yesterday for mowing and cleaning up the flower beds.

I do have this morning off, and plan to use the time to get laundry done and do some dusting and vacuuming before going over to the farm. My DD wants me to spend the rest of the weekend at her place in NJ, but I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning after tonight's service.
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Good morning. Ruth my sister and I suffer from CRS....can't remember @#!#...I think my mom has it too lol.

Linda thinking of you. Hope the rain holds off

We have a gorgeous morning here, but tomorrow we start back into the 90's for the next week. I actually washed my car last night! Mainly because I found "sickness" in and on it. No more cake for me. Love having DS home with me. Forced myself to stay up until 12:30 until he came home from work.

Car shopping was ok. First one was a complete waste of time. Talk about false advertising. The second has potential, but it is right at the mileage when Explorers have transmission issues. We will keep looking.

Today's plans include a ride (haven't been on the bike in forever), grocery shopping, post office, jewelry store and later pizza at my sister's. I am going to request we order salad too. Plus of course lots of belly rubs and head scratching for the pups.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good morning chicks!

I slept until *gasp* 7:50!! WOOO HOO! I feel like a young'un! It might be because I was awake from 5-6 am and had a work week from down you-know-where (and not done yet), but I'll take it! It's still quiet here, and I have a purring kitty at my feet .

Ruth, good luck finding your key! I believe a lot of things go to the land-of-lost-things, which is mainly inhabited by single socks. Hope you get to slow down today.

Cottage, hope the weather holds out for you today. I was stunned when I looked out and saw blue skies yesterday, could we get it two days in a row?

Jekel - cleaning up your car? Wow, that cake did make you sick! I feel quite crummy (LOL) eating bad things like that, but I certainly don't have to clean my car up afterwards .

Darned, we have a huge arts festival in town this weekend (actually, two...the $$$ one, and the $ one!), I should've invited Cottage out! I have the morning off today, but since I don't want to spend money at the fest...I invited a friend over for a playdate with the kids. I keep teasing her she's my BFF, even though we only see each other once a year (she is THAT awesome though!!). Afterwards it is off to work which in it's full summer packed mode.

Until then, cranking up the coffee, and soon to pull out my overnight oats!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Morning, ladies.

Ruth, I jokingly tell my students that I suffer from "some-timers disease" since I forget things some of the time rather than all the time.

Cottage, hope the nice weather holds for you.

Jennifer, I can't say that sweets affect me like that. Maybe if they did I would be able to control my dark chocolate issue! I have a colleague that has gallbladder trouble and sweets make her nauseous as well.

Tammy, we have a festival in town this weekend and I'm actually hoping I will be able to go. It's always fun to look but I don't know if I can walk that well yet.

Today I will check on my blueberries, maybe do some laundry, and continue to work through my reading. Those kindles make it too easy to load up new books!

Have a great day, all!
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Good morning,

WFH for me today and 8 a.m. call is well past me. Hoping to get all the little things that have been waiting for me to have time to finish up today.

The weather is beautiful today and I get to see so happy about that. Busy weekend with swim meet tomorrow and DH is wanting to go to 6 Flags on Sunday I need to find time to still steam the carpets before my parents get here on Tuesday.

Ruth- I was looking at my kids bank statements and thought I had misplaced one of them while I was looking for them, turns out I had opened different one- lol that is what you get for naming all you kids with "M" names.

Cottage thinking of you today and hope the weather cooperates

Jekel sometimes food upsets my stomach but never to that extent. Hopefully your full body scan will show if there is something.

Tywnn enjoy your playdate with your friend and kids

Beth enjoy your day.

Have a wonderful day everyone, so glad it's Friday
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Afternoon ladies! YAY Friday! So far nothing planned. We might be going out to dinner (assuming Mom and Dad pick someplace that I can eat something at!) and I think there's the possibility of a movie, but nothing definite yet.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day so far.

Ruth- Happy anniversary to your son!

Jekel- Yick! I'm sorry the cake didn't end well I hope you're able to figure out what's going on! Also, I volunteer for a round (or five) of puppy-scratching duty!

Twynn- Enjoy your play-date!
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Good evening, ladies. Well, I got my "sorry, but you suck, so we chose someone else" letter from the prison job I interviewed for in April. On the bright side, though, I'm such a reformed fat girl that I attempted to "binge" to cheer myself up and ended up eating 4 pieces of Whitman's chocolate...SUGAR FREE. How lame, huh? LOL

I guess I need to make some decisions. I really hate the thought of walking away from my job when I have no other job to go to, but it's not fair to me OR my future roommate to keep pushing my timeframe back. Decisions, decisions!

Anyway, I hope you ladies are having a good day. Woot, it's the weekend!

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
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3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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Aww Natasha, I'm sorry! Don't worry, I definitely binged for you. I didn't even enjoy the dinner that set off the binge (we went to a pizza place, and it spiraled out of control from there). Salad only tomorrow!

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